#diabetes awareness month DAY 9: Today I went out searching for a specific boulder to climb in #daltonwash. I have been told multiple times of this elusive, monster roof crack and today was “the day”. I spent hours looking and couldn’t find it. I suppose looking for a specific rock in a gargantuan boulderfield may sound like a fools errand to many people, but it’s what keeps me going. I didn’t find the climb I went out looking for–but I found something better. A really fun afternoon of #bouldering with @nickpercell who shot this photo of me figuring out the moves on this little cave-ish route which turned out to be really great fun, including a full-on grovel style top out, replete with a hold that came off in my hand and almost caused me to eat it. It’s really easy to get focused on or attached to specific objectives–and that can lead to disappointment when life gets in the way. I didn’t “plan” to get diabetes. In fact as a kid I planned to live forever and never get older. Turns out that we aren’t immortal and embracing this fact has been the greatest adventure of all. That is why I say diabetes has been a gift to me. It’s an opportunity to adapt and grow and get stronger. #gobeyond #diabetes #livingvertical #meetthemoment #solarlife

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