damaged marriage

Imagine after just a few months of marriage, to the only woman that he’s ever loved and understood him, Loki’s pregnant wife (you) has fallen into a coma (however way you find fit) in which doctors don’t believe she’ll ever wake up from. There’s been too much damage to know whether she’ll wake up, so he desperately tries to find something to repair or reverse the damage, if not to save her then to save his baby daughter. Hopefully with a nice ending.

A bit of Veronica Tetzlaff Deacon.

Sheffield-born of Polish ancestry, Veronica had studied at the Maria Assumpta Teacher Training College before starting work as a nanny.

When John was 20 (ca. 1971) he met trainee teacher, Veronica Tetzlaff, at a disco. Veronica shocked her parents when she fell pregnant in October 1974 with their first child. John Deacon and Veronica hastly married on January 18 1975 at a Carmelite church in Kensington Church street. Veronica’s family were members of this order of Catholicism, named after Mount Carmel in Palestine, and dedicated to a striclty orthodox application of the faith.

Nigel Bullen’s wife, Ruth, got to know her quite well through their husband’s friendship [Nigel played with john Deacon at The Opposition and was his bestman at his wedding] and said: “She didn’t wear any make-up and wore fairly plain clothes (…). She is a lovely person, completely unpretentious. I’ve got the impression down the years that their children are the most important things to her.”
Ruth Bullen recalls Veronica’s response when, early in their marriage, John Deacon bought her a new mini car. “She was thrilled to bits with it. A lot would have bought something top of the range, but she did not come from money and was just happy to have a car.”

By 1982 Queen had already released their first Greatest Hits album and were cementing their reputation as the biggest British band since The Beatles. Much as he hated the attention, John was forced to live with it but it was having a damaging effect on his marriage and family life. Ruth says: ‘When he came back off a tour, he couldn’t revert to being an ordinary person, playing with the kids, taking them to the park and things,’ Veronica, a demure redhead, was hardly the archetypal rock star wife. 'She’s a normal, quiet, devout Catholic,’ says Ruth. 'She wasn’t into the glamorous life at all. It took her a few years to realise she could have practically anything she wanted. It was ages before she got a nanny to help with the children.’

They are living together since then in their four-bedroom house in Putney, South-West London, and they had 6 children: Robert John who was born on 18 July, 1975; Michael William, on 3 February, 1978; Laura Christina on 25 June, 1979; Joshua Luke (13th December, 1983); Luke James (born on 5 December, 1992) and Cameron Matthew (7th November, 1993).

dear australians: if you vote no, no matter what you tell yourself your ‘reasons’ are, all you are saying is that your relationships and your life are worth more than mine.

it has nothing to do with religion (have you ever heard of not forcing your religious beliefs on others?), nothing to do with damaging the sanctity of marriage (if this is your ‘argument’ you better not associate with any divorced people), nothing to do with ‘i just don’t like change’ (do you remember when howard changed the wording of the marriage act just a few years ago and you probably didn’t even give a shit?) and nothing to do with ‘marriage has been around for centuries, why should we mess with it now?’ (how many goats did your father sell you for at your wedding, debra?)

allowing same sex couples to marry will not affect you, straight people. your life will not change. your marriage will not be made defunct. you will not even be stopped from spouting your bigoted, outdated hate speech online and in the street, as you are so keen on doing.

all this is about, is ensuring that every member of our society has the same rights.

if you vote no, all you are saying is that LGBT+ people like myself don’t deserve the same rights as you, simply because you don’t want us to have the same rights, simply because you think that my feelings and my love are not worth as much as yours. 

if you vote no, you are telling me, “you are inherently worth less than a straight person and, as such, must be treated as an outlier in our society. why would you want your relationships to be given the same legal and social weight as ours? why would you want the same rights as us? you’re different, and you are lesser, and you need to be reminded of that every day.”

if you vote no, you’ve voted wrong, and there is no excuse.

