The teaser at the end is sick. Music &feel was on-point, as usual. >:]

Hello from Atlanta and Dama Fest! There are some incredible Kendama players here going for $1000 grand prize in the battle! YoYoExpert booth going strong - learning Kendama and teaching Yo-Yo! #DamaFest #Kendama

See you on 20 hours #damafest Sweets Kendamas rolling deep. @mikeyybarreto @mjniel @leokohl @paulsen_m @jpatscully @mnuptownjoe @colesteeze @brandonmeyer39 @scrap_a_lap

Coming home from Dama Fest felt bittersweet. I was sad to leave Atlanta after having such an amazing time, but I have never been so stoked for the future.
Even though yoyoing has been my life for the past 16 years, here I was an outsider. Nervously entering the venue, I had no idea what to expect. But everyone was so friendly as they welcomed me into their close knit community which felt like a family more than anything.
And I fell in love with this family. This has got to be one of the best events I’ve been to for the past 2 years of my travels. There was such a high energy and great vibe during the entire event that I’ve never witnessed before.
I’m extremely grateful to YoYoFactory and YoYoExpert for sponsoring by giving me a chance to come.
Thank you kendama community for letting me be part of your world for a day. Also, thanks for letting me experience the space lab. #damafest #kendamausa #olloclip @yoyofactory @yoyoexpert @kendamausa @teejkolesnik @zyourd @keithmatsumura @zackwinters @sammerkel @thekengarden