dalton box

So i went on amazon....

and i found this

out of question,  had to buy it, but well

it is a little bit bigger…

then i expected

and the words go from normal

to Doc scratch (homestucker know what i mean)


and back to scratch. This varies through the book.

But my favourite things are (sadly my camera is too bad to really see it, so i’m gonna write it under the pictures)

“… ToNight i will try to StaY awakE to find ThE fiGure …” appearently Gamzee Makara was here

OH! and a plus:


first i thought, what the hell did i buy there, but now i realized: this book is fucking gold.

Fic: All Out of Love

All Out Of Love (6x05 reaction fic)
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/David Karofsky
Word count: 2,600
Rating: Teen

Summary: “It’s a couple of days later, after everything with Jane explodes, that Blaine realizes he may still actually be kind of angry.”

Notes: This is my long-delayed elevator reaction fic, which ended up being a reaction fic for all of the first five episodes as well. Thanks to damnpene​ and wowbright​ for beta help and asking when it would be finished.

All Out Of Love

Blaine has never been very good with anger. His family doesn’t fight, not really, and at school he learned early on that if you’re small for your age and gay, you use charm, or you run. He’d learned to box at Dalton, and that had helped, but still sometimes the anger he tried to move past or hide from found him anyway, and usually at the worst possible time. It blew up at Cooper. At Sam. At himself. At Kurt.

During that last fight, he’d gotten really, really angry. A fire too red to see through had filled his brain, and his chest was tight, like he was going to explode of out of his skin. When he’d told Kurt that he would never forgive him for breaking off their engagement, he’d meant it. He’d meant it when he packed a bag and moved out. He stayed furious, too: when Elliott came to see him, cautiously reassuring that he wasn’t taking sides but just wanted to help his friends, Blaine had slammed the door in his face.

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1-sentence fics: part one (25/50)

I don’t really have time to write like I should, but I want to write something, so have some one-sentence fics. We used to do these all the time back with LJ was a thing.

NYC crew, Klaine, Samcedes, discussions of Finn’s death and past Finchel. Artie/Ladies. Rachel/Broadway. Liberal use of the word “sentence” and some of them are actually 2-3 but whatevs who’s judging.

part two

#01 – Comfort

Kurt doesn’t believe in God, or in any higher power, really, but he does believe that his good fortune in the weeks before Finn’s death—finding out his Dad was cancer-free, Blaine’s proposal, his friendships with Elliot and Dani, forming the band—was someone’s way of saying here, don’t forget–there can be joy in your life as well.

#02 – Kiss

Kurt and Blaine kiss more here, Rachel thinks, and Sam and Mercedes are always on top of each other, and she’s not alone she knows but sometimes she watches them, and feels lonely.

#03 – Soft

Blaine fenced in middle school, and he boxed at Dalton, and he was a cheerleader at McKinley for christ’s sake, but he pokes at the gentle growing roundness of his stomach nowadays, and thinks when did I get so soft?

#04 – Pain

It’s amazing, Artie thinks, but chlamydia doesn’t hurt, and he would have never known he had it if he hadn't—if he hadn’t gone with the other boys: he owes them, now.

#05 – Potatoes

It’s her turn to make Monday Night Dinner, and she sees Kurt groan when she pulls dinner out of the oven. “Mercedes, please tell me that’s not an entire pan full of just tater tots–” “It’s a casserole!”

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Take a look at this amazing gift my good friend Becci (@Dalton_Dormouse on twitter) made for me! It’s a Dalton Box, based on the awesome fic “Dalton” by CP Coulter! The box contains a print-out of the entire fic, notes and gifts from the Windsor boys, and other goodies!

Picture #1 - The box itself!

Picture #2 - Full contents of the box!

Picture #3 - The fic! In three whole folders!

Picture #4 - Folder 1: Chapters 1-16!

Picture #5 - Folder 2: Chapters 17-23!

Picture #6 - Folder 3: Chapters 24-26!

Picture #7 - Rock Salt and Holy Water from Dwight!

Picture #8 - A Warblers Pin from Reed!

Picture #9 - Earplugs from Drew and Satoru! (The paper is actually burnt!)

Picture #10 - A Nerf Gun from the Twins!

This will continue onto another post as there’s so many pics! haha :) 

(@Starkid_Klaine on twitter)

—  Dalton attempting to describe Fly Away Hero’s sound [x]


Take a look at this amazing gift my good friend Becci (@Dalton_Dormouse on twitter) made for me! It’s a Dalton Box, based on the awesome fic “Dalton” by CP Coulter! The box contains a print-out of the entire fic, notes and gifts from the Windsor boys, and other goodies!

Picture #11 - A note from Charlie!

Picture #12 - Coffee and Magic Cookies from Kurt!

Picture #13 - Warbler CD’s from Blaine! (Including most of the songs featured in Dalton!)

Picture #14 - Darren keyring!

Picture #15 - Dalton Academy acceptance letter!

Picture #16 - Letter to say I’ll be boarding at Windsor! (Oh how I wish this was real…)

Picture #17 - Dalton Academy pamphlet!

Picture #18 - About the teachers!

Picture #19 - About the students!

Picture #20 - Map of Dalton! 

So that’s it folks! The amazing Dalton Box!! It’s pretty epic right?! Thank you so much Becci for making this for me! :)

(@Starkid_Klaine on twitter!)


Dalton Rapattoni - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)