If you are facing some problems in your relationship then don’t advertise it, don’t tell others about your problems, discuss each and every matter with each other, No one’s perfect, so accept each other’s imperfections. If one or the other keeps running home to their parents, complaining about his or her spouse, it can be damaging to your marriage.
Learn to trust each other, learn to support each other. Save your marriage, keep your bond sacred and strong as it should be, don’t let others into your relationship problems, Zip your lip to protect your relationship and tackle your issues together as a couple…
—  Hoorain Sheikh
The Second Mrs Rogers - Chapter 7 (Rebecca/Marvel AU)

Summary: You confront Steve about Peggy’s Diary

Warnings: Angst, Possessive/Abusive Behaviour, Smut

CHAPTER 7 - The Revelation

(Possible proof reading and first person/second person mix ups. I’m tired AF, don’t mind me)


Steve and I slept in separate rooms that night.

He didn’t dare to touch me as he continued to sob uncontrollably until I was forced to make the decision to leave him there or comfort him. I chose the former.

I was not ready to forgive him, to believe him. His tears may have been real but until I knew the truth of the matter, I would not return his affections…nor would I indulge Mr Barnes any more now that doubt was cast upon the entire affair.

I locked myself in a guest room for the rest of the day, not even deigning to come out for food as I pondered my next move. The crux of the story hinged on which party was the victim and what role Mr Barnes had in this too. I needed to see if Peggy’s diary could be validated or disproven and that meant I would need to ask Steve about the pregnancy.

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Ok, so let me say something about the whole Imra x Mon-el marriage, because shit is starting to piss me off.

It’s going to be boring at the beginning, but it’s important.

I’m from Poland. The population of my country is estimated at 36.5 million. 33 million of people declared they are Catholics -fucking a lot. As you probably know there is basically no divorce in Catholicism. You married someone and you stay with that person to the end. Simple. It was something  that helped women… in Middle Ages. When you were a woman and you married a guy back then, and if your husband left you – you were fucked, especially if you were not aristocrat. You had no income, no job, no education, zero chances to remarry, your family didn’t want you, because you were useless and they couldn’t afford to support you. Basically, you could become a prostitute (if you were too old – sucks to be you), enter monastery, kill yourself or die from starvation. As you can see, the fact assholes couldn’t divorce was a good thing. The problem is – XXI century is not Middle Ages.

In our times most of the women (ok, in western culture) are educated, have jobs, can move, change partners, virginity is not a sacred virtue etc. Sounds cool? Not really, because we are back in Poland, where divorce for many, many people is still unacceptable and a SIN. There is a trope that runs in my nation, “Mother Poland” – a woman who sacrifices herself for her husband, children, country and faith. It appeared for the first time in a poem of our most famous poet – Mickiewicz, who has written it in… 1830. The point of this poem was, you know, the tragic fate of young men fighting and dying for my country’s independence and mothers basically raised them to watched them die. The problem is – this shit evolved through the years and is STILL HERE and BRAIWASHED people in my country to believe that yes, women should sacrifice themselves for everyone and everything.

What does it mean? That most of the women in my country will stay in toxic, unhealthy marriages, because they think they HAVE to. They stay with alcoholic husbands, abusers, assholes, cheaters or men they simply don’t love – they will stay and suffer because “family is the most important thing”, they will stay and suffer because children need fathers. Because the PRIEST said so, because leaving is a SIN, because people will say how horrible mothers/wives they are etc. They will suffer and won’t say a thing, they will sacrifice themselves, they will lust for better lives but won’t do a shit, because we are all that brainwashed. I see this kind of examples around me. I know dozens of cases like that.

That’s why antis and their “Mon-El is cheating!” and “Kara is homewrecker!” are pissing me so fucking much, because they totally IGNORE WHAT IMRA WANTS.

Let’s forget that probably she was forced into this arrange marriage too. Let’s forget that probably she had to sacrifice her own desires. Let’s forget that she was perfectly aware that he was still in love with another woman and he was still mourning. But I guess the fact they were “content” and married for some years makes it valid and so much better, huh?

