damaged robot

Some Post-The End Tord Headcanons
  • Tord isn’t completely blind in his right eye. He can see shapes and smudges of color but that’s it. It’s more of a distraction than a help so he wears an eye patch at all times unless he’s in his private quarters.
  • The thing is, hair won’t grow over scar tissue. Half of Tord’s face has some degree of scaring now. Basically, he has to keep clean shaven unless he wants to go around with half a beard.
  • On that note, Tord also keeps his hair long to hide a few, small bald/scar spots on his scalp.
  • Another thing to take note of, being near loud explosions can damage your ears to the point of hearing loss. Tord took the most damage in his right ear and has to wear a hearing aid. (He’s not deaf but Tord doesn’t deal well with any sort of weakness.)
  • There was some nerve damage to Tord’s right arm. He might have been able to regain some functionality in it, but the prognosis wasn’t looking good. Rather than be limited by what he considered dead weight, Tord had the arm removed and replaced.
  • Let’s be honest here, folks: Tord totally got the inspiration for his arm from anime. Lucky for him, he has some talented people working for him or his idea would have just ended in disaster. (It’s still kind of disaster. Every 8-12 years he’ll have to have surgery to replace parts due to wear and tear. It will suck.)
  • Since the tech is brand new, there are times where Tord has to walk around without it attached while the technicians fiddle with it.
  • Phantom limb pain is still a thing. A thing that sucks.
  • Tord severely underestimated what a big adjustment it would be to get used to the prosthetic. A lot of practice and adjustments over several months because sometimes he’ll crush things, or drop them, or his hand won’t even close when he wants it to. Temper tantrums aplenty. 
  • (He learns to enjoy the little victories, like tying his shoes on his own without too much trouble. Or manages to shakily write his own name with a pen. Or he stops breaking every glass he unthinkingly grabs with his right hand.)
  • During the winter, Tord wears a cozy on his metal arm because it sucks sleeping pressed up against cold metal.
Creepypasta #1092: The Superkitchen

Length: Short

In the ruins of Detroit, they built a factory. A patchwork of abandoned auto plants and office towers, connected with a spaghetti tangle of corridors to keep the weather out. The Superkitchen, they named it, and even now it remains the largest food factory in the world.

The idea was simple. Instead of kitchens in every home, restaurants lining every street, supermarkets serving every neighbourhood, and farms crowding every countryside, they would consolidate all aspects of food production into one automated megastructure. It was a self-contained ecosystem and fed 11 million people a day.

There were vertical farms for fruits and vegetables, and flat factory rows of corn and wheat. Farming robots tracked along on the ceiling, tilling and sowing and harvesting, while maintenance robots patched damage both inside and outside. And if anything broke down, printers could churn out replacement parts in minutes.

Harvested food was shipped through the corridors to prep buildings, where seventy thousand cooking machines processed billions of orders annually. Ingredients funnelled in one end, packaged meals rolled out the other, each unique to the diet and preference of its customers. Then drones, buzzing like flies through Detroit and neighbouring suburbs, delivered hot food to precise GPS coordinates in minutes.

But the true genius of the Superkitchen was in meat generation. Vast herds of animals were packed tightly into its depths under a simulated overcast sky. Cows, lamb, pigs, chickens, and more produced manure, laid eggs, and gave milk, guided by robotic attendants. Robots bred them. Robots medicated them. And when it was time, animals were shepherded into a separate building where robots slaughtered them. The cycle was continuous, with meat sent up to the cooking machines as needed, and anything that went unused was recycled as feed.

Some criticized the process as genocidal. Activists chanted rhymes and waved signs, demanding that the everyman retain some awareness of how their meat was produced, lest they take it for granted. But by the early 21st century, 99% of people knew livestock only as the perfectly-cooked meals that arrived at their mouths, ready to chew. There was no going back for them.

So the Superkitchen was built.

Its architects speculated that, barring a major earthquake or hurricane, it could function non-stop for perhaps five years without human intervention. But the monstrous factory far exceeded their expectations. They watched as it operated error-free for one month, then six months, then a year. Their government declared a national holiday at 5 years. 14 years marked the end of hunger as similar automated factories blanketed the world.

