Sheith Fic Rec list (masterpost)

HELLO I’ve gotten several asks over the course of the past few weeks asking for my recommendations for sheith fics! I’ve actually been working on a list for a while now between prep for conventions and work. 

Eventually I’ll organize this by fic type and add the warnings, but here is the most basic list. I’m sorry 90% are literally E-rated and NSFW because I work full time and can only go straight for The Meat. If you have any suggestions for the list, please feel free to inbox me! I don’t have enough time to read literally everything, boy boy howdy do I try.

purringcamel  asked:

Hi! As fellow artist, what's the best way of protecting your art work from art thieves? Btw, I love your art style and characters!

You just asked the Law graduate a legal question. Wall of text incoming. ;) I actually wrote my final-year thesis on the legal aspects of online art theft—this stuff is still so fresh in my mind, it crunches when you break it. Hmmmm… <3

Firstly, know that copyright laws do protect your work and do provide you with legal remedies, like claiming money for damages or getting an interdict to force the other person to take down the stolen artwork(s).

However, there is a saying in law, de minimis non curat lex, which translates to “the law does not concern itself with trivialities”. So if you go to court over a thirteen-year-old stealing your pictures, the judge will probably kick you right out the door and tell you to grow up. Basically, this means if the art thief isn’t making bundles of profit from stealing your work, it’s up to you to take them down. B)

People say watermarks are a preventative measure. This is a farce. Watermarks can repel art thieves who are too lazy or dumb to remove them, but anyone who is a real threat will know how to circumvent a watermark. The truth is, though, that particularly pesky art thieves, more often than not, trace or copy your work.

Rather use watermarks simply as a method for people to be directed back to your artwork should they view your piece on a site other than your personal deviantART/Tumblr/etc page. And don’t let your watermarks impose on people’s enjoyment of the work, i.e. don’t plaster a huge one over the entire artwork. That’s just stupid.

OUR ONLY REMEDY IS DAMAGE CONTROL. You can’t prevent art theft, but you can sure as heck do something about it after it’s happened. Here’s what you do if the art theft took place online:

1) Contact the art thief privately. Be clear on what you want them to do (credit you or take down the work), give them a deadline and inform them of the consequences should they not comply. Nine out of ten times, that thirteen-year-old will get a huge fright and just delete their account.

2) After three warnings and continued non-compliance, you can report the thief to the website administrators. This process is long and tedious, but it’s the proper thing to do. It’s up to you if you wanna do this or take matters into your own hands.

3) Expose the art thief publicly. Effectively, this step involves harassment, which is never nice, but is sometimes necessary. You can either get in touch with an informal anti art theft group (these groups love rooting out art thieves, so they’ll certainly help) or simply expose the art thief to your Followers in a post on your page. Ask them kindly to contact the art thief. If enough people contact the art thief, the thief will decide it’s just not worth the hassle and they will leave.

I’ve never seen the third step fail. Art thieves are lazy and want free credit. They’re not keen on defending themselves too much or working for that credit. They’ll just move on if you bug them enough. It’s in their nature.

This doesn’t mean you should skip steps, though. Always first contact the thief privately three times, issuing proper warnings. It’ll strengthen your case if you wish to report the thief to admin, and it’s just good manners not to lose your cool. Also be sure to take screenshots of them posting the infringing material. You know, in case you might need it. ^_^

AS A FINAL WORD: Please consider the thief before taking steps against him or her. A child who is starting out and who admires your work will copy you. There is no “if” about it. We all copied our favourite artists when we were kids. Get in touch with the kid, teach them about art theft and offer to help them out. Make the world a better place instead of going nuts. If they keep acting like a jerk, that’s when you take steps against them. But if they’re keen on learning and improving and they genuinely love your work, don’t be the butt-hole who discourages them. ;)

If anyone ever needs any help with art thieves, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always here. ^_^

Hope that helped, purringcamel!!! :D Thanks for the great question and for the kind words. <3 MWAH!!!! ^3^

Gem Classification and Specialization Theory:

So a certain theory I’ve been kicking around in my head is that the cut of a gem makes a difference in what a crystal gem was used for, either on homeworld or in the great war; possibly signifying their abilities and specialized traits. The main ability I’ve been hypothesizing about is one of a data collector. So in this case I’ll be using Pearl specifically as an example here as she has the most differentiated gem shape. 

