dame dino

Show Me Paradise

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 5-1; love at first sight. [D27]


Dino falls in love a lot like he fights when he’s protecting his family; without hesitation, and ready to go to any length to ensure the job gets done.

The day he meets the man named Sky, the man so many in Vongola call ‘the Immortal’, its like that moment right before the first opening move in a fight, when he can feel his blood set to boiling, all his sets sight on the goal in front of him. When he knows there will be blood and death, but his mercy is at its end. When he is ready to hunt this enemy to the end of its existence and drive it back into the dirt from whence it has come.

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Danas je lako biti dama. Samo izbaciš grudi, naneseš par kilograma šminke i propneš se na visokim štiklama.
A dama je, ipak, ona najljepša iskra. Dama je nježan dodir i topao osmijeh, mekan poljubac i bolna suza. Nešto što su mnoge “dame” zaboravile biti.
—  Dino Ahmetović