Let’s not talk about how Imra made a decision that damaged their marriage. Let’s forget she was perfectly aware of it. She had a choice and she made it, no one forced her into it.

And now let’s talk about how antis are hypocrites and anti-feminists.

Let’s talk about what Imra wants. When Legion was leaving she clearly said that she knew she screwed his trust and their marriage. She clearly said she was aware of his returning feelings for Kara and that he did nothing wrong. She clearly said she wants a partner who is fully dedicated to her and their relationship. She clearly said she wanted him to solve his feelings. She clearly said that if he stays in the past with Kara, that means it’s his DESTINY.

Basically Imra said – I know what I want and I want a dedicated partner not a guy who is not sure of his feelings. Now you need to figure things out. If you come back to me, it’s ok. But if you stay, it’s ok too.

The fact is – Imra is an intelligent, mature woman who knows what she wants. She is not going to wait for the guy to direct their relationship. She takes matters into her own hands.

And this is what pisses me off. Antis treat Imra like a damsel in distress. Like a fragile arm candy. Like a wallflower than needs a man to tell her what they want. Like a love interest, nothing else. For them, she is only Mon-El’s wife that can be happy only with him. What a fucking bullshit. This is putting woman in Middle Ages standards. And just proves antis don’t give a shit about Imra or her role in the story. They want her to be broken and sad and jealous and hurt. They want her to cry after her husband. They want her to take Mon-El to the future so he is out of the picture. They don’t give a SHIT about the fact that she would end with a guy who after 7 years still loves and thinks and is dedicated to another woman.

This is objectification. This is putting a woman in a medieval roles. This is gross anti feminism.

The saddest fact here is that antis don’t stop and use her character to throw shit at another woman, calling Kara “homewrecker”. Imra decided to lie to her husband for mission’s sake. Imra told Mon-El to stay and figure out his feelings. Imra decided she wants a dedicated partner. Imra gave him a green light to do whatever he wants. Imra has no fucking problem with Kara. Imra sees Kara as an idol, hero and amazing person.  Imra doesn’t see Kara as a homewrecker. ANTIS WANT HER TO SEE KARA AS A HOMEWRECKER. Antis wants Imra to be weak, hurt and jealous. The problem is – she is NOT. So fucking LET HER DO WHATEVER SHE WISHES.

So sorry I’m not sorry. There is no cheating. There is no homewrecker. Mon-El doesn’t do a shit behind Imra’s back. She knows what he is doing and she gave him her freaking blessing. If it was not a break up, there I don’t know what a break up is. But I guess some people need divorce papers or something. Because for sure shit from XXI century works in the same way in XXX *SARCASM*

(And on the side note, before someone accuse me of shitting on Catholicism – I’m a Catholic, I’m on a mass every Sunday, but I’m not brainwashed and I think a lot of the things Church has done and is doing is a fucking bullshit. Sue me).

Sansa, the Vale and Mountain Clans - Part 3

Recap: In Part 1 and Part 2, I talked about the significance of the Vale in Sansa’s arc and the larger story and the possible disruption of the Tourney of Winged Knights and the factors it is ignoring as winter is coming and food is of utmost importance. There’s the threat of the mountain clans already attacking the smallfolk. Littlefinger isn’t doing much about that while being caught up in his debt scheme and hoarding food to make the lords dependent on him. Furthermore the Chekov’s gun of the mountain clans attacking the nobility has been set up since AGOT when Tyrion armed them to avenge his unfair treatment by the Vale noble lords. A lot is about to go haywire and will probably mirroring the Battle of Seven Stars. As Tyrion’s and Littlefinger’s foil, Sansa may be able to mitigate the damage due to her marriage to Tyrion and having slightly interacted with Tyrion’s recruited mountain clans by revealing her identity. As the Vale mountain clans share similarities with the wildling population beyond the Wall, this connects her further to Jon’s storyline in the North.

