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Goodbye, Dalton. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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Request: How was your day, fanfic queen? Can you write an imagine with Sebastian Smythe where his best friend is the reader and she’s been acting strangle lately but one night he finds out why and its because she’s leaving dalton to another state and she’ll be leaving him? they’re roommates!

For: anon

Tags: swearing, heartbreak, Sebastian’s POV, kinda short sorry, inspired by Skins once more and maybe for the rest of my imagines if i’m inspired ^-^

“Do you want me to stay here until you fall asleep?” I wasn’t tired. We were in the middle of watching a movie that Y/N and I long loved since we were kids. She would always never decline a movie, but tonight she was acting strange.

“I was thinking you could sleep, Sebastian,” she said. “I’ll watch the movie.”

“I’m not sleeping without you sleeping. I have trust issues.” Indeed. Especially when Y/N is a huge prankster and has drawn on someone’s face with a marker while they were asleep.

But she didn’t let out a chuckle. “Sleep, Sebastian. I’ll be fine.”

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The Little Sibling [S. Smythe]

Request: “Sebastian Smythe imagine where Y/N is siblings with Blaine and Sebastian and Y/N are at home and Blaine and Kurt walk in and sees them sleeping and cuddling on the couch and decides to post a pic about it and everyone teases Y/N the next day at Glee club ? Also Y/N and Kurt are best friends” AND “Sebastian Smythe request where the Reader is Blaine’s little sister and Kurt’s best friend and Klaine sees Sebastian and the reader acting all cuddly and cute and starts teasing them”

This is long overdue but pure fluff and it’s great 

You waved goodbye to your brother as Kury drove off, Blaine in the passengers seat. The two lovebirds were going on a date to Breadstix, leaving you alone for a couple hours. Well, you weren’t really alone. 

“Is he gone?” Sebastian poked his head out from around the corner. You shut the door, pressing your back to it. “Clear,” you grinned, “I’ve got the food, you get the blankets.” You and Sebastian took off in opposite directions in a frantic rush. 

You slid into the tiled kitchen with your socks, skidding around the slippery floor as you collected a bowl of freshly made popcorn and threw in different pieces of candy. 

Sebastian lept into the closet, clawing at the blankets on the upper shelf. Five or six ended up falling, burrying him under a pile of fluff. You peeked around the doorway, seeing your boyfriend poke his head up from the mound of blankets. “Damn, taken down by a bunch of blanket.” He muttered. 

You giggled, “It’s a noble way to go.” 

Sebastian cracked a smile and wiggled himself free. You finished the bowl of sweet and salty junk food just as Sebastian finished cleaning up his comforter mess. He held a fluffy blanket, jumping over the edge of the couch. You made your way over, placing the bowl of popcorn and candy on the table. Sebastian took a handful of the contents in the bowl as you put in this week’s movie: Grease

It wasn’t that Blaine wasn’t okay with you and Sebastian. Honestly, he was, which came as a suprise to both of you. He was worried, but knew Sebastian was very loving to his partners. Of course, he got threatened by everyone in glee club, but he expected that. You just liked being alone with Seb and not having to worry about your brother constantly peeking over your shoulder. Plus, Blaine never wanted Sebastian upstairs with you alone. So, you found a loophole. The two of you just stayed downstairs. 

When the movie began to play, you hit the lights, rushing back to your boyfriend, who was curled up under the fluffy blanket. You jumped to him, Seb grabbing your arm to pull you down on top of him. You snuggled up into his side, Sebastian draping the blanket over the both of you. You welcomed both his and the blanket’s warmth, arms wrapping around his torso. 

You leaned your head on his shoulder, humming softly in content. Sebastian laid his heaf on top of yours, pressing a light kiss to your hair. “I love you.” He murmured. 

You smiled, “I love you, too.” 

Blaine and Kurt were giggling as they unlocked the front door. Kurt had jokes flying out left and right. Blaine opened the door, hearing the television on but seeing the lights off. “Y/N?” He called, the sound only traveling down the hall before it was drained by the sounds of the tv. He closed the door as Kurt went to investigate. 

