Ok after spending some much needed time on my spn OC, unless something happens between now and tomorrow night, I should be around on Johanna all day. Hopefully I can make a dent in my drafts.

This is who I have so far

Aches in the Heart - ShallNotDisappoint
Breaking Pointe - TheClockworkDetective
Emotional Voice Message RP - SilverTonguedJotunnHeyoka
First Impressions - NickMonroeTheDevilsVessel
Following A Superman - 72-Reasons
Never Let Me Go - DamagedAnd-Delusional
Not The Man She Knew - My-Family-Is-My-Crew
Not There Yet - AilbeLynott
Reversed Roles - RecoveringInsultingConsulting
Starter - ThePersonalBlogOfMaryMorstan
Shots Fired On Baker Street - PostMortemVirtues

MY ACTIVITY IS BEING WEIRD! IF YOU ARE NOT ON THIS LIST PLEEEASE TELL ME!!!! This will be posted multiple times so everyone gets tagged.