OOC: Oh Castiel, DHoH....

First my friend knocks on my door and I squeal and cuddle with my bunny.

Then my sister randomly charges into my room screaming and I just go:

“OHHHHMMYYYYYYGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD” and leap 5 feet into the air screaming

And then they started a new one. Great.

But why does the new list say Todd Hendricks was drained of all his blood already..?

so I'm looking at the Link to the next chapter of DHOH

how scary is it? I think I can wait till morning, by the looks of my dash, i think I know who dies…

but like, is it laughing little children scary? Cause I had to take nyquil and sleep with my light on over that…

be honest, should I wait? It’s 11:40pm….

anonymous asked:

of everything in that DHOH fic and you're scared of the PLANTS?

okay, yes, there were big poisonous spiders and ghost children, very terrifying

BUT THE FUCKING VINES COME ALIVE OUT OF THE FUCKING GROUND! and they got Justin and the Charlie had to go off and be the freeking hero that he is and SAVE JUSTIN and then Justin had to be a freeking idiot and run AFTER CHARLIE as the damn living vine dragged him away, they had a freeking MIND OF THEIR OWN!

If that really all was a dream of Julian’s, he needs some serious therapy…