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It is still very early days - sometimes we need to lay down a bit to finish the treat, sometimes our tummies are full, so, we cannot be bothered, but the important thing is that we are a gorgeous bunch of little Dali pups as bright as buttons who are thriving on praise.


This was Dalipasha clan’s last nap together on Saturday 8th June 2013 (Zola had left already) before they were ready to go to their new for ever homes. These images of our beautiful Dali babies sleeping, playing, running around, or doing anything really, will be dearly missed in this house, but we always new it was coming and we’ve tried to make most of our time together. They are all going to the most loving new homes and we wish them to have the greatest lives together with their new families. 

Dalipasha - New Horizons

We are a bunch of gorgeous, smart, well adjusted little Dali dogs who are 8 weeks old and ready to start making new imprints on the whole new bunch of human lives and souls. Our paw prints will change our new families’ yarn forever and will make them as unique and unforgettable as we all are.

We have made it successfully through the most challenging, most terrifying, most beautiful, and most life changing 8 weeks of our lives, but we are not at the end of any journey. To the contrary, we are only ready to open all those new, exciting, daring doors of our new lives. 

We said our farewells to our Mum, Dad, and our temporary Mummy and that was very sad, but at the same time we are saying hello to our beautiful new families and all those nice people who could barely wait to welcome us to their lives, and that is sooo exciting…

Watch this space…