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Things Penny Dreadful NEVER ADDRESSED
  • Ethan never found out about Victor and Brona!Lily, there were so many moments where they could have been reunited !! WASTED
  • Lyle in Egypt they CLEARLY set that up some kind of Mummy storyline could be introduced in a season 4. I was really hoping for it.
  • Vanessa is the Egyptian goddess Amunet, another part of season 4 that would have been explained/tied into the Egypt storyline more I’m sure. (along with the scorpion which  was never really explained!!!)
  • Dracula vs the Devil, they never went further in explaining more about how they’re brothers and their relationship with God and each other. I would HAVE LOVED to see more about that. Them fighting over Vanessa. Plus more of the cast could have got the chance to play the Devil too!!
  • Catriona Hartdegen, they introduced a new character that I JUST STARTED to like in the season finale but we literally knew NOTHING about her. WHO WAS SHE?? VAMPIRE HUNTER?? TIME TRAVELER?? It would have been nice to explain a little bit more about the Thanatologist.
  • Dracula and Vanessa, he did say that they were past lovers and that he was searching century after century for her… that could have been interesting to see in flashbacks and know more about! Was he also in love with Amunet as well?? Ugh I’ll never know. :(
  • Hecate, I heard her backstory, felt really bad for her, she started to grow on me… and then… :/
  • Dorian Gray, I honestly thought at some point Lily or Justine would have seen his portrait and he’d have to take SOME kind of action to keep his secret.. but no. AGAIN another wasted opportunity and I would have loved to seen the show do more with. More with Dorian guarding his secret of immortality.
  • Jekyll and Hyde, just SO MUCH built up to it his character and his motives and backstory and ALL those monologues… aaaaaand then nothing. MAD.
  • Ethan and his father and Kaetenay, both his father storylines were wrapped up so quickly. They didn’t use Brian Cox enough, and I really enjoyed his scenes with Timothy Dalton.
  • Lilys storyline made out to be so epic…  then went no where.
  • Patti Lupone and Christian Camargo both had amazing scenes and are SUCH incredible actors and could have had so much more screen time in season 4.
  • Vanessa, deserved better...  she started the beginning of the season in bad place in this season and started to grow and enjoy life again.. just for it to end like that…

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when you find out you can’t save josh

when matt dies because you tried to save emily

when you have ashley investigate the voice and get her killed

when you find out it was all a prank

when hannah ate beth

when shooting the squirrel is an option

when you and your girlfriend can’t bone because she got pulled through a window and you gotta chase her

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TW:Guns & TW:Blood.

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Season of HeartBreak~4~ Kenny Omega

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Note: Mask comes off in this chapter… my heart is hurting..

Part Three

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It didn’t take long for you to be friendly with the Young Bucks. They seem to treat you like a little sister. Kenny on the other hand would fidget in his seat, looking away or would be on his phone which was rude. You never expected him to be this cold towards you, he didn’t even know who you were.

“ Do you know what’s Omega’s problem with me?” you asked Marty one day as you hopped on your feet back and forth preparing for your match before stretching. 

“ I’m not sure love, he’s not usually like that. Want me to talk to him?” you shook your head. He didn’t need to do that. If Kenny was going to be like that then you have no problem in doing the same. Marty wished you luck in your match, hugging you before he ran off to get his Villain gear on. 

On the other end of the hallway Kenny stood there, his arms across his chest and one of his fingers tapped on his bicep repeatedly as he was thinking. About you. He wonders what you have been really up to these days. He knows he fucked up but he wants you back in his life. He brings his phone in his other hand up. Your number is still in his phone as he click the call button but to his surprise the number is disconnected. His heart sinks to his stomach with a frown on his face. He brings up his twitter account tying in your full name but nothing comes up in the searches, he tries other social media and gets the same results. 

“ You alright Kenny? You don’t look to happy” Matt asks him as he and Nick make their way over to him in their two sweet ring gear and bullet club shirts. 

“ I’m not” Kenny sighs.

“ What’s wrong?” 

“ I’ve been thinking about her again” Matt and Nick share a look between each other showing sympathy smiles before looking at Kenny.

“ Listen, she’s just a memory to you. Nothing more, forget her” Kenny shakes his head, “ She will never be just a memory. I can never forget the pain in her eyes when I told her about my girlfriend who is no longer my girlfriend, you just, I don’t know how to explain it.” 

