damaged love damaged

I watched the musical (again) last night and the ending just really fucked me up. In the musical Veronica still loved JD but she can’t because of what they did. In the movie she’s really mad and wants him gone. When JD dies in the movie it’s probably because he feels like nobody loves him anymore and he’s better of dead while in the musical JD trades his life for Veronicas’ and she doesn’t want him to die. That made me really sad. And i’m sad that i’ll probably never see the musical with the original cast on stage.

okay but lets be real super innocent ‘yona is the only for me’ hak is completely canon okokok if yona kissed him his puny thunder beast legs would turn to a newborn deer the poor boy would probably explode

*drops mic*

So I know a lot of times people don't use Charlotte in Conquest/Revelations because they've already been using Arthur, but please consider this:

Yes folks you’re reading that right. 100% chance to Crit. That Kinshi Knight is about to take 212 damage to the face, and the only thing left of them will be a large crater at the impact site of Charlotte’s axe swing.