Below you will find a download link to #440+ gifs of Brett Dalton. None of them were created by me, nor do we claim them to be, in fact, they were all found on THIS tag. Most of these are in his role as Grant Ward and SOME are of him as himself, but 95% are of him as Grant Ward in Agents of SHIELD. I do not claim credit for creating, only for taking the time to save and upload. There may be similar ones but there shouldn’t be duplicates. Please do not claim any of these as your own out of respect to the owners and please like/reblog if you found this helpful! This gif hunt was compiled by Tina.

TW: blood, guns


Kurtbastian fic - The Watcher in the Woods (Chapter 5)

Kurt and Sebastian are going camping in the woods that Sebastian used to visit as a child to celebrate Sebastian’s birthday. But something else, something a bit more sinister, decides to interrupt their trip.

This story is based off a prompt I received a while back on tumblr from flowerfan2, who requested a camping story with some hijanks, maybe a canoe overturning. Well, that’s how it started. xD The chapters are going to be relatively short, and there will be a timestamp on the top of each to give an impression of when everything happens and how long it takes (inspired by the show 24). Warning for angst, anxiety, suspense, drama, horror, sexual content, illness, hallucinations, and action/adventure.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

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Warning for a slight description of Sebastian’s wound.

12:16 – 12:59 a.m.

Kurt’s entire world, every millimeter of his focus, narrows the second he catches sight of Sebastian’s arm. Kurt has never known anyone who’s suffered from a horrible, disfiguring disease, but he’s heard about them – grotesque, body-altering ailments reported on by CNN, like sepsis and gangrene and staph, MRSA, flesh-eating bacteria, and Leishmaniasis (that one he heard about on an episode of House). Then there’s the stuff his nurse stepmom Carole feels is appropriate to discuss over dinner (even though it’s really, really not), like people who went out on hikes (no big deal), got caught in freak landslides, trapped under rocks, and had to cut their own arms off with Swiss Army knives to break free, some with the addition of wolves or coyotes loitering nearby, encroaching, waiting to eat the maimed and helpless hikers alive.

Luckily for Kurt and Sebastian, there’s nothing outside their tent, waiting to eat them.

A long screech splits the sky and Kurt gasps.

At least, he hopes there isn’t.

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Shelter Searching || Dean & Dalton

-The day had been a warm, relaxing one. Dean’s plane landed last night and Dalton had picked him up at the airport, the two chatting the rest of the night about Dean’s sudden want for a puppy. Deciding he was serious about it, they had spent some time at the park today with Bolt and Peanut, having lunch before heading off to look through some shelters. The first one turned out to avail, not having any of the Rottie puppies Dean is looking for, and now Dalton pulls up outside the second shelter, Peanut and Bolt sitting in Dean’s lap.-

I hope they have someone here. I just want a little puppy to take home. Right, Bolt? Don’t you and Peanut want a little friend to play with? -Dean coos to bolt, scratching under his chin.-


I’m Pretty Sure One, If Not More, Of the People You’ve Overheard Talking in Your Life Has Been Named ‘Calcium Deficiency’

Some dogs have the luxury of the television being left on when the humans leave. Before I became a human I could not be convinced that bees could make a hive out of anything & therefore, an instrument out of anything. How long has been since the moon started vibrating? Please, tell me what you mean by hollow. You don’t need this message handed to you, written in a aesthetically pleasing font on card stock, but: This Bag is Not a Toy. I left my keys inside. There might be another way in. What’s that sound? Well, I’m convinced now.

This meme’s questions were created by LaEscritora on Deviantart. The guys are numbered in order, starting from Ambrose as 1 and ending in Adrian as 10. I substituted the numbers for their names, and these are the result. Just some of the skits that we’ll be doing ;)

  • Ambrose has the flu and Sunny has to take care of him.
  • Dameon, Kelley and Adrian are stuck in the airport.
  • Dalton and Dameon go mattress shopping.
  • Ambrose, Thad and Cerulean play a board game.
  • Thad borrows Dalton’s car.
  • Donovan and Graham bake a cake.
  • Kelley, Sunny and Adrian lock the keys in the car.
  • Ambrose and Thad get accosted by solicitors.
  • Donovan and Kelley listen to each other’s music.
  • Donovan, Cerulean and Graham watch a scary movie together.
  • Dalton, Cerulean and Dameon get their hands on a camera.
  • Graham and Adrian kidnap Sunny to go on an adventure.

Stay tuned for these and more :)

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WWE Studios picks up religious comedy The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

WWE Studios picks up religious comedy The Resurrection of Gavin Stone #BrettDalton #WWE #ShawnMichaels

Film stars Brett Dalton from Agents of Shield.

WWE Studios has picked up rights to religious comedy The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

The film stars Brett Dalton from Agents of Shield as Stone and is directed by Dallas Jenkins from Andrea Nasfell’s script.

Also starring are retired WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, D.B. Sweeney and Neil Flynn.

The story follows former child star…

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Legacy Play - Generations 3 & 4 - Jason and Jazlyn Dwyer

Eventually the bumbling Dr replaced Jazlyn’s second heart and extracted the Dwyer’s second child from her womb.

The relief and joy was clear on Jason’s face as he watched his wife cradle their newborn son.

Welcome to the family Dalton Dwyer.