“ We get it man, you lost the girl you wanted to be with” Kenny hangs his head, when he looks back up he sees you walking towards him with your mask on. This time it was the color green matching your ring gear. He never understood why you would wear the mask, what was really wrong? He wasn’t going to judge if you had a scar or something. He wanted to know what you looked like.
“ There is something about Scarlett. Something familiar. I can’t place my finger on it and it’s bothering me” 

“ what do you mean?”Before Kenny could say anything else you were making your way back from your match. 

“ Oh look who’s back, Miss Chaos “ Nick wraps his arm around your neck as catch your breath. The mach was longer than you expected but it brought the crowd to chant and for some reason they were chanting Two Sweet, whoop whoop which was weird or maybe not since you threw a couple of two sweet’s to the fans.

“ Miss me?” you smirked looking at Nick. He laughed shaking his head, you knew he was married and had kids, teasing one another just for fun but it looked like it was bothering Kenny who had a frown on his lips. 

“ Can you two take it elsewhere? I just want to barf hearing you too” Kenny mumbles walking away. He partially didn’t like you, he didn’t hate you. He hated the fact that you got everyone attention but his. 

“ Fuck!” he screamed running hands through his curls and down his face. You were all he thought about, he wanted to rip your mask off your face and look you in the eye and ask you why isn’t he the one you look at, the one you pay attention too. He always has girls begging to fuck him, they are always around. Not you, you singled yourself out. But why? Has he done something wrong? No. Not a thing. You barley spoke to him. He was conflicted with himself and with you acting like he didn’t deserve to breath the same air as you. 

Matt and Nick were confused to why Kenny was acting like this, they turn to glance at you as you were taking off your gloves from your match.
“ Do you know what’s going on with Kenny?” Turning your head, you shrugged. Kenny wasn’t a subject you wanted to talk about. He didn’t change much, just his hair looks more like a lion and his voice got deeper. He looked good and you wanted to tell him who you were but it’s better not. You were doing this for you, you didn’t come here to befriend him. No. 

Hiding your face from your Marty was tough, he was sweet and you did trust him and it was getting harder not to tell him the truth. You weren’t lying to them exactly but they are better off not knowing who you are. 

You got to see Marty again when you went back to Ring of Honor. It was your home and you loved your friends there. 

“ Look who’s back, Trouble in Paradise” Dalton said as he made his way over to hug you. 

“ Hey there Feathers” he poked your mask, smiling.  “ I like the mask, can I ask you something?” you nodded stuffing your hands in your back pockets.
“ When are you going to show us  behind the mask? I mean we see only your nose and lips. It would be a lovely sight to see your face, the whole face”
A frown placed on your lip hearing him ask you the question you dread the most. 

“ I don’t think that’s a good idea Castle, I mean this is me. Why do you need more?” 

“ I don’t know, it’s just you’ve been here for so long. We are your friends and were like one big family here. No need to hide from us” 

“ I don’t feel comfortable about it” 

“ Hey word boy! She’s not going to show her face, leave her alone” you turn your head seeing Marty has came to your rescue. Dalton sighed, “ I’m sorry Scarlett. I didn’t mean to offend you” 

“ It’s okay Dalton, I forgive you” He send you a smile before hugging you once more, as he left Marty glared at him. 

“ Show us when your ready, don’t listen to bird brain back there” 

“ Thank you Marty” He nodded, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked away. He was acting different today which made you confused. 

“ Hey, everything okay?” you asked putting a hand on his shoulder. He nods, biting his bottom lip. Your eyes caught it, staring at it more at his lips like they were pulling you towards them. They looked so soft… so kissable. Wait, kissable? Since when did this happen? Marty and you? 

“ Scarlett! Earth to the Chaos queen! Hello!” Marty waved his hand in front of your face, shaking your head from your thoughts. 

“ Huh? What?” He laughed before motioning to your teeth. “ You have lipstick on your teeth darlin’” A blush made it’s way to your cheeks as you try to get it off, feeling embarrassed. 

“ Awe love, don’t be embarrassed. It’s cute when you blush” 

“ Stop..” you groaned looking away from him but he cupped your chin with his hand making you look up at him. 

“ You’re beautiful Scar” 

“ Marty..” He placed his index finger on your lips.He leaned down, you could feel his breath on your face. He closed his eyes and you closed your eyes before anything could happen you got interrupted. 