He made his way to the living room before gasping. “Blaine,” he whisper-yelled, “Blaine, quick!” Blaine speed-walked to Kurt’s location, finding his boyfriend pulling up the camera on his phone. He turned to the couch and gasped. 

There you were, laying on top of Sebastian. You were both sound asleep, with your hands resting on his chest and Sebastian’s arms wrapped around your hips and lower torso, holding you close but protectively. The blanket was tangled in between your legs and lower bodies. His hair was spewn out across his face, your strands covering most of yours. You both looked so peaceful, so at home. 

Blaine couldn’t process the image he was being given. Kurt simply continued to take pictures. “Oh, this is going on every social media site.” 


Kurt kept his word. You woke up a few hours later to find your phone exploding with text messages, Instagram notifications, Snapchats, and just about every other social media you had. Kurt had tagged you in each post, and everyone had seen it by first period that day. 

When you punched Kurt’s shoulder and asked why he did that, all he said was, “You’re my best friend, Y/N. How could I not?” 

For the rest of the day, the members of the New Directions – Blaine included – teased you about the picture. When you went to Dalton at the end of the day to watch him practice, even the Warblers were teasing you. Of course, they had to tease Sebastian. And even with all the threats Seb snapped at them, you knew there was no heat behind them, and that Sebastian was just as embarrassed about being caught as you were. 

Blaine made sure to hide a hidden camera in the house the next time Sebastain was over for your weekly movie date.

My Favorite KurtBastian FanFics

1.   Legally in love by KrazyForKurtbastian A year after Sebastian Smythe and Kurt Hummel break up, Sebastian a successful named partner in his own law firm (with his happily married friends Jeff and Nick) finds himself alone on his birthday.

2.  Who, Being Loved is Poor? by KrazyForKurtbastian Long ago in a land far away both Prince Sebastian and his devious step brother Prince Hunter have feelings for the lowly but beautiful stable hand’s son Kurt Hummel.
As both princes compete for the peasant boy’s affections Kurt must decide who he loves, the kind but misunderstood crown prince or his deceptively sweet brother?

3.  It’s Just Like a Movie by AndersonRex Kurt was a journalist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and Sebastian was an actor with enough baggage to go around. It’s only when Kurt’s boss assigned him an article that requires him get closer to his former rival, that he starts to wonder if the pros really do outweigh the cons.

4.  Beautiful Things Never Last by AndersonRex After Klaine’s breakup, Kurt seeks solace in Virginia. There he finds a certain Warbler who might help him rediscover the original Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

5.  The Time When… by Starlight_Daylight: Collection of moments Kurt and Sebastian shared the time when they…Drabbles are not necessarily from the same AU unless stated otherwise. If not, they have no relations to each other.

6.  ‘til Kingdom Come by flipmeforward (vinterdrog): Series chronicalling the lives of Kurt and Sebastian.

7.  A Winter Full of Kurtbastian by afterdalton

8.  KB Week 2014 by OfAGroovyMind 

Day 1: Dalton!Kurtbastian.
Day 2: Cheerio!Kurt x Lacrosse Captain!Sebastian.
Day 3: Crossover or AU.
Day 4: Body Swap.
Day 5: College!AU.
Day 6: S4 Redo.
Day 7: Online.

9.  If I Never Drew You by Leydhawk:  Kurt has always drawn his clothing designs on a model of a boy he sees in his mind, a boy with green eyes, who grew and changed as Kurt did. When he gets into an AP art program at the local college, he never expects to meet the boy in person, or that Sebastian has been drawing Kurt since childhood as well.

10. Give Me a Memory. by Teardropfires“So for three years now, they’ve been doing this. This admittedly weird friendship that toed the line into unknown territory more times than he can count. Kurt had always assumed it was one-sided and unrequited.But none of this explains why Sebastian attacked Kurt mid sentence by smashing his face against his.”

11.  Like One of Your French Boys by cornflakesareglutenfree Sebastian draws, okay? It’s a masculine pursuit. Get over it. And sure, Kurt has good lines. And maybe he should take his pants off.
The fic where Sebastian is drawing Kurt in a coffee shop and then things get *saucy*.

