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my poor gay heart,,

It is December of 2025, and Adam Birkholtz, former hockey jock and Samwell alumni, is a successful singer/songwriter and already has three Grammys and a Tony under his belt.

His first album goes platinum and all of his following albums are consistently good.

He is promoting the release of a new single on a radio talk show when the host asks,

“So, Adam, it’s Christmas time, how excited are you to be spending the holidays here in NYC?”

Holster chuckles, “Well I grew up in Buffalo so I guess it’s nice to not be trapped by a blizzard during the Holidays.”

Everyone laughs and the Host trudges on, “speaking of Christmas, when are you going to put out a Christmas album?”

Adam’s smile wavers a second as he, quite seriously says, “never.”

His candor shocks the host for a second before he scrambles, “you seem pretty sure of that! You do know a Christmas album by you would become an instant classic.”

Adam’s polite smile completely crumbles into annoyance, “I’m not sure about that, but I do know even if it would sell, I’m never doing a Christmas album.”

The Host seems somewhat offended by this and, momentarily forgetting his setting, sneers, “why? Do you have some vendetta against Christmas?”

Adam laughs humorlessly before getting extremely close to his mic, to make sure his voice is clear when he responds, “I don’t have anything against Christmas, I’m Jewish.”

The live video feed of the interview which is later posted on the radio shows YouTube page goes viral.

Having a baby with Kenny Omega Would Include...

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Requested by Anon 

👶 Kenny would be petrified to hold your baby for the first time. 

👶 When the nurse passes your baby to him, he’s a shaky and nervous wreck. 

👶 As soon as he looks down at you baby his heart melts so much that he begins crying. 

👶 Resting his forehead against your baby’s telling them how much he loves them. 

👶 You crying because of how overwhelming the moment is to see Kenny react this way. 

👶 Kenny would not let your baby go. The entire time you remained in the hospital the baby would hardly spend time in the crib. 

👶 Kenny waking up ay time the baby needs to be fed or changed.

👶 He wants to support you any time he gets too, he does not leave your side once. 

👶 Calling the rest of the bullet club because he desperately wants his second family to met the baby 

👶 The Bullet Club gushing over the newborn and spoiling them rotten 

👶 Kenny getting jealous whenever the guys hold the baby for too long 

👶 Kenny taking photo’s of the baby and himself all the time 

👶 Posting them on social media because he’s so dam proud 

👶 Getting the baby a bullet club t-shirt made 

👶 Whenever Kenny goes away he calls you multiple times a day. 

👶 If Kenny goes to Japan there’s no way he’s leaving you or the baby at home. He just can’t be so far away from you both 

👶 So he takes you and the baby with him 

👶 Showing the baby Japan 

👶 Doing shows and still waking up for the night feed

👶 Kenny waking up in the middle of the night and promising the baby that he’s going to be the best Dad in the world because that’s what they deserve. 

👶 He intends to give the baby the world and he does 

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Untitled Katniss/Avox girl ficlet

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~ Their eyes meet, and the redheaded girl’s eyes are wide, and almost severe in their certainty. She means to be here, entirely. Meant every kiss. ~ 

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So I watched the Last Dam Job last night, and I’m still having feelings about it today. I’ve seen every episode of Leverage multiple times, but I don’t always have good streaming quality for Netflix, so I’ve missed a lot of details. But last night I had excellent quality and was very much paying attention.

And there was that moment when Eliot is holding a gun and is SERIOUSLY considering shooting a guy in the face just so his father figure wouldn’t have to go through with it, and his hand is literally shaking. So bad.

I just

Little angry cinnamon roll isn’t actually murderous and is proud of who he has become and doesn’t kill people anymore

My heart

Writing Update

Okay unicorns, I’m bearing important news here!

Today, I finished editing my Destiel Big Bang, aka a Titanic AU that’s titled Grace Of The Angel!

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It was my first big project and I have trouble believing that all that’s left to do is giving it a read through before I’ll be preparing it for posting (which will be somewhere in July!). 

Just wanted to share the news with you, ‘cause I’m dam proud of myself that I kept going, even though it wasn’t easy and this thing turned out to be a monster (over 50k). Can’t wait to post it so you can tell me what you think! ;D

Love you all!

anonymous asked:

What are the paladins secret talents!! Please and thank you!!!

Welcome to the Paladen.  Hope you enjoy your stay. Sit down relax. Have some tea and I’ll tell you a grand story of our fellow paladins of Voltron.

He can play the guitar really well. He learned to on his own at a young age. However, ever since he lost his real arm he had to re-learn it. He can still play it but it’s not as well as he did before his real arm was taken from him. He really tries to practice whenever he has time for himself. Allura often catches him playing and just sits in his room and listens. Sometimes she even sings along.

He knows how to do a french fish tail hair braid. His sister begged him to learn so she can wear it to their cousin’s wedding one year. So Lance practiced nightly for a month until he got it down perfectly. His younger sister looked gorgeous she ALMOST stole the spotlight if it wasn’t for the beautiful bride. Lance was dam proud of it. One night he caught Allura brushing her hair in the common room and offered to do her hair. She allowed him and boy was she surprised to see how adorable it looked on her.   

He can sew and stitch. He doesn’t use a sewing machine. I mean he uses a thread and a needle. He had to learn to when his jeans kept ripping. It took a while to get the hang of it as he kept pricking his fingers but now he’s a total expert at it. He totally helps Coran sew on patches to ripped clothing of the fellow paladins.

He can juggle. No seriously he’s an amazing juggler. He can juggle  practically anything and as many as fifteen items of course depending on the size. He often juggles food when he’s cooking alone in the kitchen. The mice always are totally amazed by it. Sometimes for fun he’d even juggle them and they’d squeak in joy.

She’s a master at puzzles and brain teasers. Not just crossword puzzles or word searches but also jigsaw puzzles. She can finish a thousand piece puzzle by herself in only four hours which is half the average time it takes for other people. It started off as a hobby that she did with her older brother Matt and then it became a tradition she did with her whole family. Their walls were always filled with their puzzle creations.