damaged tights

binder reminder
  • you are just as beautiful and worthy without
  • at first, it’s good to try to bind only a few hours at a time to let your body get used to it
  • try not to sleep in your binder if you can help it
  • if it hurts, it’s probably too tight
  • it can be tempting to get a size too small, but please don’t!
  • binding damage isn’t just severe discomfort
  • it can permanently damage your body
  • if your binder tends to roll up try either
    sewing fabric to the bottom, to make it longer, so you can tuck it in
  • if your binder presses on your diaphragm and causes discomfort, try cutting a small slit at the bottom of front mid-section
  • ace bandages, tape, and other common forms of binding are discouraged, not for binder companies to earn money, because they can do even more damage than a tight (actual) binder
  • OR layering “sports bras” works too!
  • there are binding bathing suits! (there weren’t when I wanted one)
  • there are tons of blogs, including mine who are open to questions and rants about binding, and the pains & psychological effects it can have on some 
  • you are just as handsome and worthy without