dam west

Chris Tomson has announced his solo debut as Dams of the West, entitled Youngish American. The album was produced by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, as well as CT and Roger Moutnot. CT also played nearly all the instruments on the record.


01 Bridges and Tunnels
02 Tell the Truth
03 Death Wish
04 The Inerrancy of You and Me
05 Polo Grounds
06 Will I Be Known to Her
07 Flag on the Can
08 Perfect Wave
09 Pretty Good WiFi
10 Youngish Americans

nosy taggy tag

i got tagged by @ghostmoonchild and @phaytesworld  ♡♡ thank you both!

1- Name/Nicknames? i still don’t have one!! someday guys, someday

2- Height? 5′10″

3- Hogwarts House? ravenclaw

4- Last Thing Googled? “daddy pig peppa”

5- A fictional character I’d like as a sibling? i feel like a.ph iceland would be a funny sibling to have around hahaha. also, phichit would be fun!

6- How many blankets do I sleep with? 2 and an extra throw 

7- Favorite artist/band? my music tastes fluctuate a lot so its hard to say!! but i really like dams of the west this week ha

8- How many blogs do I follow?  586!

9- What do I usually post about? y.oi has taken over my blog 100% and i wish i was sorry

10- Do you get asks regularly? sometimes! it depends whats going on/what im posting/writing or doing haha. more often than i used to tho!

11- What’s your Aesthetic? im not really sure what the “term” would be for it? artsy librarian cat lady at 3AM?? im not sure who to explain it hahaha

a - age: nineteen

b - biggest fear: mirrors

c - current time: 3:40 pm

d - drink you last had: shots

e - every day starts with: climbing the massive hill to meal hall 

f - favorite song: i don’t really have a favourite right now?? “spring feeling” by toby martin is very good though!

g - ghosts, are they real?: yes absolutely!! i’ve had so many experiences betwen my house, my work, and my residence at university!

h - hometown: this is private hahaha tiny town tho!

i - in love with: speedy food delivery

j - jealous of: pople who can get their work don well in advance!  

k - killed someone: only with a look my guy

l - last time you cried: i honestly can’t remember. december, probably. i don’t cry a lot

m - middle name: dawn

n - number of siblings: one!! ♡♡ sibling is lovely and i love her

o - one wish: i don’t rally have on? i’m pretty content right now 

p - person you last called/texted: nicholas

q - questions you’re most asked: probably “did you have xyz class today”?? not really exciting haah but my friends ask that almost constantly

r - reasons to smile: coffee

s - song last sang: lmao i have no idea but it would be whatever they were playing at the party i was at last night. probably a throwback since that was the theme!

t - time you woke up: 2pm whoops (in my defense tho i went to bed at 5am)

u - underwear color: black

v - vacation destinations: somewhere cold-ish

w - worst habit: i bite my lip way too much

x - x-rays you’ve had: none!

y - your favorite food: i don’t really have a favourite?? i really like japanse and italian food tho!

z - zodiac sign: sagittarius

im tagging @miserysucculent @wistfully-okay @plisstsky @ritathedragon @paladinquen @veetya and @nikyforov - and anyone lse who wants to answer some questions! feel free to do or not do this, but tag me in the post if you decide to!


I was going to high school in Los Angeles and noticing kids in my school popping up in commercials and thought that I might be able to do that. I answered an open call for managers in a mall in Redondo Beach that thankfully worked out. They liked my read and hired me on the spot. Then it took about 2 and a half years to get a role.  My parents, my first manager, and friends helped support me until I booked a regular acting gig.

fuck kanye fuck his fashion line fuck kanyes fashion line fuck kanye picking up an old gray blanket and shooting it a buncha times with a fuck gun pistol and being like “ITS FASHION HUUUUUH” fuck selling it for more than i will ever make in my got dam life fuck kanye west and fuck kanye wests fashhion line fuck adidas for enabling him


historical photos of the Skagit River Gorge before Seattle City Light’s Diablo Dam created Diablo Lake ~ this was a notoriously difficult area for early explorers, settlers and miners to traverse on their way in to the mountains. You can still see part of the Gorge standing on Diablo Dam and looking west.