dalton tuesday

Happy Dalton Tuesday!

“Kiss me.” Dalton orders and you immediately comply, popping a piece of chocolate into his open mouth. The smirk on his face grew as he chewed the sweet and you couldn’t help but laugh at his chocolate-stained teeth.

You and your best friend, Dalton, were hanging out in his room after school just like you did everyday. Just like always, you to were sharing your favorite candy while attempting to stay focused on your school work.

“So, (Y/N), who do you want to ask you to Homecoming?” Dalton asked, clearly wanting to take a break from your Calculus homework.

“Uhmm, I don’t really know. There aren’t many guys in school that i’m particularly interested in.” That was a blatant lie, but you couldn’t tell Dalton who you actually wanted to go to the dance with. The truth was that you had the biggest crush on your best friend for quite some time now, but you were too afraid to act on your feelings.

“I know what you mean…” Dalton trailed off, starting intently at your lips. You figured he had just zoned out and brought your attention back to your homework until he came back to reality several minutes later.

“Uhmm, (Y/N), would you maybe want to go to Homecoming with me? I know we’re friends and everything, but I think going with you would make it more enjoyable.” Dalton shyly looked at the floor while speaking, fiddling with his bracelets.

“I would really like that, Dalt.” You smiled at him and he met your gaze with an even brighter smile. When he smiled at you, your heart melted and butterflies erupted in your stomach. That’s it, you couldn’t take it anymore. Your feelings for Dalton were only going to get stronger and you needed to confess them to him, so you took a deep breath and jumped, hoping that he would be there to catch you.

“But listen, Dalt, I don’t…” You shut your eyes and took another deep breath. “I don’t want to go just as friends. I want to be your date date.” You kept your eyes closed, afraid to see his reaction.

When Dalton heard you, his eyes bugged out of his head and his smile grew even wider, but he was completely speechless. You peeped one eye open to see what he was doing, and when you saw how happy he looked, you couldn’t help but match his smile.

“(Y/N), you have no idea how long i’ve been wanting to go out with you.” He chuckled lightly to himself, still in disbelief that you two were finally going to go on a date together.



“Kiss me.” Dalton laughed and went to reach for a piece of chocolate, but you put your hand on his to stop him. “No, kiss me." You looked deeply into his eyes and watched his pupils grow smaller as he realized what you meant.

"Oh…oh…" Dalton practically whispered before his smile flickered into a small smirk. He leaned forward with your hand still on top of his and pressed your lips together, sending fireworks throughout your body.

An Extra Cute Dalton Tuesday

 “Hey, it’s getting pretty bad outside. Maybe you should spend the night?” Dalton was looking out his bedroom window with his arm still draped around your shoulder. The rain was pounding against the glass and you quickly agreed, never being too fond of thunder storms. You called your mom to tell her your plan and hung up several minutes later with a bright smile on your face.

“Okay now what would you like to do for our first sleepover?” You asked your boyfriend, sitting up on his bed so that you were sitting crossed legged facing him. He put his hand under his chin and began to stroke his imaginary beard, head tilting towards the ceiling as if he was deep in thought.

Just as Dalton looked like he was about to speak, a pillow flew into your face and knocked you over on the bed. You slowly sat up and, through your hair, you saw Dalton standing over you with one of his pillows sitting in his arms like a machine gun.

“Oh, you’re on Rapattoni,” with that you both launched into a full-out pillow war, traveling all around Dalton’s house trying to determine the true champion. The duel ended when he accidentally sung his pillow at a lamp on one of the end tables in his living room, nearly breaking it into several pieces.

“Truce?” Dalton asked between shallow breathes.

“Truce. Now c’mon, how about we make some dinner?” A smile spread across Dalton’s face at the mention of food and you both made your way into the kitchen. You helped each other make a quite nutritious meal of macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk, enjoying it together at the dining room table. After dinner you settled back into Dalton’s bed and cuddled closely together under the covers.

“I had a really nice night with you, Dalton. We should definitely do this again soon,” you smiled up at him, still resting your head on his chest.

“Seconded, goodnight (Y/N) I love you.” When the words slipped out of his mouth you felt your heart stop, face flushing red. You stayed quiet for a while to see if he had made a mistake, waiting for him to take it back and tell you that it just came out, but there was just silence. Taking a deep breath, you looked up at him and saw that he had turned his attention back to the movie playing on his TV, not giving a second thought to the words that had just been spoken. You smiled to yourself and laid your head back on his chest, wrapping your arm tightly around his torso.

“I love you, too. Goodnight Dalton.”

The next morning you woke up in an empty bed with Dalton’s covers wrapped around you in a cocoon. Taking the blanket with you, you traveled down the stairs trying to find where your boyfriend had gone.

