dam yeo wool


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How should I start? Well, I spent 5 days watching this drama. The plot was just INTERESTING. This is the first time I’ve yelled soooo much at my computer especially every time  that GREEDY OLD GUY appears on the screen like “YOU UGLY HEAD NEEDS TO DIE LIKE RIGHT NOW UGHHH YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!!!!!!”. I just wanna  shoot his head and feed it to the wild animals in the woods. 

Just wait there old guy, I’ll pop in the scene and BAM..YOU DEAD

Then there’s Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. My OTP ADAAADDA THEY’RE JUST CUTE TOGETHER. I love how Yeo Wool always sticks to Kang Chi like a glue. T.T That’s how much she LOVES him and wants to help him become a full human. *sobs* Soooo much eye contact from them like just kisssss already GEEZZZ…Then the kissing scene happened (the longest kissing scene I’ve seen in my whole life) LIKE…..OHMMMMGGG…HOW.. I CAN’T BREATHE..I NEED SOME OXYGEN OH MY FEELS.

There’s Gon. I don’t know. I feel  like he has feelings for Yeo Wool or maybe he’s just protective of her, since she’s he’s master’s daughter and stuff, but I love him, HE’S AWESOME!

That Joseon Gangster Ma Boong Chul dude AHAAHHA What should I say about him? At first I thought he’d be dead after Kang Chi attacked him, so I was like “HOORAY!” then I saw him moving like “WTH? You’re suppose to be dead.”

But  now I know his purpose in Kang Chi’s life. It’s to help him and stuff ahhhh he’s loyal. The way he talks is funny too AHAHA. I love the part when he thought Kang Chi is in love with a MAN…LOOOL talk about DOUBLE FACEPALM

The reunion between Kang Chi and his mother was very touching. I was crying sooo much. *sighs* Tears of joy…But the mom stabbed herself to free Wol Ryung from becoming a demon like whhhhhyyyyy??? I just want Kang Chi to live happily ever after with his parents and  Yeo Wool. Seeing Wol Ryung cry broke my heart I JUST~~

Other stuff happened and Yeo Wool got shot *falls down on the floor and sobs sobs sobs* ADFADFDFAAFDD “IMMA KILL YOU DEPUTY SEO!!!” Then, Master Go Dal said Yeo Wool doesn’t have much time left like HELLO MONK SOJANG CAN YOU AT LEAST HELP HERRR!!! Yeo Wool’s wish to eat dinner together UGHHHHH MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE..And for all the people who watched it, you know what happened after that…..

YEO WOOL DIES IN KANG CHI’S ARMS *cries a river and ocean combined of tears* *breaks someone’s neck* *literal keyboard smashing* *flies to the sun* *gives up on life*

Chungjo poisoned old guy with the Chihon liquor, I suppose and me was like “GO GIRRRLLLLLIEEEE MWHAHAAHAHAA”

But I felt bad tho since he lost his hand, but blah blah whatevs HE’S A NAPPEUN NAMJA!! HE DESERVES IT! 

422 years later…

That long?!

DAMN Kang Chi in the current era DFADADFSDGG so what if he didn’t become a full human, he looks GORGEOUS AS A CHAIRMAN, DRIVING HIS WHITE SPORTS CAR!!!

Wooaaahh and don’t forget about Yeo Wool in modern time. She looks cooooooool!!

The ending tho….like I was speechless….that was unexpected…

But it was a good ending. Need a sequeeelll!!

This drama had enough betrayals to be dealt with like WHHHYY…UUU…TRAITOR!!

I’m gonna miss those “blue healing fireflies” that graciously floats in the air every time Kang Chi cures someone. They’re sooo pretty. It makes the scene magicaaal~~~

 I love the OST for this drama, as well. 

There were also some good quotes from this drama, especially quotes from Admiral Lee.. “How can you stop loving someone? How can you stop the blowing wind?” THIS OHHHH SOOO TRUEEE!!

There goes my review…thank you to those who took time to read this, but I bet no one will. That’s ok, I just want to release all my feels.

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