Then, at 22 years, a plague. Born inside an over-medicated cow, the antibiotic-resistant superbug jumped to patient zero via a blue-rare porterhouse steak, proceeding to eradicate the human race in about 7 months.

But not the Superkitchen. With its self-replicating army of robots, it continued operating for 50 years. Hundreds. Thousands.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Credits to: PunchMeat

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Hi! How are you, I was just wondering if you could write something about how the TFA bots and cons would react to their s/o human being turned cybertronian by the allspark? Thanks in advance and have a great day ☺️

I won’t do all of them, ‘cause that’d be a lot.

Optimus Prime is freaked out and has no idea what to do at first. He takes you to Ratchet while he tries to figure out what he’s going to do. He teaches you about Cybertron and helps you get used to your new body, and comforts you if you get upset.  He’s lost af, but he knows you’re having any even more confusing time than him.

Ratchet runs some scans and is frustrated when he doesn’t understand. He’s worried about you and gives you constant check-ups and cautiously gives you fuel and energon to see how you’ll react. He’ll also put you through physical therapy to help you become used to your new body.

Jetstorm and Jetfire are partly freaked and partly excited. They have so many questions- how did this happen? Does that mean you can go to Cybertron with them? You tell them you have no idea either. The slow down and make sure you’re okay, asking if you’d like to go see Ratchet and see if he can fix things.

Megatron looks you over and smiles. He compliments your new body and starts making plans to use the allspark on more humans, preferably all of earth. He can’t wait for you to rule by his side.

Lugnut is worried about you, but you can pretty much tell he enjoys that you’re Cybertronian. He believes Cybertronians to be superior in every way, plus you’re big enough so that he can hug you without hurting you. He checks you over to make sure you aren’t damaged in any way.

anonymous asked:

Careful with those sparks Oliver! You could injure somebody important. Someone who isn't yet broken. Just because you're damaged doesn't mean that the others have to be. You keep stuttering like that and you might damage yourself even more. And who really wants to help fix a damaged robot's speech when that's not even the broken part. Are your faulty emotions getting in the way? Can't you function properly?

Oliver presses his hands even harder against his head and glitches until he falls down onto his knees. Green wanders in, sees his brother on the floor, and rushes over. “Ollie? What’s wrong?”

Oliver glitches again, trying to get away from Green. “N-no, no.”

While Prohyas and Nohyas deal with… some things I’ll tell you about this week’s Mighty Magiswords premiere!

Hoppus the Hunted & Transylbabies
MONDAY at 4:00 PM
The bunny sorceress, Danelda, has been on the search for Hoppus so she can take him back to their rabbit village, but Hoppus is too enamored by Kablammica and her broccoli soup to ever go back!

A mission to babysit Snowmanpire babies in Transylbiria leads Vambre and Prohyas to attack the local monster townsfolk in misguided attempts to keep the Snowbabies safe.

Kyle’s Notes: These were originally scheduled to air over the weekend, but instead, you get them as a Monday double shot! The way they used to air TV shows back when I was a child! In Hoppus the Hunted, not only do we get a glimpse into Hoppus’ backstory and meet Danelda, played by Steven Universe’s very own Michaela Dietz, but we get an incredible vocal performance by Dana Gould as Norman. You can cut the tension in act 1 with a knife! Then in Transylbabies, ever since the baby Snowmanpires showed up way back in “The Curse of Dummystein”, I wanted to do a story about them. This super cartoony episode shows us a lot of new Transylberian creatures plus some tributes to Big Daddy Roth and Bob Clampett.

Bureaucrophobia & Continue?

TUESDAY at 4:00 PM
Teri Gargantuan is in trouble and her spider kids hire the Warriors to save their mom from a mad mercenary spider hunter.

The Mysterious Hooded Woman hires the Warriors to retrieve the Orb of Sphericity from a temple in Galacton. The odd thing is, this temple has save points! When the Warriors are defeated, they respawn, but Vambre remembers what happened and Prohyas does not.

