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‘We Will Fight to the End’: Munduruku Resistance to the Destruction of their Homelands

This is Munduruku land.

The signs are man-made specks in an ocean of nature but are harbingers of a battle to come. It is a fight between the Munduruku, who have long sanctified this river, and Brazil’s government, which plans to flood much of this land to build a $9.9 billion hydroelectric dam, the São Luiz do Tapajós. The dam is one of seven planned for this river and part of a wider strategy across the Amazon that the energy ministry says is necessary to sate the country’s growing need for power. But the Munduruku say they have a constitutional right to remain on their territory — and that the government is refusing to acknowledge it, in violation of the law. […]

“We will fight to the end,” said Juarez Saw Munduruku. “This is our struggle. … I would die defending my land so that another generation can live here.”


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The Delta Flume, The World’s Largest Man Made Wave.

At 9 million litres, the machine can create waves up to 15 feet high. The other end of the trough is a simulated gradually rising coast, which is used to test full scale flood defenses such as dams and dykes. 

The Delta Flume and other machines like it was inspired by a catastrophic flood in The Netherlands in 1953 which took the lives of nearly 2000 people. From this point the Netherlands began devising more inventive ways of flood defense.