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Days N' Daze - Damaged Goods
Days N' Daze - Damaged Goods

Well I could spew some schematic apology
but it wouldn’t do no good.
The damage is done, so now all we do is run,
and pretend our choices haven’t killed the best in us.
We’ll fly a white flag, and both say everything we had never meant anything at all.
And when I’m not passed out, and I’m really sleeping,
I’m always dreaming of you.


Gang of Four ♡ Damaged Goods

What Planet Are You On?
What Planet Are You On?

At some point Tommy Wiseau was human, just like you and me. But one night a white glow bloomed into his bedroom, sweeping him up and away from this planet. After endless, agonizing torture, they finally broke him. He surrendered all that he knew about planet Earth. After their experiments were completed, they returned what was left of him and his mind back to his homeworld. So you see, Tommy Wiseau is neither alien nor human anymore, but somewhere in between.


part i @ 8tracks  beautiful disaster, kelly clarkson / btsk, ms mr / one night, christina perri / hold on, angus & julia stone / running away, hoobstank / let me go, haim / gone away, safetysuit / wrecking ball (cover), angel haze

part ii @ tracks  →  dark side, kelly clarkson / heavenfaced, the national / give me love (mashup), demi lovato & ed sheeran / amazing, hedley / wonderwall, oasis / tenerife sea, ed sheeran / my fault, imagine dragons / where are you now?, mumford & sons

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Music video for The Cure’s “Killing An Arab”

“This song is about Meursault, an extremely indifferent and morally lost fictional character from Albert Camus’ novel called "L'étranger” (literally “Stranger”), who shoots and kills an Arab man while suffering from heatstroke on a beach.“ -an intelligent YouTube commenter (they are rare)