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‘And I will keep on fighting ‘til I make you see I’m as strong a Hercules’

Happy 21st Birthday Dalton Rapattoni!

Another year has come and gone and you’re now a year older and a year wiser. What a year your 20th has been with coming 3rd in American Idol to releasing music to touring America like the Superstar that you are. I cannot wait to see what 21 holds for you and hopefully it doesn’t just bring you success in terms of your career but that you’re emotionally content and that the world gives you everything you deserve from love to happiness! It’s now been two years since I first found you dancing in a blue dress and you’ve definitely changed my life for the better!

Here’s for adulthood Dalton and here’s for the happiest of days :)


“What are you doing?” Dalton mumbles looking at your face that’s definitely hiding something. You keep your smug looking face on and shrug.
“Why is there a camera in my face?” he begins to chuckle and you smile, not being able to keep the straight face when he laughs. You’ve been dating for two months and you’re absolutely in love and obsessed with Dalton, you can’t see yourself being with anyone else.
“What is usually happening when you’ve got a camera in your face?” You ask and put the phone closer to his face. This time Dalton laughs louder and his cheeks turn a bit more red. He still gets like this with you, cute and giggly. Eventually he pushes the phone away a bit.
“Stop, it’s for us to watch on our wedding day!” You whine and laugh and Dalton laughs too. He looks down and smiles, he seems to be thinking about marrying you, or at least scratching the surface of the thought. You hop in closer to him on the bench outside the coffee shop you were previously in. You put your head against his and close your eyes smiling, filming the both of you.
“Wedding day, huh?” Dalton asks and your cheeks heat up a bit and nod silently.
“Well, future Dalton…. Getting some tonight, ey?” He smirks at the camera. You punch his shoulder and laugh at him.
“I actually wanted to show this at our wedding!” you pout your lip and Dalton cups your cheeks in his warm hands.
“Alright alright, cute ending,” he whispers and winks before pulling your face closer and connecting your lips in a slow, cute and passionate kiss. Dalton lets go of your face and the both of you look into the camera again.
“Really though, have a good night,” you say and smirk. Both of you laugh and you turn the camera off. Marrying this dork would be a dream come true.


Cute little rushed Dalty imagine for ya haha 💗