12.  Meerkat Day by delightful_fear A Groundhog Day AU. Sebastian & Kurt are complete opposites, and being thrown together for a big case, when the universe throws a wrench into the works. Can Sebastian overcome the time loop he’s stuck in, and come out the other side smiling?

13.  Wrong Window by delightful_fear It starts with Sebastian sexting Kurt by accident…. Or was it an accident?
Things heat up between them and then go in a surprising direction.

14.  Distraction 'verse by artist_artists The first Kurtbastian fics I ever wrote! These go AU after season three, since they were written that summer, and it follows Kurt and Sebastian’s relationship from friends in college to more.

15.  Coffeeshop Drabbles by KurtbastianJust A Collection Of Drabbles, none interconnected but ALL of them kurtbastian!

16.  Glitter and Grease by scifigeek14 The club was called Desire and it was about as cliche as strip clubs came. What wasn’t expected was that the Raven was Kurt Hummel or that Sebastian Smythe would discover this fact.

17.  The Love You’re Given by Teardropfires:  Kurt and Blaine have been somewhat happily married for almost 16 years. They have a beautiful six year old daughter, they have great friends, a nice home in the city, and Kurt has a job that he loves. After an embarrassing flop from his first attempt as a solo act on Broadway, Blaine starts teaching at a few of the universities and has made the family move further from the theater district, much to Kurt’s dismay. Kurt continues to work his way through the community separate from Blaine, but has always been reluctant to take on major roles in order to keep the peace with his husband. After a drunken night of writing, Kurt and Rachel create the start of a promising new musical that has them all excited. When it gets up and running and receives some positive buzz, it puts a strain on an already rocky marriage. But one Sebastian Smythe, fresh off a nervous breakdown, threatens to knock it over the final edge when Jesse hires him as the producer. Kurt tries to save his marriage, be a good father, have a successful career, and find happiness.

18.  Summer Wind by iaminarage:  This verse is basically a series of fluffy one shots. In this verse, Kurt and Sebastian started dating in January of Kurt’s Sophomore year at NYADA. Sebastian is a student at NYU. It is generally canon compliant through the end of season 4.

19.  Control of the Heart by xonceinadream Sebastian’s always hated knowing who his soulmate is going to be, that he couldn’t choose his life. When Sebastian meets Kurt at Dalton his life turns upside down. He’s not ready for a relationship but he doesn’t want to hurt Kurt. When Kurt meets Blaine and starts falling for him that changes things for Sebastian and he comes to a few realizations. 

20.  Not Enough by Obsessivecompulsivereadr: After a year of a relationship with both Blaine and Sebastian, Kurt has had enough, and he’s decided to remove the source of all his relationship problems from the equation… himself.

21.  Make Me Happy by iaminarage After spending two years out on tour with Wicked, Kurt Hummel is finally back in New York and ready to take the next step in his career. What he’s not ready for is the sudden reappearance of Sebastian Smythe. This is the story of a career, a relationship, and a group of friends finding their way in the city they all love.

22.  Four Hearts by KurtsAnatomy (TheSwanOfWinterfell) Blaine Anderson, Elliott Gilbert, Adam Crawford and Sebastian Smythe are the four rulers of Dalton Academy and the Warbler Council Members. When new kid Kurt Hummel auditions for the Warblers, all four of them slowly begin to fall in love with him. Who will get him?

23. Is It Stalking If You Have Permission? by JessAlmasy The one where Kurt tries to turn a stalker into a boyfriend but has the small problem of not knowing who’s texting him.

24.  Life in Technicolor by hammersandstrings Kurt is fresh off a Tony win when he faces his toughest role yet: PR boyfriend to Academy Award nominee and resident pain in the ass, Sebastian Smythe.