So it appears that pearl is the only of the crystal gems to posses a completely smooth, ovular shaped gem, while amethyst and Garnet have distinctly cut gems much like a generic gem you’d find on a wedding ring. So whats important about that? Well honestly the main thing is that the ovular smooth shape lends itself to using an ability specific to pearl herself. 

Holographic information relaying. The best example being from rose’s scabbard as pearl word for word relays a conversation with a holographic Rose Quartz. So what am i getting at with this? Well her pearl shape signifies less distortion in a hologram as a gem with a fancy cut would distort and fragment the image. Meaning Pearl with good reason is the only gem to be able to do this. To expand on this, Pearl is a very calculated character and i believe that her demeanor is due to a lot more than just simply being written that way. I believe that a gem with a circular or ovular/smooth gem shape are inherently data driven and their skills and personalities represent that.   

For example a smooth gem would be data miners, learning information about a culture such as humanity and retaining it for use at another time. Or being a high ranked strategist in lets say a great ancient gem war. One even being at the right hand of a certain pink quartz leader. Possibilities even being a scout for an army and projecting a hologram of precise measurements of an enemies settlement straight for their leader to view. But wait there’s more! Pearl isn’t the only Crystal Gem with a smooth gem shape.

Lapis Lazuli and Peridot both have smooth gems, not particularly ovular but my point is still proven when you concider their personality and or abilities. First when Lapis Lazuli was in mirror form, she was given to steven saying that she could relay every thing that she had ever seen during her lifetime. So forth relaying data and passing on knowledge. Also there’s Peridot who’s basically self explanatory having holographic ability, heavily calculated, and literally scouting ahead and retrieving data for homeworld.

So in the end basically what im trying to get past here is that the shape of the gem might hold large significance in abilities and possible positions of power. My guess the reason Pearl was so close to Rose was because she was Rose’s leading adviser and strategist in the war. Lapis was probably specialized in reconnaissance and scouting as her main attribute (she also has an affinity with being imprisoned, much like a scout in war would have, if they have a habit of being caught.) And Peridot being a bit more of a data mining machine, as she tries to evaluate earth and remedy the damage to old technology. 

Gems with elaborate cuts could probably just be signifying that they are more adepts with fighting, I’m not sure. It would take a lot more thinking. I may or may not have come up with this theory specifically to justify my own Gemsona, and im not sure if this “Class” theory is already a thing. But if it isn’t i think its food for thought when it comes to other’s Gemsona’s and their backgrounds. Maybe a certain cut signifies something for you too? Or perhaps you could play with mixtures of different cuts possibly? Its up to you!

One after the other, investigations of Planned Parenthood prompted by hidden-camera videos released last summer have found no evidence of wrongdoing. On Monday, a grand jury in Harris County, Tex., went a step further. Though it was convened to investigate Planned Parenthood, it indicted two members of the group that made the videos instead.

The Harris County prosecutor, Devon Anderson, a Republican who was asked by the lieutenant governor, a strident opponent of Planned Parenthood, to open the criminal investigation, said on Monday that the grand jurors had cleared Planned Parenthood of any misconduct.

Yet despite all the evidence, Texas’ Republican governor, Greg Abbott, said on Monday that the state attorney general’s office and the State Health and Human Services Commission would continue investigating Planned Parenthood. This is a purely political campaign of intimidation and persecution meant to destroy an organization whose mission to serve women’s health care needs the governor abhors.

