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IM5 - Zero Gravity

Kurt and Sebastian secretly dating at Dalton.

Kurt reaching out ad grabbing Sebastian’s hand when no one is looking at Warbler practice.

Sebastian pulling Kurt into empty classrooms to kiss him.

They’re roommates, which can cause some problems when they bicker. Sebastian sometimes leaves the bathroom a mess, and it irritates Kurt to no end, but Kurt also sometimes sings when he’s working, and Sebastian’s positive he’ll murder Kurt if he has to listen to him sing Defying Gravity one more time.

But roommates also means that they are able to have sex all the time. It means that Sebastian doesn’t have to sneak into Kurt’s room to comfort him when he’s upset. That he can just curl up next to him and press kisses to the back of his neck.

Sebastian and Kurt getting more and more careless as time goes by until Wes and Thad find them pressed up against a bookshelf in the back of the library, making out.

Kurt and Sebastian trying to explain and Wes and Thad laughing their asses off because everybody’s known for four months now because they were more obvious about it than Jeff and Nick were before they got together.

Kurt calling Sebastian “my idiot” and smiling.