dam dolls

Another take on Gray’s answer at the end of this arc and also another way for me not to continue with what I should.

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bargaining conditions

Where Gray is too old for dolls and plushies; Juvia disagrees.

Gray is nervous. Sort of. He can admit that to himself.

He has not planned this, exactly—hasn’t planned anything beyond surviving the war, winning it— but the idea’s been there since a while now. Since quite a long while, actually. He can admit that, too. He has been doing that a lot, admitting things he wouldn’t have admitted in another time.

It takes a bit of time, a bit of bravado, a bit of alcohol, but he does.

And Gray is sure it has to count for something.

So he makes up his mind, chucks down a whole glass of whiskey and saunters through the after-party and the drunken mates towards Juvia.

He doesn’t stop.

(Except he does, for a second—then Juvia looks up and at him, because she always, always finds him, somehow, and he says fuck it.

He’s doing this.)

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