Kyle’s Notes: Another double shot! First, in Bureaucrophobia, we find out how annoying red tape can be in a futuristic world like Galacton. Also, the incredible Pete Holmes returns as Teri (last seen in “Stairways and Spiders” and Fred Stoller and Brian Posehn appear as Teri’s now-adult children. Please enjoy my Bobcat Goldthwait impression. Then in “Continue”, a story pitched to me by John Berry back in the 5-minute episode days– We have some real fun with our video game roots and see how our heroes deal with save points and respawning. I always think of VVVVVV when I watch this one. The effervescent Jack McBrayer returns in this one. You should’ve seen his reaction when I asked him to do a British accent…

Hunting for Scavengers
When an impish weather gnome sends the Warriors and friends on a competitive quest, the drive to win threatens the group’s fight against a conjured monster.

Kyle’s Notes: We see how the Warriors, Witch Way, and Neddy the Mallet all handle a situation differently, but it’s really Witch Way that gets to steal the spotlight. Victor Courtright (the same guy who storyboarded last week’s slime fight) joins the voice cast as Mister Flummocks: Student of Life.

Get That BORFL!

A restful chill day for the Warriors and Princess Zange in the Royal Spa gets upended when a cute little Borfl runs amok throughout Castle Rhyboflaven, with the Warriors resorting to Magiswords to thwart the critter.

Kyle’s Notes: This is basically our “Tom and Jerry” episode, and the good folks at Inspedia really turn up the squash and stretch adapting Mike & Gabe’s manic storyboard. The Borfl started as a little guy I would draw in my sketchbook from time to time. Rikki “Gir” Simons plays the Borfl because it’s funny when he screams things.

Unconventional Dolphinism
FRIDAY at 4:00 PM
Since Prohyas is taking Dolphin Magisword to the Dolphin Convention, Vambre asks Witchy Simone to join her on a search for the Narwhal Magisword, angering a deadly Sealdebeast guard that lures dolphins away from the convention in the process.

Kyle’s Notes: Another one of my favorites this season, and definitely one of our best-animated episodes. The adventures in the Dolphin Convention are only half the fun as we also get to see what it’s like when Vambre and Witchy Simone team up. There’s a song sequence in this one I’m very fond of. Also, Man Fish screams a fake French phrase that my grandfather made up,  and Bonnie Gordon of the Library Bards and Shield of Tomorrow joins our cast as some characters I don’t want to spoil here.

Letter Wronging Campaign

While Vambre takes a well-needed break, Prohyas and Noville try to solve a mystery involving letters disappearing from books! Can they get this done without calling Vambre and ruining her day off?

Kyle’s Notes: Prohyas and Noville team up and we get to spend some time with Biblia Tick and Monkey Chunks, too! It’s hard to talk about this particular episode without giving stuff away, so I’ll just say that it also introduces a character you’ll be seeing more of down the line.

The Saga of Robopiggeh!
SUNDAY at 4:00 PM

A botched rescue attempt damages their robot pal, RoboPiggeh, and Vambre and Prohyas must battle the evil cyborg, Tara-Byte, in Galacton, who is determined to dismantle their broken pal for being obsolete.​

Kyle’s Notes: This is it! Our first two-part special, and our first Legendary Magisword! Magimobile collectors, I think this may be your only chance to get this one! I’m proud of this special and I’m happy you’re all finally going to see it. It features Maria Bamford as Tara Byte because apparently, I like casting super nice people as villains. There’s another special guest star as well, but I don’t want to spoil it just yet.


I found a second LuLu Furreal Friend at Goodwill today in perfect working order and great cosmetic condition for only $2, so I decided it was finally time to start the project of replacing the fur on my first (which was in really bad shape). I just removed the old fur today and am planning on using the pattern to make new fur with some new fabric I just bought!


