dalton dream cast

Craig Roberts as Dwight Houston.

Submitted by: the blog itself.

Yes, I know we cast the same actor before as Adam but these different pictures of him give me different feelings. Maybe I’ve just spent so much time doing To Kill A Mockingbird in English class where you have to throw two characters together and talk about how they contrast and compare but I think Adam and Dwight actually go together. Both have a dark side to them and are not entirely sane but Dwight is an example of someone who’s been cared for and has turned out relatively okay and Adam is an example of what happens when the kind of crazy you get at Dalton doesn’t stop at a reasonable point and becomes all encompassing psychopathy.

On a side note, doesn’t this picture look so much like the moment you would get when Dwight first arrives, looks up and his assigned dorm and goes: “Oh crap. This is Windsor? Look how old it is! All that stonework! Dear Castiel, I have my work cut out if I’m going to have to exorcise it all. Lord knows no one else will have bothered.” *sees twins running past* *pales further*

Robert Pattinson as Justin Bancroft.

Submitted by: the blog itself.

Probably not a very popular cast but if you go way back to 2005 when he was playing Cedric Diggory he has a nice pink human-looking blush in his cheeks and is very dapper and British in my opinion. 

Also Robert Pattinson is the best troll. No arguments. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go and look at some of his interviews)

Charlie McDonnell as Justin Bancroft.

Submitted by: the blog itself.

This might seem an insane cast but hear me out. (Btw, If you live in a really weird portion of the internet which never sees the light: Charlie is a famous youtuber who vlogs under the name of charlieissocoollike. I’m sure you all knew that though). 

1) Is English.

2) Has brown hair and blue eyes like Justin.

3) Is tall like Justin (freakishly tall in fact, I can attest to this having met him twice.) 

4) Has the ‘smile that makes people feel welcome’ that Mama CP says Justin has.

Also, I’m sorry about the gratuitous cat. It was one of the least herpy-derp pictures I could find of Charlie.