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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, Nick Duval/Jeff Sterling
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AU where Kurt never visited Dalton.

Now it’s December of 2016 and Kurt has graduated from NYADA. He’s having trouble getting cast in anything and loses his apartment after he and Adam break up. So when he inherits an apartment in Hackensack, NJ from a great-aunt he doesn’t remember meeting, he decides spending a few months cleaning the place out will give him time to regroup.

Blaine opened a barber shop and lives in Hackensack, NJ with his friends Nick and Jeff from Dalton. He’s worried about making a success of his business, but not too worried to be intrigued when an attractive guy moves into the neighborhood.

Warnings for past Kurt/Adam, references to Finn Hudson’s death, past Blaine/Sebastian

The canon has ended *insert a sob* but the AUs are endless. 

Kurt joins a group of middle school boys to visit Dalton and because he refuses to eat with those who don’t know fork from a spoon, he meets a certain someone with gentle words and advice to a 14 year old who is still scared of the world. 

Filling a prompt. 

Kurt leans on the rail of the stairway, taking in the grandness that is Dalton Academy. He knows he has at least 20 minutes before his teacher misses him as their guide was leading the group to the cafeteria when Kurt silently slipped away, quite uninterested to watch 14 boys with no table manners to speak of devour a meal that their humble middle school in Lima could never afford to offer. 

His own stomach grumbles at the thought of food but he ignores it. He’d been stuck in a bus with those 14 boys for two hours and he’ll be stuck with them again for the ride back so he’s going to take his time to enjoy the peace and quiet. He holds the school’s brochure loosely in his hand, having read it 10 times on the ride over. Sighing, Kurt looks around the vast hall, wondering what it’d be like to know he’s coming here the next fall, instead of McKinley high. 

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