25.  Hunter Clarington: A Mystery by rasyaharidy Kurt Hummel, an up and rising Broadway and film actor, is happily married with entrepreneur Sebastian Smythe, and best friends with renowned orthopedist Hunter Clarington. Although he is tied down with Sebastian for years as of now, some people would see the three of them in a polyamorous relationship, because of the affection Hunter gives to Kurt and the latter doesn’t even mind. But, of course, there’s a story behind everything. It is quite long, though.

26.  Of Bear Cubs, Meerkats, and Hobbits by Obsessivecompulsivereadr Blaine has cheated on Kurt, and while Kurt is in no way surprised, he is surprised about who Blaine cheated with – Dave Karofsky. While Kurt sets out to make changes in his life, Blaine won’t accept the break-up without a fight. And an unexpected friendship with Sebastian Smythe changes everything for Kurt.

27.  It’s Just A Bar, Right? by JessAlmasy After leaving NYADA, Kurt finds himself working in a bar with the last people he’d ever dreamed of. He’d known he was making a mistake since he first walked in the door, but he’d had no idea what he was getting himself into, or where it would lead.
AKA: The CoyoteUgly!Glee story that never should have been written.

28.  Later Then? by Obsessivecompulsivereadr:   Sebastian pulled him close and dipped his mouth near Kurt’s ear again, “Isn’t this where you tell me you have a boyfriend and I say something about not caring?”

29.  Call It a Clan (Call It Family) by monchy   On any regular day, Kurt would claim to hate children. But then, well, then there’s Madeleine Smythe.

30.  Safe Harbor by KattsEyeDemon When tragedy strikes, Sebastian has to find help in the one place he would never have thought. Living with Hudmels proves to be a blessing and his undoing at the same time: can he resist the boy he simply can’t have? Or will these unwelcome feelings destroy his only safe harbor?

- Link to My Favorite Lady Divine (because she is the KurtBastian Queen) Stories:http://nikijuly17th-kurtbastian.tumblr.com/post/157618107572/my-favorite-lady-divine-kurtbastian-fanfics

- I will probably have part 2 and 3, because there’s just so much talent.

- And seriously check out  hazelandglasz, iaminarageLady Divine (fhartz91)hummelssmythescifigeek14lilinascacophonylightsThumb3l1n4afterdaltonflipmeforward (vinterdrog)OfAGroovyMindAndersonRexKrazyForKurtbastianLeydhawkTeardropfiresStarlight_Daylightdelightful_fearartist_artistsValdyr,   Daughter_of_Scotland, Obsessivecompulsivereadr and  JessAlmasy on AO3. INSANELY TALENTED WRITERS.

Alphabet Boy. [Sebastian Smythe x Reader]

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Request: @myangelarcade wanted me to write another Sebastian Smythe and I thought of an idea! Y/N fights with Sebastian who insults her and the New Directions and says she is nothing, but she snaps at him.

Tags: songfic, swearing, bullying, very very short

Songfic: Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez

“I’ve never understood why you bozos haven’t disbanded. Last time I checked, your director is a Spanish teacher, you have an Irish member who Brittany thought was a leprechaun, those two dumbos called Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry are getting married at an early age, and you’re still hideous looking,” Sebastian said. 

Well, Sebastian, the tables have turned. More bullying made us feel bad, but here we are, in the possession of the Regionals trophy, a few spots covered in confetti.

I was picking up my heels, gripping the side of my dress and rushing down the halls out of the East exit. No student was there getting their stuff from their lockers or taunting a smaller kid. It was the afternoon, but all the kids would be at home.

I felt free despite the sweat trickling down the back of my neck like honey falling off a spoon.

I guess I was running a little too fast because a custodian called, “Hey kid, no running!” I prayed that I would slow down my pace but keep going until I met a glee choir named after a bird wearing matching uniforms.

I caught up to the entrance of the school and swung the door open, the cold air meeting my exposed skin and battling the body heat. I saw Sebastian Smythe.

“You look like you just ran away from your responsibilities,” he comments with a sly smirk.

Which wasn’t saying much, since my responsibilities come and go until I procrastinate. “I just wanna congratulate you guys. Even though you lost.”

“When did you think you guys were going to beat us?” Sebastian asks.

