dalton academy for girls

“Screwed” - Kurt/Blaine

Blaine and Kurt play a game of “7 Minutes in Heaven” at an illegal-for-like-ten-different-reasons party with the Warblers, because there’s no way that could go wrong.

(as prompted by bagels-and-netflix)

Features: season 2 Klaine and a bit of claustrophobia

~2900 words | AO3

“Warbler Blaine! Warbler Kurt! Into the circle, please!” Wes calls, waving them over to the cluster of Dalton Academy boys and Crawford County Day girls seated on the floor of the Warblers’ rehearsal space.

Jeff, seated next to Wes and his girlfriend, Roxanne, rolls his eyes and flips his blond hair across his forehead. “Wes, you don’t have to call everyone ‘Warbler,’ it’s not like this is an official meeting.”

“No, no, this is so official!” Nick laughs from his seat next to David’s girlfriend, Abby. “I want this in the official minutes at Monday’s meeting! David, make it so!”

David, a little farther down the circle between Abby and Trent, smirks and says, “See, this is why you’re not secretary. Because you would actually put a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven at a forbidden, co-ed, after-hours party on an official document where the faculty advisor could see it.”

“You’re so full of crap, David! There’s no way we have a faculty advisor. I haven’t seen a teacher in weeks.”

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