But what does this mean?

Is Sansa headed North or South? Will she be one of the parties involved in taking back Winterfell or not? If she is, will it be a journey through anonymity or charging in as Sansa Stark with the Vale army behind her? Could she get North and survive all that way alone? Will Littlefinger die in the Vale or at Winterfell? What is the purpose of this journey in Sansa’s arc and how does it relate to Jon’s and Arya’s arcs? How does it play into the archetype she occupies and how does it not cross it beyond reasonable limit? 

This part is a bit strange because I talk less about the Vale and more about the North, but bear with me. I don’t think I can convince anyone about what I plan to write about Sansa’s remaining journey in the Vale if I don’t define its significance to her journey North. 

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Can you write another fic about Carter walking in on Nico and Wills alone time? Sorry I just love prompt it's so funny!!!😆

Part 1 Part 2

Nico fell asleep sometime after Will had started snoring, Carter still perched in his lap. His son had fallen asleep shortly after vowing to protect Nico from Will, but Will had seemed to have been effectively turned off for the night. It seemed they were doomed to a life of no privacy for the next ten years, as Carter crawled into bed with Will and Nico every night for the next two weeks. He always was asleep within minutes, but neither Will nor Nico were really up for doing anything while Carter was sleeping in Nico’s lap. They had tried to move him back into his own room after he fell asleep, but he always woke up shortly after they put him in his own bed, running back to Nico and climbing in his lap.

“Where’s the little Gremlin tonight?” Will called over his shoulder as he changed into his pajamas. “Normally he’s here by now, slowly driving our marriage apart.” Nico rolled his eyes at Will’s exaggeration, closing the book he had been reading and setting it on the nightstand. He took his glasses off before rubbing his face.

“You’re just as dramatic as your father. Our son is not driving our marriage apart.” Will climbed into bed next to Nico, settling down under the blankets before turning the TV on. He flipped through a few channels before settling on the science channel. He knew Nico’s weakness was conspiracy theories, and the science channel was chalk full of them.

“Says you. You get so much time to read all your books now while I’m left cold and lonely because my three year old keeps cock blocking me.” Nico snorted out a laugh, settling into bed next to Will. Of all the things Nico had thought might create a divide between Nico and Will, he never thought it would be their own son. Of course, Carter wasn’t really doing any damage to their marriage. Will just liked to be dramatic.

“Actually,” Nico began, a smile forming on his face, “Carter is over at his friend’s house tonight. “Trevor and Carter wanted to spend the night together. Carrie offered to take Carter for the night.” Nico smiled at his husband’s surprised look. He watched as Will took a few minutes to process the information, laughing when Will was suddenly straddling Nico.

“So we’re alone?” Nico hummed in response, nodding. They were alone in their big house. “With no toddler?” Nico nodded again, his smile growing as Will quickly got to work on Nico’s neck. “No toddler to interrupt us. Gods, I’ve waited so long to finally get to have some alone time with you. I can’t even remember the last time I had sex with you.”

Nico grunted. “I can. Three years and nine months ago.” Will let out a breathy laugh as he kissed under Nico’s ear, sucking on the sensitive skin there. Will left dozens of hickies on Nico’s skin, and Nico laughed every time at every one, the image of Carter scolding Will popping into his mind.

Nico had no idea how long they’d been like that before his phone rang. Nico reached for it but Will tried to distract him with his mouth. “Leave it. They’ll call back in the morning.” Nico was going to, until he saw who it was that was calling him.

“Babe, I can’t, it’s Carrie.” Will groaned loudly and moved off of Nico, letting him sit up to answer the phone.

Honestly, at this point, Nico just felt bad for Will. He seemed to know that he wasn’t going to get what he wanted again tonight as Nico hung up and gave him his most apologetic face. “Let me get some pants on and I’ll grab my keys.”