I exhale winter air. “As soon as we heard who the hell you were.”

“I was imagining me holding the trophy, not you freaks and geeks, the top tipping over as I walk off the stage like Miss Universe making her walk across the stage with flowers and wearing a crown.”

“Well your imaginations are nothing but…”

For a moment, I trail off because I came to support them despite their loss, yet I was about to make a rude remark on Sebastian’s goal to win Regionals with the Warblers.

He must of knew what was on my mind because he chuckles. “Go on, say it.”

“Your imaginations are nothing but shit. You’re a bully and you know that, right? You called my hideous, Finn and Rachel are going to be married while you’re stuck with tongue twisters practising beatboxing.” I let out a ‘burr’ when you react to being cold and shivered.

I finally ended it off with, “It’s really cold. Go back to Dalton and enjoy a nice cup of fuck you and fuck your ABC’s because we fucking won Regionals.” After receiving murmurs from the boys and a scowl from Sebastian, I rush inside to meet up with my friends.

// THE END //

Marrying Sebastian Would Include...

 × Red and blue themes 

 × Musical performances as everyone walks down the isle 

 × Him being completely giddy about you finally being his 

 × Him making remarks about how sexy you look in your dress/tux 

 × Him being nervous in front of your family 

 × Jeff being your maid of honor 

 × Blaine being the best man 

 × Him dipping you when you kiss during the ceremony 

 × Him singing to you during your first dance 

 × The Warblers dedicating a song to the two of you during to toast 

 × Literally everyone is singing throughout the wedding 

 × Him carrying you on his back instead of in his arms when he takes you home, because it’s Sebastian, and your relationship is all fun 

 × Finally being able to cuddle as a married couple

Reunited [part 2/?]


“Look I know you’ve been gone for awhile but we still know when your lying.” Says Mercedes with crossed arms.

“I’m not lying it was nothing!” There was no point in defending yourself. No one was going to believe you.

“Save it Y/L/N, how do you know Smythe?” Demanded Santana.

“Look guys I have to go.” And before they could say anything you were already in your car and headed down the street.

“The fuck was that about?” Said Artie throwing his hands in the air.


“Well Y/N besides my spilt coffee it’s nice to meet you.” This made you give a shy giggle.

“You too. Hey are you from here I’m kind of lost?”

“Yeah I am actually. What are you looking for?”

“Well for starters I was looking for someone who speaks English but now I’m just looking for something to do. I don’t really no anyone here so…” You drifted your gaze from Sebastian. For some reason you felt shy around him and didn’t want to seem like the annoying tourist who bothered everyone she encountered.

“Well I’m not doing anything. I could show you around.”

“I would like that.” You and Sebastian first went to a coffee shop to get him a new cup. You insisted on paying, feeling bad that you were the cause of him loosing his old one but he refused to let you do that.

As you walked to a local park you stated to feel more comfortable around Sebastian, creating easier conversation.

“So Sebastian what are you like?”

“Well some would say I’m an egotistical jerk but I can be nice… if I want to. Um I like to sing. I’m pretty more than good at it if I say so my self.”

“Well so far you’ve been nothing but kind to me so I don’t think your a jerk… yet at least. I like to sing too actually. I participate in show choir competitions back in the states actually.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock.

“Really? I do too.”

“They have show choir in France?”

“Well yeah but I do it in the states. That’s why I can speak English. My family moved there last year. We just come back here every chance we get.”

“So that explains why your the one person I’ve talked to who can speak English.”

“Yup. So what brings you to France?” Says Sebastian with a dramatic turn, which caused you to laugh.

“My father actually. Because of his job I get to go just about anywhere with him. I’ll be here all summer actually.” This caused Sebastian to chuckle. “What’s so funny?”

“You plan on living in France for three months but you can barely speak French?”

“Well I could learn.” You say crossing your arms.

“What from an app? That’s not going to do anything. Let me teach you.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah why not. You could use the help and plus Tu es la plus belle fille que j'aie jamais vue.”

“What does that mean?”

