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Stuck shed is not okay!

Tons of people think that stuck shed is no big deal. If their snake has stuck shed, they can easily take care of it with a sauna treatment. If it happens again, then no big deal they will treat the problem again. This is not fully taking care of the problem, however, this is only treating a symptom of incorrect husbandry. Without a change in the way you do things, you will continually be fixing stuck shed.

Old skin that hasn’t sloughed off can cause problems for the snake. It’s itchy and uncomfortable but it can also cut off circulation and cause permanent damage. Below is a photo of a male ball python’s hemipenes that are essentially destroyed due to chronic stuck shed problems from someone who wouldn’t fix their humidity:

Here is a photo of healthy hemipenes:

So please, if your snake has patchy skin fix the symptom, but also fix the overall reason your animal has stuck shed.

Mongolia’s December 2016 livestock census annual livestock census counted about 28 million sheep, 26 million goats, 4 million cows, and 6 million other livestock (camels, yaks, khainags (half cow, half yak), reindeer, and horses). This is the highest total ever recorded, which is good news for herders making a living, but overgrazing may damage the ecosystem.

Photo by Pearly Jacob.

inktober day 26 - mob + reigen

Thank you for remaining calm, and for your attention to this TIC (tongue in cheekiness). I have been informed that personnel have been rapidly deployed to contain toxic leaks from unintelligible life forces. I repeat, there is no need to panic. The USSSC has not been threatened, and we will report on the condition of the "other vessel", as soon as updates are available. Thank you for your patience.

Photo 1: USSSM under siege. Photo 2: USSSC has sustained no detectable levels of damage  Photo 3: USSSM near explosion site.  (This is TIC post ¾).

Since Kaede means “Maple”, and it’s fall, I thought I’d try to draw some colorful trees. And Kaede. 

But mostly this was an attempt at figuring out how to draw leaves (how???????)

chinonshou  asked:

Is the shop open? My backer poster came and it was all wrinkled up and creased from mailing and I wanted to know if I could get another.

Oh no!! We’re really sorry to hear that—if your merch/rewards arrive damaged, send us a photo to arcana@nixhydra.com including your name/address and we’d be happy to send you a replacement.

(Side note, though, the shop IS open: here!)