“ Well, Well look who popped back in…” you groaned opening your eyes as Alex Shelley came into your view.  

“ Shelley” you greet him then your eyes turn to Chris, “ Sabin, what do I owe the honor” Right around the corner came Kenny and the Bucks, Kenny was here just to be around backstage, nothing more. 

“ We were wondering when will be the time you take that thing off your face. You aren’t a Luchadore. This isn’t Lucha Underground. Were all friends here, no need to be shy” 

“ What if she doesn’t want to take off her mask? Why gives Shelly?!” Marty cut in. 

“ Don’t push her” Matt added. 

Alex puts a finger up, “ I’m just implying that she has nothing to be afraid of”
“ I don’t think-” you try to say but got cut off as Alex reaches out to rip off the mask from your face. The blue glittery mask falls to the ground, not a sound was made as you stood full face frozen as your eyes are on Kenny who is staring at you. 

Nick and Matt drop their mouth open as they put two and two together. It couldn’t be, they couldn’t believe it. Tears brimmed your eyes as you looked around at your so called friends who are family. 

“ Fuck.. you are so… damn..” Alex mutters, everyone kept gasping. It took a few moments for Kenny to register who you were. He took a step forward but your name doesn’t leave his lips. 

“ Y/N? Is that really you?” you flinch at your name, nodding your head slowly. Marty slowly turns you around as you come face to face with him, before he could even mutter any words a dry sob escapes your mouth as you make a run for it.Running from everyone, you felt like you got run over. They seen you, Kenny seen you and so did Matt and Nick. It felt like the whole world crashed.
Back to everyone who stood there still in shock seeing your face. 

“ It was really Y/N, it was her all along..” Matt mumbles to Nick.
“ She changed her hair..” Kenny mumbles. 

“ You lads know her?” Marty asks. Nick nods, “ Of course, she used to be best friends with Kenny and she used to be in love with him.” 

This statement makes Marty frown. You were in love with Kenny? Since when?
“ when did this happen?” 

“ A couple years ago” Kenny answers. He is debating weather he should go after you or stay where he is. He is really in shock to see you. Now he understood why you would shut him out, like he didn’t matter. Kenny didn’t go after you but someone else did, he searched around the parking lot calling your name. He took a chance to run after to you, not believing that you it was Kenny you used to chase. 

He finally found you sitting on the ground crying into your hands. His heart broke at the sight of you crying. Marty kneels down before you on his knees taking you in his arms as you cry into his chest. But it looks like Kenny did go after you, he stood in the parking lot staring at the scene in front of him. Marty holding you in his arms as you cried. His heart fell into his stomach, a tear ran down his cheek as he realizes that you needed him the most.

Title: You Can Bet
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Hunter Clarington x Reader
Warnings: Slight bullying, Cursing
Requested: Yes
Request by @alpha-pacCan you make a glee imagine that’s plus size reader x Hunter Clarington? She’s the only female student at Dalton. She’s really smart and they wanted someone with her gpa so they made an exception due to it being an all boy school and can she be a member of the Warblers? Hunter starts to date her as a joke but she really loves him and when he tells her he’s all like “did you really think someone like me would go for someone like you?” and she replies with “no I actually didn’t, but I was hopeful”.  Can it be that after they break up he realizes that he actually fell in love with her and he wants to get her back but it takes a lot for her to trust him again?

You remembered the first day you had walked into Dalton. You were extremely nervous and felt like nobody could take you seriously - especially since you were the only girl at an all boys’ school and to top it all off, you weren’t exactly the average weight. But that didn’t make you any less beautiful.

Your experience at Dalton made you cherish your curves more than ever. You were the only girl at the school and it mattered not whether the boys would look at you more than once. 

With an extra pep in your step, you made your way to the Warblers’ room and plopped yourself at a seat. Not too long after, you pulled out sheet music that you intended on learning in the spare moments before rehearsal started since the rest of the club members would saunter in after goofing around. You were engulfed in hitting the perfect notes and sang quietly under your breath while Hunter Clarington and Sebastian Smythe mumbled to each other in the corner of the room behind you.

“There is no way I would go after her without being paid,” Hunter muttered to Sebastian. They both stared at you from behind and absentmindedly played with their ties, pretending that they weren’t talking about anything degrading.