“I guess you’ll have to take the lessons in order to find out.” He says with a smirk as you roll your eyes.

You and Sebastian then exchanged phone numbers before you both had to go home, definitely making plans to see each other again.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if there are any fics where Kurt and Blaine try to keep their relationship secret? Not because they're scared to come out of the closet but just for other reasons? I'm sorry if this is to much of an ask.

Public Relations by @skivvysupreme

Everyone has their favorite Warbler. Kurt won’t say which one is his.

Rumor Has It by xxxraquelita

When their careers took off, and took them from New York to Los Angeles, Blaine and Kurt had dealt with their agents and friends all giving them the same advice – end their engagement if they wanted to be successful. So they had. It took years for for any of it to come back to them, but when it did, it certainly did, and the truth was more than anyone anticipated.

Three Wishes by imaginentertain

If Blaine Anderson found a magic lamp he’d only ask for two things. He’d wish for a place at NYADA when he graduates high school, and he’d wish that Kurt Hummel was his boyfriend. There were three problems with this. Firstly, competition for NYADA was insane. Secondly, Kurt Hummel didn’t even know he existed. Movie stars tended to be like that about their fans. Thirdly, Blaine didn’t have a magic lamp.

The Walls Keep Our Secret by Thesoundofmeaning

Kurt Hummel is a member of the New Directions of McKinley HS and Blaine Anderson is a member of the Warblers of Dalton Academy. The schools’ show choirs have been feuding for years and it is a rule that members never associate with each other. But when Kurt and Blaine have a chance encounter that could change their lives forever, will they give all of that up for their groups?

The Effects of Benefits [S. Smythe]

Request: “Hey can you write a Sebastian smythe x reader about the reader and Sebastian being in a friends with benefits relationship and the reader ending up pregnant with Sebastian’s child and being scared to tell him”

You looked at the little stick in your hands. One single line is going to change your entire life. You knew you and Sebastian should have been more careful. God, why had you been so stupid? 

You turned to your best friend, Blaine, in panic. You’d called him over when you thought that the sudden sickness and symptoms might, in the slightest way, be a pregnancy. You had been right. Blaine had rushed over just as you got the results. Now, here you both were, staring down at the test in shock. 

“Oh my god,“ you mumbled, before breaking into a panic, "Blaine! Oh my god, what am I going to do? Sebastian doesn’t want a kid! We’re only in high school for Christ sake! I can’t have a baby." 

"Woah, Y/N-Y/N calm down,” Blaine spoke, putting his hands on your shoulders, “Just breathe, okay? Everything is going to be fine. You’ve got me, remember? If Sebastian doesn’t want the baby, I’m still here for you." 

You let out a small breath at the reminder, Blaine bringing you into a gentle hug. "When are you going to tell him?” He asked you curiously. You sighed helplessly and shrugged. “Soon,” you replied, “Whenever the time is right." 

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Reunited [part 4/6]

Admitting it

Hey everyone. So a month ago today I posted my first story ever, which was reunited. Since then I have over 50 followers and you guys are loving my writing. To celebrate I wanted to post the next chapter to what started it all. In order to catch up you can find the masterlist here

The next day whenever anyone seemed like they were going to ask about you and Sebastian you immediately shut it down. This really annoyed everyone but you didn’t care. You didn’t want to talk about it.

“Come on Y/N ju-”

“No Santana. I don’t want to talk about it.” You said walking faster down the hall.

“Look Y/N, I don’t know what you and that demon did while you were backpacking in France but whatever it is we can use that to our advantage and get back at Smythe for all the awful things he’s done to us.” Said Santana as she practically ran after you.

“First of all I didn’t go backpacking and second of all I don’t want to talk about it.” You said very close to her face, making sure she heard every word before you turned on your heels.

“You don’t have to go into detail just tell what he meant by you two ran into each other.”

“Fine. Sebastian and I were a thing that ended poorly. So if you and everyone else could just drop it I would really appreciate it.” You said before going straight to your next class.


You and Sebastian were going on you tenth date. He took you to get some ice cream and to a movie in the park that he took you to on the first day you met.

