dama design


(lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Trans Girl Ashelin and Crossdressing Prince Damas; Praxis is a tightass and thinks it’s ‘just a phase’ and refuses to acknowledge it, but Damas understands and he buys Ashelin dresses and encourages her to BE HERSELF, and eventually Praxis just has to fucking get used to it because he has a daughter now)

I’ve been a fan of the ‘Mr Melodrama was young Mar’ headcanon for a while, but then I was looking at pics and realised that their armour/clothing styles are extremely similar.

It’s not an exact match but he’d have obviously changed out pieces between TPL and becoming king, especially given that it had a huge dent in it.

For a while I was really worried that the games would try to pull a JAK WAS MAR thing which gets into some seriously creepy paradox-loop incest and… I’m really glad it didn’t go there. There’s some things that could be taken as hinting at it but in addition to being creepy it just doesn’t make sense; Jak’s a small dude and while he’s probably not done growing there’s no way he’d get THAT much bigger, and his face shape doesn’t match up either… and then there’s the fact that Mar is never depicted with ear boops (Damas doesn’t have them either; in fact no other canon character is shown to have Jak’s ear boops so they must be a pretty rare trait or even a unique mutation).

Also, imagine Jak and Dax finding out that THE GREAT MAR was actually that one overly dramatic guy whose mess they had to clean up on the way to the Citadel. They’re going over some old records with Damas and they stumble upon a mention of something that has lost its meaning to time but it’s only been a few years for them and THEY KNOW. And they proceed to completely lose their shit and Damas has no idea what’s going on and has to threaten them with mucking out the monks’ leaper stables to get them to shut up long enough to explain.