damara medigo

  • Hussie: What can I do to piss off every single anime convention in the world, besides create Homestuck.
  • Hussie: Wait, I got it!
  • Hussie: I'll make a character that speaks exclusively Japanese so that a flood of Homestuck cosplayers speaking really shitty Japanese will take over the convention!
  • Hussie: That way, not only will there be Homestucks taking over anime conventions, there will be Homestucks taking over anime conventions that suck at speaking Japanese!
  • Hussie: Holy shit I'm such an evil genius.

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Could you draw demon (or normal) damara? (Love your art plz keep it up!)

This is damara, she went off the deep end thanks to meenah and now she bullies her summoner and other demons but, oddly enough, no one else. She enjoys striking weird poses and referencing obscure memes in a language no one else understands. 

she speaks fake japanese bc she is also weeb trash. 

“It is every troll’s fantasy to snuggle with both their kismesis and matesprit at once. This rarely happens.”

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