Earth has begun to trade physical goods with other planets. To cut down on costs, one corporation has decided to only send one human on long deliveries. 6-18 month jobs, specifically, where a pilot will be manning a freight ship alone, so the company provides each pilot a slightly customized android to keep them company (communications through space is a thing, but VERY expensive to maintain the satellites and employees must use their own pay to fund each call home). Each android has a black box power source, which contains all of their memory and personalities. They are only given enough engineering and first aid knowledge to complete their task, as well as a personality type usually requested from the pilot, sometimes randomized. The black box is given just enough battery life to survive the android’s job. One hour before the clock is up, their memory and personality will be wiped and then the battery dies. This should only happen after the pilot has returned home and returned both the ship and the android to their company. Once the android has powered down, the black box is melted down and recycled, and their body is refurbished and given a brand new black box for another job. Their bodies are made of recycled plastic and can be slightly customized as well, but so cheaply made that if a robot is damaged beyond repair or lost, the monetary loss is insignificant. Their are occasionally rumors that an android will attempt to escape or that a pilot abducted theirs, but its rare. (Higher quality android assistants/companions are widely available, although very expensive, to consumers.)

Despite company training likening the androids to personal assistants/tools, like Friday or Siri, one pilot felt uncomfortable knowing their robot would be refurbished into something else. They didn’t care for her personally, but she was more interactive than expected and seemed happy. Though they weren’t sure she was sentient and they weren’t merely projecting their own ideas about artificial life, they decided to hack her black box, convert her to a recharge-able battery system, and rerouted the ships coordinates for a planet that they knew was AI-friendly. They took a cab from a fuel station and left her to fend for herself… 

In Which Mr. Krupp’s Secret Superpowers Aren’t Quite So Secret

( @guiltyhipster and @thatanimationgirl because we’re writing and tagging friends!!) hey y’all remember when I said I wrote CU fanfiction like five months ago. uh. here it is!! I mostly wrote it as a self-indulgent thing because I had no clue there would actually like…be a fandom!! So it’s not my best work lol I just wanted to get my ideas out on paper. 

In this, our favorite terrible principal comes down with a cold, and it turns out that Captain Underpants’ powers begin to leak through while he’s in this miserable state…I am a sad writer’s soul and I would totally love comments if you wanted to give them but totally don’t feel obligated yo!! (ALSO I wrote this when I knew that Miss Anthrope would be Mr. Krupp’s love interest, but I DIDN’T know that she was the lunch lady now so like…she’s the secretary in this lmao)

George and Harold were terribly bright children who just happened to also be terribly, terribly naughty. They never caused any harm, of course, unless one would think that placing ketchup packets beneath toilet seats, replacing the American flag in their classroom with a pair of XXL underwear, and rearranging the letters on the lunchroom bulletin board so it would read “FRIDAY’S LUNCH WILL BE: SWEATY BRAS”, was harmful.

And Principal Krupp definitely considered all those things harmful….

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If you're still willing to do requests?? Please, would you do something with trans Robbie and cuddling??

Hope you enjoy this anon! I’m sorry for any inaccuracies with this fanfic. Please let me know if there’s anything I should edit or change!

Also I’m still taking requests, especially since this blog just broke 140 followers! So if you have any ideas, please don’t be afraid to send them! (No NSFW or child-adult ships please.)

Fic is underneath:

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In a vaguely post-apocalyptic/futuristic AU Bro finds a damaged robot and fixes it up to use it a sale bot in his small robot shop. One week later he finds himself on the run from both the law and one highly organized group of criminals while trying to blow up an alien base, and he still can’t decide if that was the best or worst idea he had in his life.

Hi jayspants how are you today? Here’s my part of our trade!!

Complete List of My characters with snippits

Hood- Johnathan Satlin, the universe Guardian. Lazy, married to Liz Wright

Liz Wright- Wife to Hood, ultimate Mom 

Aaron Nitishino- Number 42, The God Killer, adorably fluffy, married to Beth Wright

Beth Wright: Aaron’s wife, will kick your ass, adorable.

Tiggs Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. 9 foot tall black and silver four armed tiger man. Total mad scientist.

Jasmine Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. Shapeshifter, lynx lady, pan, will stab you and flirt with you

Pinstripe: Mafia Hit man possessed by ancient assassin god

Sheriff Waters: wild west sherriff and time displaced Pinstripe.

Sheriff McCreed: immortal western zombie sheriff, total nonchalant asshole.

Deputy Colt 45: super futuristic robot sent to the wild west. Deputy to Waters and McCreed.

Guilty’s Gang: Guilty, Thomas Ralz the pianist, and old man Joe the banjoist. And their swamp monster.