“Dalton?” You dragged your blanket around the first floor of your boyfriend’s house, but stopped when you saw him standing in the kitchen. You quietly stood in the doorway and took in the perfectly disheveled bed head that was his hair, his bare back tightening with his every movement, muscles leading down to the loose pair of pajama pants that barely clung to his waist.

“You know, if you don’t stop checking me out I’m gonna have to go over there and then I’ll burn your pancakes.” You just smirked and walked over to where Dalton was standing in front of the stove, dropping your blanket on the kitchen floor and wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Good morning, love. I hope you’re ready for the best pancakes you have ever tasted.” Dalton quickly flipped the pancakes that were in the pan and turned around between your arms, bringing his hands to the side of your face and enveloping you in a deep kiss. You both enjoyed the morning together, but the time soon came when you had to go home.

“Thank you again for an amazing night, Dal. I-I love you.” You looked up at him with a big smile and soon his lips were on yours. Smiling through the kiss, you twisted your hands in his hair as he dipped your slightly, bringing you closer to him than you’ve ever been.

“I love you, too.”

Happy Dalton Tuesday!

You and your boyfriend, Dalton, were lounged out on his couch watching a TV show and cuddling all day. At some point you looked over at the clock that was placed underneath the TV and saw that it read ‘5:00’.

“I should probably start heading home,” You said with sadness in your voice, not wanting to move away from the warmth of your boyfriend’s arms. Just as you were about to get up, Dalton flung his arms on top of you and wrapped them around your body tightly. “Dalton, c’mon I don’t want to leave either but I have to go or my mom won’t let me come over here anymore,” You tried to convince him to release you, but every time you pulled at him hands Dalton would just make a loud, whiny noise until you let go.

The noise that came out of his mouth sent you into a laughing fit, causing you to double over in your seat with Dalton’s arms still wrapped tightly around you. As you pulled away he made the noise louder and louder which just made you laugh even more and you both ended up falling off the side of the couch.

“Ow,” You grabbed your head and rubbed it soothingly, laughing even harder than you were before. You turned on your side and looked at Dalton who was covered in the blanket you had both been wrapped in. While he was distracted you quickly got off the floor and gathered all of your things, heading towards his front door.

“Please don’t go,” Dalton said quietly, getting up from his spot on the ground and walking over to you.

“I have to go, but I promise we can hang out at my place tomorrow. I love you, Dal. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight sweets, I love you too,” With that you and Dalton shared a tender kiss before you opened the door and stepped into the brisk night air. As you got into your car to head home your phone went off with a new text from Dalton and you opened it to see a picture he had just taken of himself pouting with a caption reading ‘Miss you already, love.’

An Extra Special Dalton Tuesday

A/N: Okay so this imagine is dedicated to one of my amazing and beautiful friends, Ashley, because she just found out that her Ohio show was cancelled and writing is the only way I know how to cheer people up. So this one is for you, honey. I love you!

“Dalton, we’re gonna miss our flight!” you complained once again, squirming anxiously in the passenger seat of your rented car.

“Relax, Ash. I bumped us back to a later flight so that we would have plenty of time!” you and your boyfriend of five years had finally gotten married that afternoon and were supposed to be on your way to your honeymoon, but Dalton apparently had other plans.

You huffed and just looked forward towards the road, knowing that Dalton wouldn’t tell you where he was taking you. After a twenty minute drive, you felt the car come to a stop and realized that you had almost fallen asleep. Stretching on your way out, you opened your door and climbed out of the car, looking up to find a flashing neon sign above an old door.

“Dalton…why are we at a tattoo parlor?” You questioned him, looking over to see an animated grin on his face.

“Because, darling, rings are so overrated!  I thought that we should get something a little more permanent to commemorate our love.” Dalton gently took your hand and raised it to his lips, lowering his body slightly as he placed a light kiss on your knuckles. You just laughed to yourself and followed your new husband inside, instantly overwhelmed by the intense interior of the shop.

“I can’t do this.” You began to panic as you looked around and saw all of the customers there covered from head to toe in tattoos. Dalton quickly went to stand behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders, your body immediately relaxing under his touch. After your breathing slowed back to normal, he led you to the reception counter.

“Hi, we’re here for our 1:30 appointment. The name is Rapattoni.” The receptionist looked down at her schedule and told you that it should only be about five minutes more. Dalton quickly thanked her and you both went to sit down in the waiting area until it was your turn.

After just a few minutes, one of the tattoo artists finally appeared and called your name, sending you into a panicked sweat. Dalton took your hand and you both walked through the swinging doors and into one of the back rooms where there were two chairs set up side by side.

“But wait, how will they know what we’re getting?” You questioned your husband.

“Oh, I gave them the design ahead of time. Trust me, you’ll love it!” Dalton reached over and took your hand once again, squeezing it lightly for reassurance. You gulped a bit, unsure of what he could have possibly given them, and sunk further into your seat. You told the artist that you wanted to get the tattoo on your shoulder blade and they reclined your chair so that you would be more comfortable.

