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When they leave Jak in the desert at the beginning of jak3, I always wondered how they managed to catch him in the first place. This leads me to believe that Jak let himself be apprehended because Ashelin would have assured him things would be fine and this was just procedure. Or maybe they were at some council hearing and it was an unexpected decision and Jak just went with it? You headcanon-ed that Jak was touch averse and being arrested (again) must not have been easy for him.

Jak definitely allowed himself to be apprehended; there’s just no way they could have taken him captive and kept him locked up if he wasn’t willing. There were probably a few reasons for this; after everything they went though he came to think of Ashelin and Torn as allies (people he was able to trust) and if he DID fight back he would cause trouble for them or potentially lead to them getting hurt, and that’s not a risk he’d want to take (and I definitely wouldn’t put it past Veger to take hostages or threaten to hurt Jak’s friends if he caused trouble).

But more than that, I think Jak surrendered because deep down he believed that people like Veger were right about him.

Given everything that happened to him in prison, Jak would definitely suffer pretty severe PTSD after the events of Renegade. He was able to cope pretty well during the Revolution by keeping himself occupied, but he definitely wasn’t thinking ahead; he had no plan for himself after he accomplished his goals, and he probably didn’t even expect to survive that long. Once the dust settles and the post-victory euphoria wears off, as soon as he can’t just keep charging headlong into the next super-dangerous mission, that’s when the PTSD and depression hit him hard. Everyone else moves on to the next thing, and he doesn’t know how.

Jak excels at fighting and acrobatic stuff, but there’s no longer much need for the sort of crazy stunts that won the war; most of the stuff he did as a renegade is no longer acceptable now that the people in charge are his allies. What they really need is to restructure and rebuild, and Jak has no skill or interest in organisational or bureaucratic things. His existing skills could potentially give him a successful career in the new Guard, but he has too much of a problem with authority to do well as a soldier, and his past experiences with the KG have left him with a deep distrust of people in that line of work (and many of the new Guard were former KGs, people whose friends and comrades Jak might have killed, so the dislike would be mutual). Even racing probably has negative connotations for him at this point; the stadium reminds him of Erol and Praxis, and the races themselves aren’t fulfilling now that there’s no end goal.

So when he’s at his most vulnerable, when he’s already feeling lost and struggling with his self-worth, Veger comes along and starts slinging around allegations that Jak was colluding with Krew and the metalheads– that far from saving Haven, Jak was responsible for nearly destroying it. And the Council jump all over it and vote to have him banished because they’re all terrified of Jak and see him as a loose cannon and a bomb waiting to go off (he went after Praxis and what if one of them is next?) and none of them care to remember that they’d probably be dead if Jak hadn’t killed Kor. He has outlasted his usefulness, he’s too big of a risk to keep around, so he has to go.

On some level Jak feels a sense of betrayal that the city he saved could do this to him, but he’s Tired and can’t even be bothered to get properly angry about it. Everything that happened in the months after their victory against the metalheads has been proof that he has no place in Haven; he doesn’t belong and he never will. So he just accepts it and lets them take him into custody.

It should also be noted that at this point Jak shows a lot more concern for Daxter than he does for his own well-being; he’s resigned to his banishment and the fact that he could very well die, but making sure Daxter stays safe and happy is his top priority. Jak believes he’s not worth saving anymore and he doesn’t want to see Daxter take the fall with him, so he tells Dax to go back to his life in Haven.

And Daxter soundly rejects that. By going with Jak he’s saying that Jak means more to him than everything he’s built for himself, more than his own safety. He’s saying he wants none of that without Jak to share it. Jak ‘wouldn’t last a second without [him]’ but the truth is that Daxter knows he’d never forgive himself if he gave up on Jak again, if he ran away when Jak needed him most. Daxter needs Jak to know that he’s worth fighting for, and even after everyone else gives up on him Daxter will be there for him. They both make light of it and brush it off, but the significance of that moment is not lost on either of them.

This is also why Spargus (and Damas) become so important to Jak. They take him in and give him a chance, despite knowing almost nothing about him, despite seeing that he’s a dark eco user, something everyone else thought of as freakish and monstrous. Damas looked him right in the eyes after he went dark in that first arena fight and called those same powers useful. In Haven, being 'dangerous’ meant he deserved to die, but in Spargus it means he’s got what it takes to survive, that he’s earned the right to stay. That moment is where Jak really starts to believe in what Spargus stands for– not just 'if they want a fight that’s what I’ll give them’, but genuine respect for that way of life and for Damas as a leader.

This post is already long enough so I’m not going to go into it too deeply, but I also want to briefly touch on the importance of the term 'survivor’ and how it’s used in relation to the people of Spargus. Jak definitely isn’t the only person to come to Spargus as a survivor of abuse, and Spargus is a place that values fresh starts, giving people who were 'thrown away’ the chance to make a new life. It’s a rough place, but within that is the opportunity to heal, and that’s really what Jak needed after everything he suffered in Haven.


Fallow deer ♂ (Dama dama) by Henk van den Brink
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