Scorpio: bandito given powers by the zodiac spirit scorpio,

Cheif Kitchi: Blackfoot indian chief.

Vessal: bronze golum, protecter of Kitchi’s tribe, host to hundreds of warrior spirits.

Argon and Neon: nova kids trapped in the Wildwest, brother and sister.

Nobilis Krypton: Anodyne, roman themed, trapped in wildwest with Argon and Neon

Stephan and Justin Wright: Little Brothers to Hood and Aaron respectively. Adopted by Tracey Wright and Hail Tartalgia. The bridges to the multiverse. Cinnamon roll and sin-namon rolls.

Tracey Wright: Hail’s wife and the mother to Justin and Stephan, sexy, tired of everyone’s shit. 

Hail Tartalgia: Second Youngest of the Tartalgia family. Shy, ice powers, twin brother to Zana, cinnamon roll. Married to Tracey Wright.

Lightening Tartalgia: youngest Tartalgia, power over energy, super speed. Energetic, outgoing, friendly.

Fog Tartalgia: Middle child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Storm. Power over all gasses and vapors. Quiet, kind, wise.

Storm Tartalgia: Middle Child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Fog. Power over weather. Loud, arrogant, secretly a cinnamon roll.

Kujo: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Zoey. Blunt, dry, helpful. Can know everything about an item  by touching it, and will know expertly how to use it.

Zana: Second youngest of Tartalgia family, twin sister to Hail, power over water and liquids, equally as shy as Hail if not more so.

Zoey: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin sister of Kujo, control over plants and animals. Busty, curvy and flirtatious. Sin-namon roll.

Hero: eldest of Tartalgia family. Power of adapting to any situation (nearly infinite powers). Outgoing, positive, conceited, loves himself.

Pops: Possibly immortal old man, Looks like 60, but is as healthy as a 30 year old. Street brawler, travels with Launa.

Launa Dandies: Descendant of Waters. Can’t be harmed. Sociopath, angry at everything.

Taurus: Minotaur like being, greatest enemy is Hood, wants to envelop the world in eternal night.

Number43: almost clone of Aaron. An attempt to repeat the success that is Aaron in making ultimate weapon.

Grave Digger: older than time, is death, grim reaper, and the grave all at once. Always drinking.

Arnold: The Graveyard Cat. Zombie cat with the power of decay. Experiment of 100 Project

Ronny: The hellhound, control over darkness and fire. Experiment of 100 project

Damian: Giant Golden Flying Fox, A big ass fruit bat. Kind, gentle, not sure where he is. Clings to Digger

Marty: a mothman, silent, thinking, will fight you.

Vet: time traveling immortal redneck doctor getting into shenanigans

Uncle Sam: ultra patriotic American bald eagle robot. Made by vet

DJ Giz: super sleek robot covered in speakers. Makes noise. Made by vet

Livewire: robot with tendrils coming from his back. not made by vet but saved by him

SARAH: vets body guard. Ultimate fighting robot girl. Sexy, but will kick your ass

Leao: Wizard cat!

Farmer John Stidham: first of Shattered Six, hard working, blunt farmer

Don Lomas: Second of Shattered Six, mob boss, mysterious, dangerous.

Poindexter Carter: third of Shattered Six, genius, scientist, nerd

Smiley Joe Stidham: fourth of Shattered Six, mixer, dancer, happy.

Dr Dean Lomas: fifth of Shattered Six, doctor, muscular, pretty boy

Agent Carter: Sixth of Shattered Six, agent, fighter, dangerous.

The Fivefold: The Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and Apostle.

The Big Three: The three who made everything, Austin, Chance, and Fernando.

Curly Satlin: Giant lumberjack with bigger afro. Works for Don and Brigitta Vigarin.

Kristopher Krins: towns person of Keypers Cove, might be santa, definitely Santa, necklace is two candy canes which he uses when fighting.

Galve: flaming skeleton goat man in a robe, comes out from November to February.

Sir Issac Wells: real name of Johnny Rockers. Large bulky man, from Arkansas, used some enhanced cocaine, permanent other personality emerged, sophisticated man of class, still an absolute psychopathic serial killer.