Poor Carter got sick, and poor Will was once again cock blocked by his toddler

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle January 2019 Tarot Reading - September 7th, 2018

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I decided to look into January and see what was going on there, considering the (possible) mess that will be this fall. This always, send feedback and requests to my inbox. I am taking personal readings for a couple of hours so hurry and get yours in before the day is up. Anyways, this is what I got.

“Show me Meghan Markle in January 2019?” 

  • Nine of Swords Rx - fell out the deck while shuffling.
  • (Queen of Cups, center; Knight of Pentacles, challenge; Death, root; Justice, past influence; Moon, crown; Five of Swords Rx, near-future; Eight of Cups, feelings/self-belief (clarifiers : Ten of Cups, Three of Pentacles Rx, King of Swords, King of Wands Rx); Five of Pentacles, enviorement; Three of Wands, hopes/fears; Four of Wands, outcome/new direction (clarifiers: Eight of Swords and Nine of Cups)
  • Seven of Swords, Devil, World - bottom of the deck

So to start off, I do find it very ironic that when I asked about Meghan, Harry came up instead. And not just by himself, but with the Queen of Cups. And we all know who that is..(FD). But if this isn’t FD, Harry came up in the middle of the spread (Knight of Pen.) showing something major emotionally going down with Prince Harry this month (Moon/Queen of Cups/Death). I think Prince Harry is really going to start listening to his heart in January and really wake up if he hasn’t before this and finally give in and not letting this drama go on anymore (Five of Swords Rx) (reminder: I do think Harry realizes the damage and destruction this marriage is having on him and his family but I never saw him fully giving out, I did see him asking for help and realizing his mistakes though, just not fully surrendering just yet) and there’s a lot of female energy around him this month (Queen of Cups).  I do still think him and Meghan might be married (Four of Wands/Eight of Swords) legally (Justice) but emotionally, I think they are separated (Eight of Cups/Ten of Cups/Five of Pen./Five of Swords Rx/Nine of Swords Rx). 

I think by January, Harry just wants to be done with all the drama and kind of go away and travel in seclusion whether that’s by himself or with FD (Three of Wands). Three of Wands is a three, which represents creativity, love, expression and with Wands, which represents passion, love, and drive btw, which is why I say it might be with FD. He might travel somewhere for the hoildays and come back home for January mostly or he might stay at home all January (Four of Wands/Eight of Swords) but whatever he is, he’s content with being there (Nine of Cups). 

If FD is in the picture, I still think it will be kept very much a secret (Moon/Nine of Swords Rx) because Harry doesn’t want to mess this up and already has enough going on for what it is. 

I also think something will come to light (Seven of Swords/The World), regarding something scandalous (Devil) involving Meghan more perhaps (since this is Meghan’s reading, even though Harry’s all over it). This can also represent again, FD and Harry sneaking around with her, because again I still believe they are married during this time or at least have something legally binding them together, and this would be still considered a affair/ if not that scandalous even though Harry’s happy (World).

Reiterating here, no I don’t think their that happy right now (meaning January) in this marriage (Ten of Cups) even though Ten of Cups came up upright. I think they aren’t really working together or getting along at all (Three of Pen. Rx) at this point (but let’s be real are we shocked by this lmao). Something legally binding them like I said before, regardless if they are legally seperated or not (King of Swords) and they aren’t happy about it (King of Wands Rx). I think someone is moving on emotionally for sure (probably Harry) (Eight of Cups).

“Will they still be married in January 2019?”

  • (Judgement, Wheel of Fortune Rx, The Star Rx, Ace of Cups, Six of Wands Rx)

Again, something legal going on with these two in January. And a significant decision (Judgement) will be made, probably not a good one (Wheel of Fortune/Six of Wands Rx) meaning one that looks bad on them. There that Wheel Rx goes again. I keep saying this, nothing but bad karma around these two. I think their relationship is hopeless and sad and unbalanced by January (The Star) and someone will have someone new (Ace of Cups) (Six of Wands Rx is also a cheating card) whether that’s public or private.

