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Mine [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can I request a Sebastian Smythe X reader where he’s super overprotective of her when she visits his school, he likes showing her off but at the same time doesn’t bc he doesn’t want the others to see u since he’s possessive. Some guy escorts u to the warblars practice room and u give him a smile as thnx and Seb gets jealous and is about to pounce on the guy but u stop him and his anger goes away? Srry I just really love Seb so pls don’t think I’m crazy >.<

a/n: nah, im crazy too heh

It’s no surprise that Sebastian Smythe has a temper… Well, not really a temper, more like… he’s overprotective. Especially when it comes to you. He doesn’t like anyone being around you when he’s not present. But, he is your boyfriend, so you decide to give him a surprise visit.

Another Dalton boy appears in front of you. Great, a guide! “Hi, can you show me where the Warbler practice room is?” you ask shyly, crinkling your eyebrows together. He nods, mumbling a ‘yeah, I’ll show you.’ before leading you through the grand hall. “Thank you so much!” you grin, converse following his dress shoes. “My boyfriend is actually in it. I’m surprising him.” you over share, pulling your grey letterman jacket around your yellow tank top.

The boy hums, not really responding, yet still acknowledging that you spoke. Biting your lip, you brush your hair from your face, shifting side to side. When he stops at the door, yanking it open, you smile. “Thank you again!” you beam, looking back at him while you walk in.

“Sebastian!” you hear a group of voices shout, shoes squeaking on the floor. Whipping your head towards the room, your eyes widen, seeing both Nick and Jeff holding your boyfriend back.

The Warbler captain scowls, striped tie hovering in the air due to him being hunched over. “Did you not see the look he gave my girl?! Lemme go!” he snarls, rainforest green eyes staring at his teammates, filled with rage. He shifts in their hold, attempting to break free.

Stomping into the room, you clear your throat, arms already crossed. Sebastian stumbles when the two let him go, dusting off the shoulders of his navy blazer before walking to you. “What have we discussed?” you say softly, grabbing his hand; he pouts, lowering his head. Sometimes he can act like a child. “Sebastian….” you warn, eyeing him.

“That I need to be less overprotective and jealous…” Sebastian mutters quickly, under his breath. A sound of confirmation comes from you. He nibbles his lower lip, “I’m sorry.” he apologizes, keeping his voice low.

You giggle, pecking his cheek. “You’re so cute…”

“Babe, not in front of my boys….”

The canon has ended *insert a sob* but the AUs are endless. 

Kurt joins a group of middle school boys to visit Dalton and because he refuses to eat with those who don’t know fork from a spoon, he meets a certain someone with gentle words and advice to a 14 year old who is still scared of the world. 

Filling a prompt. 

Kurt leans on the rail of the stairway, taking in the grandness that is Dalton Academy. He knows he has at least 20 minutes before his teacher misses him as their guide was leading the group to the cafeteria when Kurt silently slipped away, quite uninterested to watch 14 boys with no table manners to speak of devour a meal that their humble middle school in Lima could never afford to offer. 

His own stomach grumbles at the thought of food but he ignores it. He’d been stuck in a bus with those 14 boys for two hours and he’ll be stuck with them again for the ride back so he’s going to take his time to enjoy the peace and quiet. He holds the school’s brochure loosely in his hand, having read it 10 times on the ride over. Sighing, Kurt looks around the vast hall, wondering what it’d be like to know he’s coming here the next fall, instead of McKinley high. 

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