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Casting experience
I met the manager when I was walking to the convenience store with friends, so I was street casted, and went to Korea. They asked me if I knew After School and Son Dambi-sunbaenim, we then shot some videos, and then I got in. At first I was only curious, but then it became increasingly interesting, so I wanted to continue.

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Say Dada (Jeonghan)

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“Dambi who’s baby are you?” Jeonghan coos to his daughter who smiled at him. “Say I’m daddy’s baby. Yes I am” he coos as he tickled her making her loud baby laughter echoed through the house. “Say dad-dy” he continued as you walked into the room. “Mama” she said as Jeonghan frowned. “No it’s daddy and Dambi time” he said lightly gripping her chubby cheeks. “Dada can you at least say dada for me?” he asked “mama” she said almost as in teasing manner as she smiled brightly. Showing him her one tooth. “I can’t stay mad at you. You are much too cute to be mad at” he coos kissing her lips lightly.


“So she won’t say dada?” Seokmin asked as his twin daughters Jiwoo and Inyeong climbed over him. His family came over for a visit. Dambi looked up at Jeonghan before she watched the older girls standing and crawling on their father. She made a sound at Jeonghan “no I thought dada was easier than mama” “mama” Dambi says as Seokmin chuckles. “Maybe she just likes mama better” “bite your tongue” Jeonghan fires back quickly. “She’s a daddy’s girl” he says pressing Dambi against his cheek.

“Dambi” he says as Dambi looks at him “mama or dada” “mama” she says as he smiles. “Mama?” “Mama” she repeats “who’s that?” he asks point up at Jeonghan. Dambi remains quiet as Seokmin shrugs. “Dada” they hear as he they both look down at Dambi. “She said it?” he asked “Dambi who am I?” he asked “dada” she said boredly.

Jeonghan squealed as he brought her close to him. “Y/N!” Jeonghan calls as you rush into the living room “she said dada” he said as you smiled. “Did she now?” you say “who’s that?” you asked as she smiles. “Dambi baby who am I?” he cooed as she grabbed his shirt. “Mama” she said as she made an uppy motion. You grabbed her taking from him. “You are a traitor” he mumbles as she smiles wrapped her arms around you.

“I think she just likes me more” you tease as he pouts “you’ll send him into a pit of despair noona” Seokmin says as you chuckle. “I mean you could always have another kid. Who knows that one might be attached to you” Seokmin jokes as Jeonghan tilts his head racking over the idea. “No” you tell him “babe hear me out” Jeonghan says “you just want a little minion” you say “Dambi who is that?” you ask her as you point to your overly clingy husband. “Dada” she says as you nod. “See she knows what you are” you say as you carry her off to the kitchen.

“Who, me? I’m just an trainer who likes to spend time sleeping and enjoy a good meal. I have a thing for beauty too… what, you want a battle? Well… I hate for my friends to be hurt but if you want, sure… after a nap.” ~Ayo Kub


So, I got Pokemon Moon and played the game as Ayo Kub this time. This is his final team. Consisting of:

Poppy, the Primarina. Female.
Moana, the Ninetales. Female.
Son Dambi, the Tsareena, Female.
Victor, the Milotic. Male.
Viola, the Oriocorio. Female.
Diana, the Lunala. 


If you wanna battle this team, feel free to send me a battle request. via message or ask? I do wanna test out battles a little.

Damian Gone Dambie?!

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Mission out of the country, Jason’s s/o babysits, what could go wrong? *wink wink*

Paring: Jason Todd
Length: 1,093

Bruce, Dick, Jason and Tim had all left for a mission out of the country for a few days. Since you’ve been dating Jason for a while Bruce thought it would be a great idea to leave you in charge of Damian, giving Alfred a well-deserved vacation.  

To everyone’s surprise you and Damian had a special bond so this wasn’t a problem, in fact you were glad you were going to spend a couple of days with him by yourself. 

You were currently saying your goodbyes to the batboys and Batman. You gave Jason a one last kiss before grabbing Damian’s hand. Jason turned to look at you before getting inside the plane and noticed you’re worried look. He left his duffle bag inside and walked up to you once more.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright on your own? Dami can be you know… bit harsh.” Jason whispered into your ear.

You smiled as you nodded, “I’ll be perfectly fine, besides I absolutely enjoy Damian’s company and I’m almost certain he enjoys mine.” You kissed his cheek and turn towards Damian with a sweet smile hoping for a smile back.

It quickly backfired, due to the fact he was too busy looking away from everyone to notice you were smiling down at him.

You gave his little hand a reassuring squeeze in attempt to get his attention back and distract him from his thoughts. You couldn’t help but notice how upset Damian was when he found out he wouldn’t accompany his father and brothers on the mission. Deep down inside, he couldn’t shake the feeling he wasn’t on the mission because he hasn’t fully earned their trust.  

You cleared your throat in hopes to break Damian’s thoughts and looked at him, “Hey kiddo, don’t worry we’ll have a good time.”

You gave a small smile to Jason who was now looking at Damian wondering why he didn’t make eye contact with you.

“Dambie, don’t tell me you’re upset because you’re not coming” Jason said while messing with Damián’s hair. You quickly moved Jason away from Damian before he got any ideas.

“Jason why did you say that? can’t you see he clearly wanted to go? sometimes I wonder if you have a heart.” You said a bit sarcastic as you punched his chest playfully.

“I did but SOMEBODY accidently stole it” he said as he placed a kiss on your lips making Damian cross his arms and turn away mumbling a small “TT”.

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[trans] Ize Magazine: Aron

You entered your company when you decided to become a celebrity after seeing Son Dambi’s performance.
Aron: I saw it knowing nothing about k-pop, but I was really impressed with how, through dancing, she was created an act on stage. I’d gotten into New York University, but I gave it up and came to Korea. I wanted to earn a lot of money. (laughs) To be honest, I pestered my parents about wanting to sing. My mom really opposed it, saying, why would you go to a different country just to go through difficulties? But for three months, everyday, I said, “Mom, I’m going to Korea.” Finally my mom let me go, telling me to do what I wanted to do and that she’d cheer me on.

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  • Jason: He thought that me calling him 'Walls' and 'Wall-Man' was weird?
  • Tim: Yeah. I told him it was just. You being you.
  • Jason: Yeah. Really. Tim, Timbo, Timmers, Timbelina, T-Bird; you really get me.
  • Tim: Unfortunately.
  • Jason: I mean, there's also Dick-Dick, Spotted Dick, Dickie, Dick-Dock, Dickiebird, Dick-a-lick--
  • Tim: Okay, stop. Also: ew.
  • Jason: And then there's Day, Dami, Damian-Damioff, Dami-o, Dambie, Da-meanie, Demon, Damielle Steele--
  • Tim: Seriously.

As someone who got into k-pop during the time when soloists and duets dominated the Korean music industry before the revival of boy groups and girl groups (Rain, BoA, Lee Hyori, Son Dambi, Se7en, Wheesung, Fly to the Sky, etc.), even though it seems impossible right now, I really hope that there can someday be another generation where soloists and duets dominate the industry. And when I say soloists, I’m not talking about those who are in groups and then become soloists, I’m talking about those who are soloists from debut.