After about an hour of horrendous pain, they finally finished your tattoo and you looked over to see that Dalton’s was done as well. You sat up very carefully and walked over to the mirrored wall, taking your husband’s hand so that you could see your new tattoos for the first time together. Turning around, you gasped at how amazing it was. On your back, in beautiful calligraphy, your tattoo read “To Infinity…” with two birds flying together. Looking over at Dalton you saw that he had the same two birds on his back, but with the words “…And Beyond.” 

A Very Late Dalton Tuesday

“C’mon, (Y/N), we’re gonna be late for Dana’s party!” Dalton called up the stairs and you rushed to finish your hair, making sure that it was perfect before walking down the steps. As you descended the staircase Dalton’s eyes grew wider ad began to explore your body. Blushing, you reached the bottom of the steps and he took your hand, bending down lightly and placing a warm kiss on your knuckles.

“You look lovely, my darling. Now let’s go!” You laughed as Dalton rushed you out the door and into his car, making your way to Dana’s house across town. You and your boyfriend were going to his band mate’s Halloween party and you decided to get matching costumes. He was dressed up as a Baker, trying his best to resemble Peeta from The Hunger Games and you dug up your Katniss costume that you had purchased for the midnight premier of the first movie.

“I have to say, we look incredible!” You beamed from your place in the passenger seat, your hand gently squeezing one of Dalton’s. He just chuckled at your excitement and continued driving until you reached the party. When you arrived the party was in full swing so you just walked through the front door, not bothering to knock. You found the rest of the boys scattered throughout the house and each of them made a comment on how fantastic your costumes were.

You and Dalton spent the night dancing together and having an amazing time with all of your friends. You even won the costume contest! It was one of those night where everything went perfectly and you could just sit back and enjoy life with your wonderful boyfriend without a care in the world.

Happy Dalton Tuesday!

(A/N) This is actually the one year anniversary of my grandpa’s death so I just wanted to write something special for him. Sorry if it’s super sad but I hope you still like it! :)

You looked on your calendar before getting ready in the morning and saw that it was September 17, 2013. Your stomach dropped when you remembered that it had been exactly one year since your grandpa had died and you felt tears running down your cheeks. You and your grandpa had always been very close since you were his youngest grandchild and he lived right up the street from you when you were a kid. You were heartbroken when he passed and still had difficulty wrapping your mind around it.

After trying to compose yourself as best you could, you dug out one of his favorite sweaters that he had given you a few years ago when you were out to dinner since it was chilly out that night. Throughout the day you tugged at the sleeves of the sweater, pulling it over your hands as if it would protect you from all of the bad things in the world.

All day at school you were a bit off, zoning out in classes and not really hearing what anyone said, so when you got home you were surprised to hear a knock at your door. You opened it revealing your boyfriend, Dalton, standing on your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hello, beautiful. These are for you.” He said, handing you the flowers with a big smile. You tried your best to muster a smile, but you knew that Dalton was going to see right through it.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, concerned laced in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m just a bit off today. It’s the one year anniversary of my grandpa dying and I guess I just can’t believe that he’s already been gone for so long…” You trailed off at the end as you felt a few tears fall down your cheek. Dalton gently wiped them away and took your hand in his.

“I think I know what will make you feel better. Why don’t we go take these flowers and put them on his grave so it looks nice? I know how much you love him and he deserves it.” You smiled as more tears streamed down your face and you embraced Dalton in a big hug. He led you to his car and you both drove to the cemetery where he was buried. When you arrived, Dalton took your hand as you lead the way to where your grandpa’s grave was.

“This is it.” You said quietly, looking down at the marble rock protruding from the ground. You got down on your knees and set the flowers down in front of it and stayed there for a while after. Dalton sat beside you, taking you into his arms and letting you cry it out. After a while, your tears had finally subsided but you still didn’t move from your spot on the ground.

“Can you tell me about him?” Dalton asked after a long silence and you sat up slightly so that you were looking at him and holding his hands.

You told Dalton stories about your grandpa from when you were little like when he would always take you out to ice cream on your last day of school or how he would always dress up as Santa for the family Christmas party. You both sat like this for hours, just talking and laughing about all of the stories you would tell. It felt really good to be able to relive these memories and you couldn’t thank Dalton enough.

When it got dark, you decided that it was time to go home and said goodbye to your grandpa and got back into Dalton’s car. During the ride home, you found yourself smiling as you looked back on all of your best memories with your grandpa. You reached over and took one of Dalton’s hands, rubbing your thumb lightly on the back of his hand. He looked over at you and just smiled, a light chuckle filling the silence.

“What?” He asked, amused by how happy you were.

“Nothing, I’m just really happy you did this with me. It really means a lot.” Dalton picked up your hand and brought it to his face, placing a light kiss on your knuckles.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”