Fortunately, in the Harris County case, the jurors considered the facts. David Daleiden, the director of the Center for Medical Progress, which released the videos, and Sandra Merritt, an employee, were indicted on felony charges of tampering with governmental records, probably connected to their alleged use of fake driver’s licenses to get into a Planned Parenthood office.

Mr. Daleiden was also indicted on a misdemeanor charge of violating a Texas ban on the buying and selling of human organs. A lawyer for Planned Parenthood said Mr. Daleiden sent an email to Planned Parenthood employees last June offering to buy fetal tissue for $1,600 per sample, to which Planned Parenthood never responded. A lawyer for Mr. Daleiden said on Tuesday that his client planned to plead not guilty and would vigorously defend against the charges.

Neither the videos nor the many investigations that followed have found any evidence that Planned Parenthood employees offered to sell fetal tissue for a profit. Texas is the 12th state in which investigations stemming from the videos have found no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. In October, Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, admitted that the committee’s investigation of Planned Parenthood had found no evidence of misconduct.

Nonetheless, the videos have already had a destructive effect. Texas and several other states have moved to defund Planned Parenthood; a bill to deny money to the group in Ohio is before the State Senate this week. A bill that would pull federal money from Planned Parenthood has reached the president, who is sure to veto it.

These efforts threaten to deprive the country’s poorest women of health services they need, including cancer screenings, contraceptive care and sexually transmitted infection testing. In many parts of the country, Planned Parenthood is the only source of contraceptive services for low-income women.

Several Republican presidential candidates continue to treat the falsehoods presented by the Center for Medical Progress as fact. In response to Monday’s indictments, Carly Fiorina, for one, said, “Planned Parenthood has been trafficking in body parts,” a claim she has made repeatedly on the campaign trail.

The indictments should cause politicians to back away from an anti-abortion group that will stop at nothing to attack Planned Parenthood. Gov. John Kasich of Ohio is running for president on a platform of good governance and common sense. The campaign against Planned Parenthood is anathema to these principles, and if a bill to defund the organization reaches his desk, he should veto it.

If convicted, Mr. Daleiden and Ms. Merritt face up to 20 years in prison on the felony charge; the misdemeanor is punishable by up to a year. These penalties will not undo the damage the videos have already done to Planned Parenthood and women’s health and reproductive rights. State and federal officials who care about the truth should work to remedy that damage in any way they can.

—  EDITORIAL in the New York Times, “Vindication for Planned Parenthood”
Tier List: Santa's Reindeer
  • Dasher: Fast, but with low damage output. This is remedied by combo potential and the poison aftereffect from his Mistletoe.
  • Rudolph: Small and fast, has a good stun move. Extremely good in most situations, hitbox on his Nose Glow is deceptively large.
  • Blitzen: High speed and power, but the lowest health on the list. This can be disregarded, however, thanks to their healing special.
  • Dancer: The most health, is an all around good fighter.
  • Vixen: Has moved the most throughout the tier list due to inconsistent patches. Current spot is tentative.
  • Comet: Mid range fighter with a morningstar. Can fly longer than the other reindeer, but is otherwise unremarkable.
  • Prancer: Moves are hard to telegraph due to disjointed hitboxes. Movement is awkward due to his eponymous prancing. Couple of moves do recoil.
  • Cupid: Weak, but small, and the natural ability to render opponent's temporarily harmless with his Charm Arrow skill. Projectile fighter, so get in close.
  • Donner: Most appearance-conscious of the Major Nine. Very slow, hits are weak, only has a couple reliable kill hits.
the treatment of mental disorders, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety can never be found in the contents of a first aid kit, nor from someone who believes there is a quick cure. broken bones don’t heal overnight, just like an emotionally damaged person can’t be remedied by the snap of ones fingers or make-believe pixy dust
—  recovery takes time

Zeppelin L17 bombed Nottingham during the night of 23rd/24th September 1916. Three people were killed, Harold Renshaw and Alfred and Rosanna Rogers, all in Newthorpe Street. The following account by a witness was published a few days later.

