Ok after spending some much needed time on my spn OC, unless something happens between now and tomorrow night, I should be around on Johanna all day. Hopefully I can make a dent in my drafts.

This is who I have so far

Aches in the Heart - ShallNotDisappoint
Breaking Pointe - TheClockworkDetective
Emotional Voice Message RP - SilverTonguedJotunnHeyoka
First Impressions - NickMonroeTheDevilsVessel
Following A Superman - 72-Reasons
Never Let Me Go - DamagedAnd-Delusional
Not The Man She Knew - My-Family-Is-My-Crew
Not There Yet - AilbeLynott
Reversed Roles - RecoveringInsultingConsulting
Starter - ThePersonalBlogOfMaryMorstan
Shots Fired On Baker Street - PostMortemVirtues

MY ACTIVITY IS BEING WEIRD! IF YOU ARE NOT ON THIS LIST PLEEEASE TELL ME!!!! This will be posted multiple times so everyone gets tagged.

The Damaged and the Replacement

A Pre/Post Reichenbach playlist for Sherlock and Johanna


// The Walk - Imogen Heap // Take My Hand - Simple Plan // No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine // In The Shadows - The Rasmus // Valentine’s Day - Linkin Park // Broken Inside - Broken Iris // My Immortal - Evanescence // Still Broken - Plan Three // Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine // Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk feat. Nate Ruess