damaged polaroid

Hi guys,

I really don’t know where I could ask this anywhere else, on this site is everyone I know who could possibly have these around, so here goes nothing: When 1989 came out I collected all of the polaroid sets. Last year, I took them off my wall because my walls were going to be painted. Me and my mom forgot to remove the sticky things behind each polaroid (we are stupid, I know now). Today I bought a photo book so I could glue all of my polaroids in it, because I was so proud of them & i loved them all so much. Sadly, all of my polaroids were glued against each other, and every time I removed one from another, the whole polaroid was damaged. I really can’t use them anymore and i had to throw all of my 65 polaroids away. I’m honestly a bit heartbroken. I’m writing this post because I hope some of you can help me out: I’ve tried all of the sites I know to search for / buy 1989 polaroids, but those sellers sell them really expensive with a lot of shipping costs.
I guess what I’m asking is: If anyone is out there who has 1989 polaroids and who doesn’t mind giving them away to me, that would be so so so nice. We could talk about the price / shipping costs! 

Thanks anyway for reading, and I really hope some people here can help me out! Sharing would be really appreciated.


I bought a polaroid pronto land camera at an antique shop on Sunday, film included… Little did I know the film was expired/damaged resulting in these images and I absolutely love them. During each one’s time developing, I manually altered them in little bits to give them a sense of artistic completion and more of a personal touch that reflects more of my artistic style.