“It was after midnight when I first heard anything unusual. I had walked from the outside boundary of the town, and was in a street at the rear of a central thoroughfare, when I heard a soft droning, seemingly a good distance away.

“The continuance of the sound, and the sudden realisation that it had grown more insistent again arrested my attention some three or four minutes later, and I then recognised it as the throb of very powerful motors – which I knew could only means a Zeppelin. I have both heard and seen the sound of a Zeppelin’s engines described as “like the sound of three or four aeroplanes.” That is not so. I am well acquainted with the noise made by flying aeroplanes, and it bears little or no resemblance. The sound of a Zeppelin is more, shall I say, musical? Certainly it is less shrill, and not so evident.

“When the first bomb fell the droning of the engine ceased suddenly, and a blue light flashed across the sky, much the same as one sees summer lightning on a hot night. Immediately there came a bang and crash! A minute later two more crashes followed rapidly. Then came another and more again.

“While I was hesitating whether to seek shelter in a neighbouring entry or make a dash along the deserted street for the home of a friend I heard the droning right over my head. I heard it stop with a little crack, and then came an extraordinary whirring noise. Instantly there was a terrific crash, and a sheet of flame that almost blinded me. I had the presence of mind, helped by the wind from the explosion, to fling myself full length on the pavement in the shadow of the houses, and I lay there for a couple of minutes, my back covered with broken glass that dropped from the bedroom window of the house beside which I was stretched. The noise beggars description. All round I could hear the tinkling of glass; it sounded like a giant with a sledge hammer doing his best to ‘lay out’ a china shop in record time.

“Within a minute a second bomb came – I have since learned it was only a matter of 50 or 80 yards from the first, and when, afterwards, I got up from the pavement where I was lying, and walked to the spot, it took me only a minute and half. You may guess from that how far away I was. But I did not move until a third missile had come from the clouds.

“Later on I heard, quite plainly, the new engines of the Zeppelin accelerate their speed, and gradually the sound ceased as the craft made off.

“The thing that most impressed me was the entire absence of anything bordering on panic. After hearing the noise of the Zeppelin die away I walked to the spot where the second of the bombs I have more particularly described fell. It is a street, with houses and shops and an hotel. Not a single house had a whole pane of glass in its windows, yet, curiously enough, no structural damage of any kind was done. I found the occupants outside inspecting their premises by the light of their stars. There was no terror, such as the Huns are fond of describing in special cables from “London.” Certainly I hard one woman to a poor-class house call out, ‘O, God! My children!’ But the main thought of the dwellers of the street seemed to be who was going to pay for more glass to be put in the windows.

“While I was there, the door of one of the houses opened, and a man, who had evidently only just satisfied himself that the raid was over, came out. He had only a pair of trousers on, with his nightshirt tucked in on one side. He stood gazing at his glassless windows, muttered the surprised ejaculation ‘Hell!’ – and went in. A minute or two later I saw him nailing a blanket across the bedroom window.

“In another street close to where a bomb struck and demolished a house, two people, a man and a woman, were killed; while I was told that still further afield a third person was killed.

“A remarkable feature of the raid is the insignificant damage done to the buildings. Fewer than six premises were structurally damaged. In one case, where a bomb fell on the top of a warehouse, only the upper storey was damaged. In another case a missile went clean through a stores into the basement. Here again the damage can be remedied in a few days. The only buildings I saw wrecked on Saturday night were the home referred to, where the two people were killed, and a chapel. No military damage of any kind was done.

“The amount of glass shattered by the concussion, however, was prodigious, and a number of people were treated for cuts and flesh wounds, and also for shock. I have preserved a piece of glass that fell on me during the time I lay pressed up against that very friendly shelter of a house. To be within 50 or so yards of an exploding Zeppelin bomb is not an experience I should willingly seek on future occasions.”