He laid down a blanket for you both to sit on as you ate your ice cream. Half way through the movie you got cold so he gave you his jacket.

“Seb no. What about you?”

“It’s okay mon bébé. I’d rather be cold than knowing your sitting next to me freezing.”

“Fine.” You say taking the jacket. Once you slipped it on you scooted closer to Sebastian. He froze for a second not expecting you to want to snuggle with him, but once he relaxed he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer.

When the movie ended you held each other’s hand until you got back to your house. You stood on your door step and looked up to him.

“I had fun tonight.”

“Me too. You’re one special girl Y/N.” Just when you were about to kiss him your front door swung open.

“Um no kissing.” Said your dad as you let out an annoyed groan. Sebastian on the other hand simply chuckled and placed a very evident smirk on his face.

“I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You quickly took off your jacket and handed it to him.

“See you tomorrow.” You said before being shocked with a kiss.

“Hey I said no kissing.” Your dad yelled as Sebastian walked down the street.

“Yeah I heard you.” He said not even bothering to turn around.

“I don’t like him. He’s too cocky.”

“Well I like him. A lot actually.”

The Feelings We Hold

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Request: Can you do a Sebastian Smythe one shot where you go to regionals to watch him sing and the whole time your like “That’s my boyfriend bitches what now” and his smile just gets bigger and after you kiss him and he tells you how much he loves you

Notes: So I hope this is what you’re looking for, sorry this took forever my schedule has been crazy busy but it’s going to get better after this weekend so more fics to come soon! Hope you like it! :)

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Save Me From the Spider [S. Smythe]

So it was like ten pm and I was outside in the dark and I saw this huge ass spider and I let out the girliest shriek and thus inspiration struck. I’ll be doing this theme for Barry, Sebastian, Hunter, Oliver, Tom, and Nolan Gerard Funk yay.

I don’t like spiders

“Seb? Sebastian! Sebastian get in here!

Sebastian made a mad dash to the bathroom of the apartment you were sharing. He barged into the bathroom, seeing you up on the sink, hugging your knees to your chest as you held out a shower curtain rod towards the floor. There, Sebastian saw a large brownish grey spider in the middle of the bathroom floor.

The boy jumped in surprise. He wasn’t the biggest fan of spiders, either. Quickly, he ran to the bedroom to grab your sandal, before coming back and whacking the spider to death.

“Die, you son of a bitch!” He yelled, slapping your sandal against the floor one last time before dropping it on the squished body of the spider and leaving it. Then, he walked over to you and turned around, you happily jumping on his back so that he could give you a piggy ride out of the bathroom.

You hid your face in his shoulder, “Thank you, Seb.”

Sebastian only hummed, “Always for you, mon bébé.”

CHOICES | sebastian smythe


“hey, rachel, i need to talk to you.”

she turned, looking at you as she nodded before pulling you into the music room, which was empty.

“what’s wrong?”

“well, i might be in love with the enemy.”

“what? who?”

“um, he’s a warbler at dalton academy.”

“this isn’t happening. you can’t possibly fall for him.”

“i already did.”

“we need to talk to the glee club about this.”

“no! you will not bring them into this! it isn’t their fault i caught feelings for smythe.”

“we need to. we’re a family, a team.”

your phone pinged, as you took it out and noticed that there was a message from rachel. she said to meet her in the music room, as you put your things in your locker and texted her with an “okay.”

walking there, you passed various classmates, some looking straight at you and others bumping into you. there as no reason as to why they had to act like this, seeing as you had done nothing wrong. once you reached the music room, taking a step inside you regret the decision once you saw everyone in New Directions there and waiting.

“y/n we need to talk.”

“there’s nothing to talk about.”

“yes, there is. rachel told us.”

“i don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“y/n, don’t act stupid we know you like the snarky smythe kid at dalton academy.”

“why would you tell them?”

“why would she not?”

“okay, fine, what if I do? you guys can’t kick me out of the club for that. you can’t control who I like and who I don’t.”

“no we can’t. but we can make you choose.”

“choose what?”

