dam to pc

Literally EVERY T'Challa/Black Panther/Wakanda Post
  • Non-Black Fan: OMG Black fans are soooo mean telling me that I can't do fan thing with T'Challa.
  • Reblog1: So true!!!! Black Panther belongs to EVERYONE
  • Reblog 2: Like, why can't we like a character regardless of race?
  • Reblog3: *thinly veiled threat that White fans will sabotage Black Panther if we aren't nice* OR *complete denial of privelege that white characters don't have to appeal to everyone to become popular, but POC characters do*
  • Reblog 4: GOD DAM PC SJWS!!! *openly racist statement*
  • Black Fan: Umm...OP, we're cool with you being a fan. Just please don't do this thing because it's super offensive *explains why*. When we say it's for us, we mean that it's our representation and we want it handled well.
  • Black Fan's Inbox: *anon hate*