‘Nottingham Evening News’, 26th September 1916.

source: Small Town, Great War. Hucknall, 1914-1918 (facebook page)

I’m a little… bothered by that one post that sets “How do you feel?” “Big.” as parallel with “Rose made me feel like like I was everything.” Not in a “This offends me” way but in a “This is a false equivalence” way. Because while both events are significant, they’re in no way the same thing. You need to ignore so much about both characters and their situations in order to equate them.

Peridot did not feel big because Amethyst liked her/she liked Amethyst, she felt big because she actually took into account someone else’s feelings and took an action to remedy the damage she caused to it. The exchange “How do you feel?” “Big.” is calling back to the earlier exchange in the episode when Peridot is shunned by Amethyst and she says it made her feel “smaller”. Steven explains that this is because she feels bad about hurting Amethyst’s feelings. So, when she does something to make amends and its accepted by Amethyst, it makes her feel big. But its important in the context of this situation that Amethyst isn’t the one that made Peridot feel big, Peridot made herself feel big by actually considering someone’s feelings and apologizing.

This is not the situation between Rose and Pearl. While we don’t know the full scope of their relationship, given what we know about Pearls and their role in Gem society, I can pretty much guarantee that Pearl did not hurt Rose’s feelings by accidentally insulting her and then needing to apologize for it. (In all likelihood, the reason Rose made Pearl feel like she was everything was because Rose actually treated her as her own person even at a time when Pearl saw herself as just a Pearl - but that’s just a theory at the moment)

Just because in both situations someone feels something else in relation to another character does not make the two situations the same. They’re actually extremely different, and I feel like it ignores the significance and message of the situation by trying to force the two situations together as a parallel.

Last week’s start to the Castle’s eighth season was intense, dramatic, and wonderfully suspenseful, truly one of those classic darker episodes that delved into a world we see only so often throughout the series, yet a world that the Castle team has always excelled at diving into. Some of the most impressive episodes of the series, at least in this reviewer’s opinion, have been these episodes that thrust the characters out of their usual routine, and push them past their limits, as they are forced to face some of the most unimaginable challenges possible. Ultimately, the episodes that delve into this darker and more character-driven territory are also those that have defined and developed Castle, Beckett, and their friends and family in leaps and bounds over the years. Monday’s conclusion to the seemingly game-changing season premiere did exactly that.

While experience tells me that it is very likely that a large portion of the Castle fandom have not yet recovered from the gut-wrenching final minutes of the episode, and that it is most likely that TV repairmen everywhere are being called out across the world at this point to remedy the damage of those who may have thrown one too many things at their screens after those last few minutes, it is also experience that tells me that what the Castle team put forth is exactly what great television, and great storytelling in general, is truly all about. Where is the reward without the risk? Where is success without failure? And where is sheer joy without pain? A great story is one which takes risk, forces its characters to fall here and there, and challenges them with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, all because it makes the reward, the rise, and the beating of odds mean so much more in the end.

—  Lisa Caputo

Often in treating the fire damaged records in St. Louis, technicians come across pages with a hard, poppy seed-like structure dispersed across some pages of record that were water damaged during firefighting
efforts. These raised, black “dots” or “beads” were tested in 2014 and determined to contain various immature mold growths, but no mold spores. While these growths can cause damage, they also represent the success of salvaging efforts—they were mold colonies close to fully blossoming, but whose growth was stopped by actions taken to prevent mold growth. The accompanying pictures show a record with an unusually dense example of the growth. Fortunately these immature growths only minimally obscure a parts of a document’s text. The growth, a mold colony in progress, caused damage that almost mimics termite damage.

For treatment, each page having this damage is carefully separated. Brushes and a HEPA vacuum help remediate the damage by removing most of the growths. Some growths, however, are embedded in the paper fibers and cannot be removed without damaging the paper further. Even treated, all of our records salvaged from the fire remain vulnerable to further mold growth if stored in warm, humid conditions because mold goes dormant. As a result, all records, treated or untreated, are stored in cool storage bays where temperature and humidity are monitored.