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Bozer: She’s fine, I’m not. Ever since Hawaii, Captain Aloha’s been blowing up her phone nonstop. And she’s all giggles and smiles and I need your help, man. I mean, I’m stuck in the friend zone, and I don’t –

Jack: You’re stuck in the friend zone? Okay, couple things. First of all, “stuck” implies that you deserve to be in some other type of zone. And that ain’t up to you, man, that’s up to her. That’s always up to the girl, you should know that. Second –

Bozer: Okay, but what I’m –

Jack: Hey, don’t interrupt. I’m not done. Second, anybody who can call Riley Davis a close, personal friend is lucky. She’s a good person, man. And third, if you don’t start taking no for an answer, I’m gonna go all Wookiee on you and rip your arms off. 

MacGyver ll 1.19 “Compass


I don’t believe in ghosts, I believe in explanations. Reality is strange enough.
Ghost Ship - 3x04