“Show me the legal state of their marriage in January 2019?”

  • (Nine of Wands Rx, center; Page of Swords Rx, challenge; Two of Cups Rx, root; Page of Wands, past influence; Ace of Swords Rx, crown; Tower, near-future (clarifiers: Three of Cups, Four of Cups, Queen of Swords); Ten of Wands Rx, feelings/beliefs (clarifiers: Three of Swords Rx); Six of Pentacles Rx, environment; Seven of Wands Rx, hopes/fears; Two of Swords Rx, outcome/new direction)

Kept pulling some cards…

  • (Empress Rx, Emperor Rx, Lovers Rx, Eight of Wands Rx, Hanged Man, Hierophant Rx)

Like I said, I don’t think their marriage is doin that hot by January (Empress Rx/Lovers Rx/Hierophant Rx). Emperor is also one of Meghan’s birth cards, and it came up reversed so she isnt happy this month. Marriage is unstable (Emperor Rx/Empress Rx/Heiorphant Rx/Lovers Rx) and full of burdens and regrets (Hanged Man). Eight of Wands (the arrows of love) reversed. They aren’t getting along (Nine of Wan. Rx/Two of Cups Rx). The cards are showing them carrying a heavy burden this month regarding thier marriage (Nine of Wan. Rx/Ten of Wan. Rx). Due to not wanting to let go of something, but having too anyways (Three of Swords Rx). Nine of Wan. Rx also represents lack of commitment, bad luck, feeling under attack, paranoia, no trust, and also major disagreements. Page of Swords Rx represents bad news, it facing the Page of Wands which represents unexpected/suprising news, I do think something unexpected will come out regarding thier marriage around this time. I think whatever it wil be devasting (The Tower) and cause lots of confusion (Ace of Swords Rx). I think something regarding their marriage legally is going to go down (Queen of Swords) involving a third party (Three of Cups), probably a female lawyer (Queen of Swords) who sits down and reevaluates this marriage (Four of Cups) because of whatever scandal or news that comes to light, whether that be publicly or privately.

I think legally their marriage is very complex but very confusing at that moment (Two of Swords Rx). For some reason their very worried about the status of thier marriage this month and lots of different opinions are involved and a lot of criticism and challenges this month (Seven of Wands Rx).

Again, lots of judgement around them and lots of money troubles or greediness around money *shocker* (Six of Pentacles Rx).

“Will a cheating scandal come out involving come out involving Harry and Meghan in January 2019?”

Did mutiple CC spreads for this.

  • (Temperance, Four of Swords, Nine of Pentacles, Page of Cups Rx, Strength (Meghan), Knight of Swords Rx, Knight of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Wands Rx, Two of Wands)
  • The Fool, Seven of Cups, King of Cups Rx - bottom of the deck
  • (Sun, Chariot Rx, Five of Cups Rx, Six of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles Rx (BRF), Hermit, Four of Pentacles Rx, High Priestess Rx)

So I do think if a cheating scandal comes out, it will involve Meghan for sure (Strength). I think the media is being very meticulous and methodical about how they go about this (Four of Swords/Temperance).

I do think Meghan is hiding a secret involving love (Page of Cups Rx) and that cheating will get out (Knight of Swords Rx/Four of Pentacles). I think with all the cards popping up at the bottom of the deck, I think she is having by this time, a secret relationship with a man (King of Cups Rx/Knight of Cups Rx) and what she says is innocent (Fool) really isn’t. Meaning I think when she’s confronted about it, she’ll act all Queen of Pentacles and very humble and “woe is me” type of girl, and claim it was all innocent and rosy (Seven of Cups/Fool) but in reality it is was something more than that (King of Cups Rx/Queen of Wands Rx). I orginally thought this might be Trevor but since Knight of Cups came up as well, I’m leaning towards maybe not so much anymore. Some say Pentacles is also a writing card, so that can also signal it coming out in a newspaper or some writing of some sort. I think the media is trying to make sure they get everything they can get, and every possible loophole sealed before they release this (Two of Wands Rx) so it won’t be so easy I’m guessing for the sugars/fans to shot them down.