“You wanna bet?” Sebastian asked, a smirk tugging at his lips as he looked at Hunter from the corner of his eyes. “$100 if you make her fall in love with you.”

Hunter returned the smirk and took his hands off his tie as he finished “fixing” it. “You’re on, Smythe. I expect $100 in my hands sometime soon.”

Sebastian only rolled his eyes and gestured toward you. 

Slowly, Hunter made his way toward you and placed his hand on the table. He leaned against the table and grinned down at you in a flirty manner. 

In surprise, you jolted and looked up at him, your mouth agape in the shape of an “o.” 

Hunter cleared his throat and looked down at the papers you were holding tightly in your hands. “Lucky by Jason Mraz, eh?” he asked, leaning closer toward you. “Isn’t that better sung by two people?” His voice lowered down to a whisper. 

You were struck speechless as he quietly sang, “Do you hear me? I’m talking to you…across the water, across the deep blue ocean, under the open sky, oh my. Baby, I’m trying.

Without even thinking about it, you sang back, “Boy, I hear you in my dreams. I feel your whisper across the sea. I keep you with me in my heart. You make it easier when life gets hard.”

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been. Lucky to be coming home again,” you both sang, you unknowingly standing up and caught mesmerized in his eyes. 

You two stopped singing, but you were both still staring at each other. You were so close…you could just lean up and kiss him.

But just as the thought ran through your mind, Sebastian cleared his throat and looked at Hunter expectantly. Hunter smirked down at you, winked, and said, “Dinner, you and me tomorrow.”

You nodded quickly and stayed glued to your spot. Unbeknownst to you, Hunter walked up to Sebastian and high-fived him discreetly and quietly. “It’s in the bag,” Hunter murmured to Sebastian.

“Oh, we’ll see about that,” Sebastian replied, a grin appearing on his face. 

At the dinner, you guys couldn’t have hit it off more. He was nothing short of a gentleman. You were happy to admit to yourself that he seemed genuinely interested in all your likes and dislikes.

“So what exactly made you ask me out?” you asked when there was a bout of silence running between you two. 

He chewed carefully on his steak, patted his mouth with the napkin that he rested on his lap, and then cleared his throat. “Should there be any reason? You are beautiful and charming. It would be considered a sin for me not to.”

You couldn’t help the blush that crept onto your face as you shyly looked down at the meal you were eating. His flattery caused you to stay quiet once more. He could only smirk as he cut and chewed his steak. 

The rest of the dinner went by swimmingly. Hunter was able to make you laugh until your sides hurt, but he was also able to make you blush so hard that your skin was close to that of a tomato’s color. In moments when he would make you blush, he would make it worse by joking around playfully about you blushing and then make it up to you by telling some joke.

By the end of the night, you hadn’t expected him to be this amazing. He had always struck you as a troublemaker - someone you would never want to cross. But being with him seemed to prove all of those thoughts wrong. 

He had driven you home and hurried out of the car to open the door for you. 

He grabbed your hand gingerly and brought you down your sidewalk toward your front door. 

You made a move to grab your house key from your pocket, but his hand stopped you. 

Slowly, you turned your head to look at him and you found yourselves in the same position you had been when you two had been singing the other day. But this time, Sebastian was thankfully not there to interrupt.

Hunter placed his fingers on your chin before caressing your cheek with the back of his fingers. To you, it was euphoric but also painstakingly slow. 

His hand planted itself carefully on the back of your neck as he leaned down and finally captured your lips.

You closed your eyes pleasantly and basked in the feeling of his lips working across yours. 

You didn’t want it to end. You wanted this to go on forever, but in some sort of mutual agreement, you two slowly pulled away. You bit your bottom lip shyly and looked up at him once again through your eyelashes. “That was…” you started.

“Perfect,” he finished. “I have to go, but let me tell you, tonight was amazing.”

You nodded in agreement and watched as he walked down your sidewalk, turning every now and then to look at you. 

You had never felt this way before with anyone. As cheesy as it was, this first date made you feel like you were falling hard for him.

It was weeks of this - you two were constantly going on dates. It always ended with him dropping you off at your house, leading you to your front door, and giving you the sweetest of kisses to think about while you slept. 

Sometimes, you couldn’t even sleep because of how much you thought about his lips moving along yours. 

The most memorable date had been of you two going to the park. It was absolutely different from your usual dates which consisted of going to a restaurant. You didn’t ever mind going to a restaurant, but considering that it was nearly every date that you went to one, you had been starting to get bored of the same dreary routine. 

