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Leandro Erlich: Dalston House

Part of Beyond Barbican, Argentine artist Leandro Erlich brings us an installation based in Dalston which makes it clear why he is so famous for his incredible three-dimensional visual illusions.

The front of a Victorian-style house lies flat on the floor, whilst leaning above it is a huge mirror positioned in a way that reflects the house, making those who perch on the windows or hang off the door seem as though they are scaling the building vertically.

Erlich wanted his design to resemble the houses that previously stood on the block and it certainly makes a great backdrop for photography, which is openly encouraged. The installation is accompanied by talks, live performances and workshops and it’s completely free for you to roll around, at first you may feel a little silly but when you start getting creative with the ‘hanging off the window’ shots it’s so much fun! Only ten people can participate at a time so make sure you go early to avoid queues.

Dalston House will close at 7pm on Thu 1 Aug

Lucie Rutter 


Barbie loves a challenge and looks to defy the odds whenever possible. Even if that means defying gravity. Impossible? Nothing’s impossible if reach for it. Just stretch your imagination and even your dream house can be somewhere where you can walk up the walls. Or down them? Or just hang around…

The Anti-Gravity House (Dalston House)

Master illusionist Leandro Erlich has created a 3D installation, Dalston House, which is composed of the remnants of a Victorian House destroyed in WWII. The facade and a very large 45 degree mirror lets visitors defy gravity in the most interesting ways. Of course you have to use your imagination. It might run wild… But there’s the fun! Let it!!

Would you dare to dream of or actually live in a house that defied gravity?

Barbie most definitely would!


Kisses, m.


Do something different “beyond Barbican”: Dalston House