Henley The New Polo

Today’s gentleman looks for clothing that is comfortable, casual, versatile, and looks great.  This may not be a news flash to every man, but simple is always ideal.  Having a closet full of clothing is not the average man.  Men typically have essentials or staple items, favorite jeans, button-downs, and usually a pair of shoes.    Our tag line of “simply put, together” is the overall goal of Damaur.  We want to ensure every man, regardless of age, race, and economic status has the tools at their disposal to look awesome with little effort.

A henley is collarless shirt that is resemble the polo.  The henley is comfortable, casual, and versatile shirt that is the new necessity.  Henelys are best in any sleeve length, long sleeve or short sleeve.  The henley can have variety, it can be a solid, textured, heavy or light weight, and of course a patterned style.  A typical Henley will have on average 4 buttons.  The fit of your henley can vary depending on how you plan to wear it.  A modern fit would be something tailored or fitted, as oppose to loose and baggy on the body.

Four possible options on how to wear a henley:

  • Try foregoing the polo for a henley when you throw on your jeans or chino.  This will achieve the same casual look with a more updated appearance. 
  • Wear a blazer over your henley.  The blazer pulls together your look and gives it a classier presence.
  • Wear a button-down and tie under your henley (tucked or untucked) if you feel the need to layer, bring in additional colors, patterns and textures.
  • Wearing a vest over a henley, tucked or untucked finishes a casual look perfectly creating two fascinating and altered looks.

Above are all options that could have been worn with a traditional collared polo, long or short sleeve.  The modern, 21st century man wears things differently and body defining.  You work hard in the gym; ensure to the accent your positive features with the fit of your henley.  Rule of thumb when seeking to obtain a tailored look, if you normally wear a large, size smaller could achieve your desired look.

Try thinking outside the norm by showing the person you love how to blend non traditional with comfort and style.  It is very invigorating when you get an unexpected compliment for a collaboration you put together without the help of someone else.