Mr. Hicks: Henry Hicks, CEO of large tech company, travels the world joining fighting tournaments, boxer.

Lord Harlston: Victorian era gentlemen revived as a half plant, half zombie, very kind and polite. Hates rude un-gentlemanly people.

Pedro Gonzalez: former CEO, current Hero of Mexico, very strong boxer, rival to Mr. Hicks.

The Matador: Alfonzo Rivera, fighter, uses a sword and two bull fighting spears.

Wechidna: Immortal butler and warrior, butler to Mr. Hicks, neighbor to Tracey Wright.

Ashura: Ghost of formally immortal warrior, bonded to Liz Wright

Foxcrest: perfect maid

Wolfthorn: perfect Butler

Hawkridge: Perfect butler,

Ursa: Tigg’s main maid. Super strong

Lea: Tiggs’ main gardener. Mastered every last known martial art

Shaun-Li: Tigg’s cheff, poison touch.

Pastor Smith and Juddeep: World traveling Southern Pastor and his Saudi Arabian friend/ex-airport security guard.

Romulin: Son of Anubis, permanent rival to Uncle Sam

Valz: Greek titan of love, passion, erotic pleasure, and drinks.

Issac: Son of Hood, inherited all his powers.

Tommie: Daughter of Aaron, inherited all his powers (and looks)

Tedd: living teddy bear, adopted by Hood.

Ishmael: ancient warrior and shaman. Rival and big brother figure to Issac

The Mesh: large, jumbled robot, created by a deceased boy genius, roams the world looking for a new owner.

Abra: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is magician.

Ringmaster: Circus ringmaster with reality altering abilities

Chuckles: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is clown.

Ragdoll: Hood from a forgotten universe, a patchwork ragdoll like being of pure evil.

Snap: the alpha hood, the original who snapped upon seeing the multitude of various deaths.

Corruption: alternate Aaron. Put on Hood’s sweater, old programming resurfaced, Went crazy.

The Pinstripe Corps: multidimensional assassin group of alternate Pinstripe’s

The OFFKeys: a group of six musicians from Keypers Cove, each represents a different music genre

The entire town of Keypers Cove: hoh boy. Their necklaces has powers

Thunder and Zora Tartaliga: Parents of the Tartalgia Family and founders of Tartalgia.

Ultra42: Alternate Aaron, true ultimate weapon

Omega42: Zombie Ultra, mindless animal, afterwards a depressed former hero.

Aaron+: alternate aaron, controlled with nanites, killer.

Amalgam: an amalgamate of Pinstripe, Fatality, Legion, Patient Doe, Mr Thompson, Scorpio, from a computer world.

Scrap: all of Vet’s robots, mashed into one, torn to shreds by Aaron+ individually before reforming and killing him.

Virus: Vet’s true opposite. Body is home to every last disease, fungus, and bacteria in the universe, complete control over all disease.

Schism: the true embodiment of chaos and order. True equality. A god pretty much.

EL: The elemental. Splits into six main elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Machine, Nature, Light and Dark. Then they fuse into four sub elements. Fire and Water make Energy. Air and Earth make Decay. Nature and Machine make Time. And Light and Dark make order. Then they fuse to make two. Time and Decay make Death. Order and Energy make life. El, the final fusion, is the element of Humanity

Error53: a mix of science and magic, a demonic computer virus.

El guillao: Puerto Rican Gansgter, uses soul flame and machetes.

Fatality: embodiment of fear, true monster.

Legion: former youth pastor turned host to millions of demons.

Train Man: Wildwest Zombie, enforcer of death, rounds up souls Digger doesn’t feel like finding.

Dr. Isotope: former Cold War Scientist, imbued with the power of ten atoms bombs

Xalarn: flaming spikey skeleton man, makes more flaming skeletons for army.

Damian Weaver: form an alternate universe, survivor of zombie apocalypse. Thinks he is edgy, is not edgy,

Justin Carter: from the same forgotten world as Ragdoll. Another patchwork ragdoll man, with a flaming chainsaw for a hand, a hero.