Hunter and you had eaten pretzels from a street vendor and lounged peacefully on a bench that had the perfect view of a lake. You ended up laying on the bench with your head in his lap and him stroking your hair gingerly. 

After that, you two walked along the sidewalk near the lake and basked in the feeling of the air flowing through your hair. 

Hunter rarely ever held your hand in public, but he did when you two were walking near the lake. To say you were ecstatic about him displaying PDA was an understatement.

Then, you two played frisbee for what seemed like hours until you two got tired. And luckily, by the time you two had finished, you were able to watch the sun set along the lake. 

The view of the orange and yellow reflection across the lake was something you would never forget. 

It of course ended with you two at your doorstep, kissing until your lips became sore.

You were broken out of your reverie as you entered the Warbler room. 

You spotted Hunter and Sebastian, but neither seemed to notice you. Instead, they carried on with their conversation, but you heard snippets of it.

“I did it,” Hunter said, proudly. “She’s in love with me.”

Sebastian shook his head and whistled. “You proved me wrong, buddy. Here’s the money.” He smacked some bills into Hunter’s hand and then roved his eyes around the room before they stopped on you. His eyes widened considerably before he cleared his throat awkwardly and left the room.

Hunter turned to look at where his friend at previously and was slightly surprised to see you. 

Just by hearing all of that, you were horrified. You couldn’t even look him in the face. Anger, deception, hurt. You felt yourself diminishing into the tiniest of people. 

He sauntered over to you. When he reached you, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and cleared his throat. “So I assume you heard?” he asked.

You nodded and backed away. “Yes, I did. I can’t believe you would do that to me!” you hissed, anger consuming your every being. Despite that, however, tears were streaming down your face. 

“Really? You didn’t?” he scoffed. “I can’t believe you would even think I would take dating you seriously! Did you think someone like me would go for someone like you?” he spat.

“No!” you sobbed, wiping your tears away frantically as your voice softened and got quieter, “But I was hopeful.”

Hunter laughed. He laughed right in your face and you just felt so…so used; so broken. 

“You’re a monster,” was all you said before running out of the room and covering your face in humility.

After watching you run out of the room, Hunter couldn’t determine whether he felt satisfied or not. He was $100 richer and he had gotten rid of you. But still, he felt like something was missing. 

He guessed that the emptiness he had been feeling was seeing Sebastian’s reaction.

But even a few hours later when he told Sebastian, he just didn’t feel right. He felt dirty. 

As the weeks continued on, he became angrier with himself. When you two were “dating”, you were attached at the hip. He was always walking alongside you and giving you kisses when he would drop you off at home.

He was actually longing to have the feel of your lips against his again.

When it became unbearable to him, he threw himself off of his bed and marched out of his house toward his car. 

After a few stops, he made his way to your house and headed straight for your front door. 

He could hear your feet treading down your stairs and toward the door after he knocked on it. He would definitely not admit it but his heartbeat raced when you pulled open the door and stood there looking up at him through your eyelashes again. 

You were ready to close the door on his face when you noticed that he was holding flowers and chocolates. 

He quickly pushed them toward you.

“I don’t want them,” you said, stepping back a bit and closing the door slightly. 

“Don’t close that door!” he exclaimed before continuing to extend the gifts out toward you. “I want you back. I really do, but I was a dick. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Just take these gifts because you at least deserve that much.”

Slowly, you reached your arms out and grabbed the items. 

“I really am sorry, Y/N,” he told you, his eyes softening so much that he almost looked like a puppy. “You didn’t deserve to be treated that way. You’re worth so much more. Don’t ever think that you worthless.”

“I know,” you told him. “Just because you made me a bet doesn’t make me love myself any less. It makes me feel sorrier for you that you didn’t notice what you had until you decided to fuck it up.”

Hunter sighed and ran a hand through his hair before chuckling slightly. “You’re right. You’re completely right. I was an idiot to let you go like that. But no matter how much you push me away, I’m gonna fight for you; for us.”

You smiled slightly and pulled him in for a quick one-armed hug. “Thank you.”

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry if Hunter seems out of character, haha. :) Also, if anybody reads this and is treated this way, do NOT ever blame yourself when clearly it is the other party’s fault. You are worth so much more than you believe. You are beautiful and loved.