“choose between sebastian or the glee club.”

“you guys can’t do that! that’s not fair.”

“what’s not fair is you keeping your secret love for the enemy away from us and not ask us for our thoughts!”

“santana, calm down.”

“i’m not going to calm down after i risked my life and took a slushie to defend blaine after what sebastian did to him.”

“but that was in the past! sebastian is really nice and a lot different from how he acts in front of us.”

“you can’t prove that.”

“alright, i can’t. but i won’t let you guys make me choose between someone i love and a passion i’ve loved.”

“we can. and you will make a choice.”

walking to lima bean, you immediately start thinking of all the possible ways that your decision could go wrong. as thoughts were running through your head, your body was elsewhere as you accidentally bumped into someone, making you lose your balance and tumble backwards toward the ground. arms wrapped around your waist as you looked up, meeting green eyes and a soft smile.

“you all right there?”

“yeah. thank you.”

“anything for a beautiful girl.”

he helped you up, as you stood upright and smiled, a light blush running across your cheeks. he looked at you, a smile playfully on his lips.

“y/n, right?”

“yeah. and you are sebastian smythe. captain of the warblers.”

“I am indeed.”

a silence came upon both of you as you heard rattling of coffee cups, and the smell of coffee circled both of you.

“would you like a coffee? treat on me.”

you chuckled, a smile playfully on your lips as you looked up at those deep green eyes.

“I’d love one.”


Reunited [part 5/6]

The break up

You, Sam, Rachel, Finn and Mercedes decided to go to the Lima bean. After your little outburst with Santana, word got out and they felt bad for you.

You were standing in line when you heard that oh so familiar voice.

“What are you doing here?” You said not even turning around.

“I’m here all the time. I see your friends failed to mention that.” You got out of line not wanting to be near him, but he just followed you. “Why are you so mad at me?”

“You seriously don’t know?” Just as he was about to speak Rachel cut in.

“Look Smythe leave her alone.”

“So you told them?” He said trying to hold onto his snarky and confident exterior, but only you saw right through it.

“Yeah I did.” You weren’t making eye contact with him.

“Look Y/N what happened was not entirely my fault. You were leaving, so that’s why I did what I did.” He simply stood there waiting for an answer. The silence was killing him so he started to walk away.

“No it was all your fault. And if you think I don’t have the right to be angry than there’s something wrong with you.” Your words made Sebastian stop in his tracks and turn around.

“And you just figured that out?” Mumbled Mercedes, earning her the death stare.

“Soyez faché d'être tout ce que vous voulez, mais la façon dont j'ai senti de vous … comment je me sens toujours de vous est réel.”(Be mad at be all you want, but how I felt about you… how I still feel about you is real.) He said, leaving you speechless. He decided to say what he said in French so that no one else but you would understand.


Summer was just about over and you were feeling pretty sad about. You got pulled from your train of thought when you heard a knock on the door. You shot up from the couch and looked through the peep hole to see your amazing boyfriend.

You opened the door and saw they he had a sad look on his face. “Hey Seb what’s wrong.” You took his hand to lead him inside but he pulled away.

“Y/N we need to talk.” Said Sebastian, avoiding eye contact.

“Okay… come in.” You said making space for him to step inside.

“No I want to do this out here. Y/N… I’m breaking up with you.”

“W-what.” He still couldn’t look you in the eye.

“Y/N don’t make this harder than it has to be. We’re both leaving and we’re never going to see each again. Look I think I love you but the best thing to do is never talk to each other again.”

“Not even as friends?” Sebastian finally looked at you and regretted it immediately, seeing a tear fall down your face.

“Y/N we could never work. We will never work. It’ll be easier if we just never talk to each other again.”

“How can you tell me you love me and then leave me?” Sebastian didn’t know how to answer you. He could’ve said something reassuring but he said the one thing that he knew would make you want to drift away.

“What can I say? I’m an egotistical jerk.”

“You were nothing but nice to me.” You said as more tears steadily streamed down your face.

“I guess you should’ve listened to me when I told you.” He said before walking off leaving you in tears.