dalton academy warblers rp


It had been a long, and not always easy road for Blaine and Sebastian since they realized they needed professional help to deal with some issues, but as it turned out things soon found their own straight way, and work had them both busy enough to focus all that energy they often had into something productive, their ultimate goals as choir coaches: To take their boys to the National Choir Competition. 

And so they did. After much rehearsal and training they managed to defeat New Directions and several other choirs at Regionals, and now after months of hard work, they were finally on stage, alongside the other three finalists out of all the nation wide, the envelope with the results being handled to the person moderating the show. Third place went to a Senior Glee club from Minesotta, which Blaine was far too nervous to remember the name of. He held onto Sebastian’s hand tight afraid that he would fall over if he didn’t, his heart beating fast inside his chest.

“And the first place goes to…. the Dalton Academy Warblers!”