Patient Doe: unknown. A patchwork person trying to make themselves the perfect body, might be alien, no facts known.

Mr. Thompson: really friendly serial killer, animals love him, everyone loves him, everyone knows hes a killer too.

Silver Heart: given a robotic heart that replaces all damaged parts with robotics.

Bob: robot from the future meant to be sent to 1950’s America. Sent to modern America. Typical 1950’s dad but is actually killer liquid metal robot.

Rex: very large man with brain of hyper intelligent dog. Loyal, works with a pirate, but always dressed in a suit.

Leon: demon lion man. Crazy, violent, evil

Captain Longbeard and Shiv: Pirates. Longbeard is very intelligent, pilots a ship from the far future, Shiv is his malfunctioning robot fighter/first mate.  

Clove: Skeleton Wildwest gun for hire. Known as the Gunslinger.

Beryl and Obsidian: Gem people. Servants for the Gods.

DOTcom: a program and nanite cloud created by Vet, pilots his TAURTOS.

Talli and Mingan: Talli cant die, Mingan is his giant grey dire wolf who is the real brains of the duo.

Blachidna: Alternate version of Wechidna, evil, arrogant, ruler of planet of factories.

Employee18: leader of worker revolution against Blachinda, favorite weapon :picaxe

Ashuraos: alternate Ashura, driven mad with power, being of pure chaos, body is half liquid energy

The Lounge Singers: 1920′s era smokey ball room band, actually hitmen, Ricky, Big Al, Betty, and Li.

Lukas Muler: Swiss cowboy living in Treasure Canyon. Earth bending powers, loves rocks.

Kopano Pillay: South African mercenary, true soldier, gun for hire.

Malware: a corrupted, computer virus infected Justin, wants to recreate his family using the glitches.

Trojan: a corrupted, computer virus infected Stephan. Wants to make Justin fix their world then kill him, willing to destroy whatever stands in his way.

The Televnagelist: former big name preacher turned serial killer. 

The FRESHfold: the fivefold, but Fresh.

Vetster: Vet and Gaster merged together. 

Aroodamate: Hood and Aaron, amalgamated

Give robots 'personhood' status, EU committee argues
Proposed rules for robots and AI in Europe include a push for a general basic income for humans, and ‘human rights’ for robots
By Alex Hern

The proposed legal status for robots would be analogous to corporate personhood, which allows firms to take part in legal cases both as the plaintiff and respondent.

The broad report identifies a number of areas in need of specific oversight from the EU, including:

  • The creation of a European agency for robotics and AI;
  • A legal definition of “smart autonomous robots”, with a system of registration of the most advanced of them;
  • An advisory code of conduct for robotics engineers aimed at guiding the ethical design, production and use of robots;
  • A new mandatory insurance scheme for companies to cover damage caused by their robots.
Avengers AOU (part 3/7)

A/N: Hello guys!! Sorry that it’s been so long since I posted, I’ve been quite busy but Christmas is coming up so yay!! Anyways, this part and part 4 would have more reader backstory and stuff so yeah and this isn’t edited yet so I’m sorry if there’s a lot of errors haha. I would be happy to receive your feedback on the story or what you want to see next in the story so I can improve it but anyways, enjoy!!

Flashback in italics😊

Word Count: 2,776

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five//Part six//Part seven

“What the actual fu-” You started to say but stopped halfway as you saw Cap looking at you. “Fudge?”

“All our work is gone,” Bruce said, looking through the computers. All of you were gathered in the lab as Tony and Bruce wanted to figure out what the hell was going on. “Ultron cleared out. He used the internet as an escape hatch.”

“Ultron,” Steve muttered as if trying to engrave the name in his head.

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Shout Out To Rami Malek’s Pants For Having Absolutely No Chill At The People’s ‘One’s To Watch’ Event Sept. 2015 .He Still Looks Great Tho! 

Despite The Flood Damage…

cerothenull  asked:

Was playing Fallout 4 and looted off a Radscorpion a boxing glove that deals damage to robots. So now I'm imagining that Radscorpion going around wearing the glove on its stinger punching out robots

Good idea.

Bonus: I like how Sam came out a ton so I saved another pic without the bot: