damaged mail

Ruki: Are you okay?

Azusa: Yes… Why?

Ruki: Because you asked the clerk at the store earlier if damage repair shampoo also works on emotions.

here’s what’s happening

Russia’s Foreign Minister warns US not to strike Syria again
Spicer says he’s not going anywhere after claim that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons
Classified docs contradict Nunes surveillance claims, GOP and Dem sources say
▪ $2.9 million: Melania Trump wins damages, apology from Daily Mail
Arkansas: Seven people to be executed in 11 days because lethal injection drugs about to expire
Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s firm received Ukraine ledger payout
Hubble just spotted something massive coming out of Uranus
▪ It’s National Bookmobile Day! (Also: National Grilled Cheese Day.)

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here’s a t-rex conducting the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme


here’s breaking cuttlefish news


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here’s something to consider

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NOTE: I am not responsible for lost/damaged mail after I send it. I will send proof. Serious buyers only please. Shipping for regular size cards is $1 (stamp) but larger cards have to be $3 due to tracking. PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON TUMBLR OR EMAIL ME AT: mariska2013@live.com

- SF9 Hwiyoung Feeling Sensation $8
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- MONSTA X Hyungwon The Clan 2.5 Found Ver $8
- SEVENTEEN Hoshi Boys Be $7
- NCT 127 Johnny & Winwin $10


All I want to do is open it but I can’t since if it happened to get damaged in the mail the warranty would be voided… buuuuuuuut YAYAYAYAYAY, a little over half a year of fighting for this and it’s finally here! If anyone has any tips or advice for me I am open ears. I am completely new to this.

So I ordered a cell phone case almost a month ago. It was from overseas so I figured it was taking a while to clear customs or something for whatever reason.

Today I got the packaging. Yes “packaging” specifically because the package itself was not in it. The USPS put the empty packaging in a bag with a little note on it that says “We sincerely regret the damage to your mail during handling by the Postal Service. We hope this incident did not inconvenience you and that you have every right to expect it to be delivered in good condition […]” Well yes, USPS, it does, in fact, inconvenience me. The fact that it is not fucking there inconveniences me greatly. I paid money for this and it is clear by the condition and the note that it certainly was damaged during your handling of it.

So, I’m probably going to head over to the post office on Saturday and have a chat with them. I don’t know what they can do to fix it, and I’m not usually one to complain, but given the circumstances and especially the fact that they put the empty packaging in a bag with that contextually “hilarious” note just sort of burned me a bit so yeah… hopefully I can get them to do something about it.


Shipping for pcs is $1 with a stamp and $3 tracked within the usa (for regular cards; larger cards will only be able to be shipped with tracking) and varies internationally (albums and larger postcards/ Photocards are within usa only tho and vary depending on weight and location) so just tell me where you’re from :) I can provide tons of photoproof as well of the cards, packaging and receipts ^^. You can message me here on tumblr or email me at ah_alaa29@yahoo.com if you’re interested in something^^




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-Hongbin GR8U Foldout
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Hello hello!!! 

Please read everything carefully if you plan to place a pre-order.

Pre-orders will be open from November 16 to December 5, 2015. Once I close pre-orders I will not take anymore.

I can only accept Paypal, and everything is priced in US dollars.

Each pillow case will cost $65
The pillow case is one side and the size is 21 x 60 inches
Shipping rate will depend on your location.

If you are in the USA and want tracking, I will only ship USPS Priority with tracking for $5.75. If you do not want tracking I will ship first class/regular mail for $4.

For international shipping please let me know your location so I can calculate an exact shipping fee. Will most likely cost $13 and up depending on added services.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask here or email me: see_qc(@)yahoo(.)com

Anyone who does not use the order form will be ignored.

* * * * Please click on the read more for the pre-order form * * * *

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Society 6: Product Review and Sale Code

Hi Everyone!

As some of you know, I recently started selling prints and other items through online retailer Society6. Society6 uses digital files provided by artists to print various products on demand, including art prints on giclee and canvas, tote bags, phone cases, pillows, and tons of other stuff. 

I was originally a bit hesitant to sell through them, since the printing and shipping would be completely out of my hands, so I was concerned that someone would order my art and get a poor quality or damaged print. So after I started selling there, I ordered a few of my own products to see what the experience would be. 

To start with, I ordered a large giclee print of my “Pink and Pearls Mermaid” and a tote bag with my “Octopus Mermaid”. First thing: these took quite a long time to get here. I live in Canada, and the tote bag took about 3 weeks to arrive, the print took a little less - I assume the delay is due to the print on demand nature of the service, buuuut if you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, this may not be the way to go. :(

The wait was worth it though, because when the items finally arrived they were gorgeous! The pic above is the giclee print. I ordered the 17x22 inch size (medium), which comes with a 2" white border for framing, so the image itself is more like 12x15 inches. The white border will be handy when framing, but just be aware of what you’re getting - it would be disappointing to order a large size and then find the image isn’t as big as you thought it would be. 

The print was shipped in a VERY sturdy tube - seriously, look at this thing: 

There’s basically no way this can be damaged in the mail, so the chances of getting a damaged print are low to nonexistent. Very happy with that. 

Because of the tube shipping, the print has a slight curl to it (hence the weighing the edges down in the pic), but that’s quickly relaxing out.

Society6 describes the printing as:

Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks.

I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of this print. The colors and detail are identical to the original art - it’s flawless. The paper is thick, matte, and velvety. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out - just so luxurious and beautiful. Even though it’s blown up from the original size, the details are crisp and totally faithful to the original painting.

So in conclusion: A++ for the print and shipping, B for the waiting time, but hey, you can’t have everything. I’d highly recommend these prints as a representation of my artwork - I’m actually ordering a whole bunch more so I can have them on hand at conventions and shows. I’ll still be offering the lower cost digital prints of course, but if you want something a little more luxurious then these are the way to go.

To make things even better, Society6 is having a sale right now until April 13 where you can get $5 off any item AND free shipping (international too!!) - follow this link to get the discount. Seriously, you have to follow the link, or it won’t apply, I tried. 

Happy shopping - send me a pic if you buy something! I’ll be posting a review of the tote bag next, so stay tuned! 


Words Left Unspoken (1/?)

I may have started this right after the finale aired. I may have also been struggling to find the right words to express the feelings I wanted to convey with this fic ever since. Basically, Finn and Rae needed to talk. And I had a lot of feelings about all the things that lead Finn to leave for Leeds, and write the letter, and then appear like fucking magic in the hospital. And there are so many things left unsaid between them that they really aught to say. I had a breakthrough today about some things and decided I’m going to break it up into multiple chapters.  

I also wanted to thank all the emus for getting good shots of the letter Finn wrote to Rae, but especially ch1darkcy and luvs-jade because between the two of you I think I got most of it. And thanks to all the great writers in this fandom that have inspired me to want to write my own spin as well. Especially thecrushingblackthecurvatureoffinnsass, endemictoearth and gushingtonxcentral because you’ve been inspiring me whether you know it or not. 

Please prepare for 3,339 words of potential hot garbage. If you like it let me know and maybe I’ll keep writing the other parts. 

He’d always been no good with words. Well, it wasn’t words so much as he was no good with speaking. He was clever enough. He’d gotten decent marks at college, but he just found it utterly boring. The fact that he hadn’t been spending his second year at sixth form with the one girl that occupied his every waking thought was what made it utterly unbearable. He felt this constant ache in his chest as he wandered the halls but especially when he caught a glimpse of her raven hair as she did her best to avoid him. It was an ache that had started hurting just after she showed up at his door and tearfully shoved his leather jacket back at him.


After that, it had been his decision that they couldn’t be friends. Not right then at least. But not being friends made his heart ache for her even more.Then by the time he’d worked up the courage to break the tension and try friendship again, she was moving on with that weird fella Liam. Or maybe it had been that older bloke, Saul, that Chloe kept hanging around with. In truth, It hurt too much for Finn to pay much attention to the other men orbiting around her because it was just more confirmation that she didn’t want him the way that he wanted her.


So what if he’d taken up with Olivia to try get over her? It clearly hadn’t worked. Olivia was nice enough and pleasant company, that’s for sure. But she had a mortgage for fucks sake, and Finn had never even had an overdraft. Being with someone more mature had made him realize that if he wasn’t enjoying college and he couldn’t get over Rae, then maybe it was time for him to start maturing as well. His Uncle Richard had always said he could come work for his scaffolding company in Leeds, but he’d never given it much thought before. All it took was talking with Rae and realizing how far away she truly was to convince him that buggering off to Leeds would make everything better for all parties involved. Well maybe not better, but at the very least maybe, just maybe, that dull ache he got his chest every time he saw her would get less painful.


It only took a few days for Finn to realize he’d been a complete bellend to leave Stamford. He still thought about Rae every second of every day, he still got that dull ache in his chest whenever he started thinking about her. And if anything, the pain was stronger, not lessened, by the geographical distance he’d put between them.


He’d also come to realize that being a scaffolder in Leeds wasn’t exactly the dream future he’d envisioned for himself. It was backbreaking work and it left him bone tired. Too tired to dig through the crate of records he’d stupidly brought from home to make him feel less alone. The crate in the corner of the cramped room only made him think back to all the times he and Rae had laid together on his full size bed, listening to records and wrapped up in each other as they were warmed by the sunlight that shone through his large, uncovered window. Those memories made his uncle’s small, dreary guest room, that only held a small musty wardrobe, a hard twin mattress (that he could never get comfortable on), and a tiny single pane window covered by dusty discolored plaid curtains, an unbearable place to be. He’d left Stamford because he was miserable in general and he wanted to “grow up,” but after a week in Leeds he realized he’d be miserable anywhere, so long as he was away from Rae.


This attempt at “adult” life was failing miserably. He missed his Da, and Archie and all the rest of the Gang but especially Rae. Most of all, Rae. But for fucks sake, it had only been a week in Leeds. Finn’s pride wouldn't let him tuck tail and run back to the place from whence he’d just ran. But if he kept bottling it, he was liable to burst. He’d known it was wrong of him to leave without saying goodbye. When he’d gone round hers to talk that night, he wanted her to give him a reason not to go… but she wouldn’t. Or she couldn’t. So in the end he left without telling her how he truly felt. She clearly wasn't ready to hear it and besides, he couldn’t really find the words to speak either. He had never been much for talking with words, but he could write, all his teachers said so. And so he sat down at the small desk tucked into the corner of the tiny guest room, turned on the reading lamp and put pen to paper;

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