I think Meghan is going to feel embarrassed by this (Sun Rx) and will want to go away for a while (Six of Swords/Four of Swords) or this might come out while she’s away traveling somewhere or something.

Ace of Pentacles came up in the near future I mean guys?!?! Pentacles represents the winter season, we’re talking about January. Pentacles also represents years, we’re talking about next year/beginning of the year. Ace means one, the beginning/start of something, and January is what month of the year, oh yeah the first (1).

Anways the BRF and Harry are going to be pissed when this comes out (Ten of Pentacles Rx) and it will come out (HP Rx/Four of Pen. Rx).

“Will Meghan Markle still be a duchess in January 2019?”

King of Pentacles - Yes for right now.

This is what I got for January for these two, hope you like it. Send me feedback and requests in my inbox as always. Thanks for all the love guys. TT, out.


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Sansa, the Vale and Mountain Clans - Part 4

Recap: In Part 1 , Part 2, and Part 3 I talked about the significance of the Vale in Sansa’s arc and the larger story and the possible disruption of the Tourney of Winged Knights and the factors it is ignoring as winter is coming and food is of utmost importance. There’s the threat of the mountain clans already attacking the smallfolk. Littlefinger isn’t doing much about that while being caught up in his debt scheme and hoarding food to make the lords dependent on him. Furthermore the Chekov’s gun of the mountain clans attacking the nobility has been set up since AGOT when Tyrion armed them to avenge his unfair treatment by the Vale noble lords. A lot is about to go haywire and will probably mirroring the Battle of Seven Stars. As Tyrion’s and Littlefinger’s foil, Sansa may be able to mitigate the damage due to her marriage to Tyrion and having slightly interacted with Tyrion’s recruited mountain clans by revealing her identity. As the Vale mountain clans share similarities with the wildling population beyond the Wall, this connects her further to Jon’s storyline in the North. I also posited that Sansa’s journey is headed North and rather than storming in with the knights of the Vale, Sansa will have a journey of anonymity. 

Still, there is the journey from the Mountains of the Moon to Gulltown or another port in the Vale to consider. I seemed to give a vague, but clearer picture of Sansa’s path if she reaches North through the Sisters. How Sansa would navigate through the changing terrains and starkly different smallfolk settings (even as a silent sister) is not something I elaborated. I think it comes down to one supporting character we have been teased since AGOT in Catelyn’s chapter, given more background in Sansa’s chapters in AFFC but ultimately never interacts with Sansa one on one alone. Mya Stone. 

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abused child of divorce who got taken in by people who should have divorced but didn’t and are now in an unhappy marriage and think it’s a flex when they talk about staying together for decades despite their rich history of adultery, lies and comphet check ✌️😘

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Concerning Cheng!Xian, it should be noted that martial siblings in Chinese culture and xianxia shows is much different than foster/adoptive relationships in the West. There a great number of people in *China* that thought that WWX/JYL was going to be the canon relationship because martial brother ending up with martial sister is so common. And it's why she's very adamant that she and WWX are not a thing. 1/2

It’s not just because she sees them as siblings, it’s because they’re a relationship that just makes sense for the time and culture, and her closeness with WWX can be seen as the preclude to them getting together and damaging marriage prospects. Likely if she hadn’t been engaged to JZX by the time he was brought to Lotus Pier, they would have been engaged, and if either WWX or JC were female, they would certainly be arranged. 2/2

I mean I don’t think JC and WWX would be married on account of WWX having zero rank to offer to Yunmeng; maybe JFM would push for it, but I don’t know. But that’s a good point re martial siblings not being the same as foster or adoptive siblings, and that is the only official connection WWX has with the Jiang siblings regardless of any familial feelings that might be there.