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Leo info sheet (sun sign)
  • Duality: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Traits: Enthusiastic, powerful, expansive, creative, generous, extravagant, dogmatic, fixedly opinionated
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Info: Center of solar system.
  • Symbol: The lion
  • Glyph: ♌️
  • Represents: Two human heart valves; greek symbol for the first letter of Leo; two incomplete circles of the sun joined by a crescent moon to symbolize power gained from intellect and emotions
  • Keyword: I WILL.
  • Sister sign: Aquarius
  • Leo: Sign of pleasure and creativity
  • Aquarius: Sign of hope, wishes, and higher goals for people
  • Body part: Back, spine, heart.
  • Info: Emotional and physical strain cause back and spine ailments
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Lucky numbers: 8 and 9
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Represents: Protects against physical injury and insures faith. Calm mind.
  • Colors: Gold and orange
  • Why: Colors of the sun (magnetically)
  • Cities: Rome, Prague, Damascus, Hollywood
  • Countries: France, Italy, Romania
  • Flowers: Sunflower and Marigold
  • Trees: Orange and all citrus trees
  • Metal: Gold
  • Animals: All felines
  • Danger!!!: Provoking
  • Most likable trait: Exuberace
The signs cities and countries

Cities: Florence, Naples, Verona, Marseilles
Countries: England, Germany, Poland

Cities: Dublin, Lucerne, Leipzig, St. Louis
Countries: Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece

Cities: London, San Fransisco, Versailles, Melbourne
Countries: United States, Wales, Belgium

Cities: Venice, Amsterdam, New York, Algiers
Countries: Scotland, Holland, New Zealand

Cities: Rome, Prague, Damascus, Hollywood
Countries: France, Italy, Romania

Cities: Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Strasbourg
Countries: Turkey, Greece, Crete, West Indies

Cities: Vienna, Copenhagen, Charleston, Lisbon
Countries: Burma, China, Tibet, Argentina, Japan

Cities: Liverpool, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., New Castle
Countries: Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Tahiti

Cities: Budapest, Cologne, Toledo, Acapulco
Countries: Spain, Hungary, Australia

Cities: Oxford, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Montreal
Countries: Mexico, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, India

Cities: Stockholm, Moscow, Buenos, Aires, Salzburg
Countries: Russia, Sweden, Ethiopia

Cities: Casablanca, Alexandria, Lisbon, Seville, Dublin
Countries: Portugal, the Sahara Desert