dama look


Fallow deer ♂ (Dama dama) by Henk van den Brink
Via Flickr:
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen In the area where this photo was taken life 3000 fallow deer. There is now too little food in the area and many plant species are threatened with extinction. The maximum number for this area is 800 deer. For this area are that 2200 deer too much. In the coming years they have to reduce the existing population with 2200 + the annual growth of new breed to keep the pupulation at 800 deer. That it has come so far is another example of failed government policy and wrong “love for animals”. For photographers, it is a land of Cockaigne. The deer don’t walk away and you can photograph them very close. They pose itself for you. 6S9A4559