dam nation

Lappet-faced, white-backed and Cape vultures squabble over a carcass at Sable Dam, Kruger national park, South Africa. These three species are declining at a rate of 80%–92% over three generations (about 45–55 years), a study suggests. An international team of researchers, including leading scientists from the University of St Andrews, the Hawk Conservancy Trust and the University of York, say African vultures are likely to qualify as ‘critically endangered’ under the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s global threat criteria.

Photograph: Andre Botha/Conservation Letters


Tomorrow, the first day of winter, we’re kicking off our WINTER BUCKET LIST series!

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Photographer Paolo Seimandi, 34, captured the stunning moment a herd of alpine ibexes climbed up a dam in Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy.  The gravity-defying goats typically live in very steep and rocky terrain at altitudes of up to to 4,600m and have no fear of falling whether climbing up or down the dam wall.