If Julian Never Woke Up...

The ceremony would try to be as small as possible, but with most of Dalton and the Something Damaged Cast and crew, that becomes implausible.
Logan does the eulogy. He wrote it down on index cards so he would make sure to say everything. In the middle of it, when he talks about his friendship with Julian and is about to say that Julian loved him, he breaks down. The words become too blurry to read and his throat clenches too much to speak. Blaine comes up and reads the rest of the eulogy for him because he knows how hard it is to lose your best friend like that. Logan just grips Blaine’s wrist, thankful for once that he’s there.
Logan and Derek both are pallbearers and in the front. For second, their gazes meet but they quickly look away before they start crying again. Because it seemed like yesterday that they were carrying a sleeping Julian back to the dorm after they found him curled up in some corner god knows where. Now here they are, carrying Julian again one last time. Except, this time, he’s not going to wake up.
The Warblers sing as the coffin is lowered, and Logan cannot find that spark in him to sing. That bitchy bright spark with the snarky comments and primadonna attitude.
He and Derek are the last to leave as they clutch each other’s hands. Because, at that moment, they were all they had left. And it really sank in then that it really was just them left.
There was no Stuart Trio
Because there was no Julian.
And the Cheshire Cat had disappeared for good.