dalton anniversary 2

"Exquisite" – Kogan

He touches the porcelain skin for the first time and he realized that it was all he imagined and more. The body under him shuddered as his fingers touched, spreading warmth, colouring the skin a light pink. His lips followed his fingers, starting from the navel and trailed up to the chest. His hands wrapped around that narrow waist and he smelled the other boy’s scent. He pulled the singer closer to him, not wanting to miss anything. Not wanting to miss a single patch of skin to touch, he wanted to savour this moment, this diligently sought after first time. Something was finally going his way. He always got what he wanted in the end. “You’re mine.” He mumbled into the pale collarbone before he traced the outline of the perfectly delicious neck. He unbuttoned the other boy’s tight pants as deft, pale fingers unbuckled his belt. He felt Kurt nudge his nose against his cheek, trying to get his attention, and he gave it – of course, he’d always give it to him. He stared into those light blue eyes and gave him a small kiss. Something so pure juxtaposed to their current arrangement. Kurt smiled a little bit and wrapped his arms around Logan’s shoulders. The blond pulled away and stared into those eyes as he slowly pulled down the brunet’s pants.  He closed his eyes and kissed him again, this time with more passion and heat that Kurt’s ever experienced. He wanted him, to be with him, to be everywhere with him, to do everything with him. He was in love and he was glad this love was finally reciprocated by this beautiful being under him.