Birds of a Feather

The only sound she could hear was the pencil gliding against the paper. It was a pleasant sound; one she’s come to know and love, but still not soothing enough. She struggled to keep the book open as well as hold her sketch book in place so it would be damn near perfect. A little hummingbird was almost taking its true form before her hazel green-blue eyes. A smirk played on her lips in triumph. “It’s about damn time” she muttered, shading in a few more places.

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I love her!!! She’s really pretty and seems really nice but we don’t talk so yeah :( but I love her blog a lot and she’s one of my favourite blogs

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Singled Out (Dallas Winston and Angela Shepard)

Tulsa was up to its usual tricks on the cool autumn day. School had just started, so all the Socs and decent Greasers were back in that hell hole they decided to call a school. But that wasn’t for the notorious Dallas Winston. His cool icy gaze flickered around, looking for both some kind of excitement or trouble. Maybe he was just looking for both. Either way, he was wanting some kind of action. And what Dallas Winston wanted, he got, one way or another.

The urge to ease his boredom suddenly brought him to the local bar, knowing the bartender personally for one of their many fights in the middle of the establishment. He knew Dallas meant business. “Beer” was all he said, taking another drag from his cancer stick and blowing it into a ring right in the bartender’s face with a small smirk. A girl sat at the end of the bar all alone, which was the only person Dallas could see in there. “How ya doin’, Doll?” He called over, hoping to fire up a conversation worthy of his time.

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1. What is your OTP? Peeniss

2. Weirdest fanfic you’ve ever read? Haven’t read one so far

3. DC or Marvel? Marvel bitches! ;)

4. Books or movies? I find books better because movies leave a bunch of shit out but without the movies I wouldn’t really have a visual of the character so both I guess

5. A band/song/musician that’s changed your life? Elvis, Coldplay, One Republic, and Selena Gomez and the Scene

6. What’s your sexuality? Straight but not narrow

7. Cats or dogs? Doggies!! ^.^

8. A song that you have always loved and always will, that you just have a connection with? Intuition by Selena Gomez, Wouldn’t it be nice by Beach Boys and Secrets by One Republic

9. A reason why you like your crush? Don’t have one

10. What’s the most money you’ve ever found?  $1 I forgot where ahaha so much for “luck of the Irish” lol

11. A word you like to say and why? “Can you dig it?” and “Candyass!”

louis-mylove questions:

1. Favourite celebrity and why? C. Thomas Howell ( I like his sass), Demi Lovato because she’s amazing um wow, Ke$ha because after I watched “ke$ha my crazy beautiful life” she is way more amaze-balls then people give her credit for and, Molly Ringwald because she is beautidul and an awesome actress.

2. What is/was your favourite subject at school/college? Language Arts because I like to read and if I could would probably crawl into a book and live there (idk that’s weird lol)

3. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? I’ve always wanted to be a singer/actress Hasn’t changed but sometimes I think about being a writer or fashion and design but Actress always overrules haha

4. Who do you hate the most on this whole planet? Bitches

5. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate? Hot cocoa

6. What’s your favourite TV show? Supernatural and iCarly

7. What are you scared of? Sometimes I’m afraid to walk down stairs at night because I feel like a ghost or spirit is gonna push me down and I hate closing my eyes when I wash my face bc I feel like there is a murderer standing behind me that’s gonna send an ax through my head

8. Do you have any phobias?I have an arachnophobia and this is weird but I hate go-carts and am deathly afraid of driving one. Also I’m afraid of sharks

9. What’s your favourite animal? Squirrels and Puppies

10. Favourite thing to have on pizza? Pepperoni and Sausage

11. Hobbies? Singing, reading, drawing, and Jewelery making

Coreyhaimster QUESTIONS:

1. Favorite movie? The Outsiders, Red Dawn (both original and remake) The Hunger Games, Grease, Secret at Arrow lake (b/c its awkward and I like to make fun of C.Thomas Howell in it) and, The Wizard of Oz

2. Name a pet you would have from the zoo , if they wouldn’t eat you? A Koala or Penguin

3. recommend a good book? The whole Hunger Games Trilogy lol

4. favorite lost boys character (if you havent seen this, go do it now.) Never seen it

5.favorite food? I dunno just bring me a bucket of fried chicken (iCarly reference if you couldn’t tell)

6. name something awesome that came out of the 90s? As Alyssa said GRUNGE!!!

7.best movie in the last couple of years? Now you see me. It was a good movie go check it out.

8. corey haim or corey feldman? Corey Haim

9. wolverine or batman? Batman!!

10. hugh jackman or christian bale?  Jackman my bro


1.chips or cookies? COOKIES!!

2.if you had a time machine and could only use it once, what year would you choose? 1951 ahaha I love that time and I am determined to go back after a time machine is created, Or 1981 when it would still be legal to date Tommy Howell, Or Rob Lowe lolz

3.fave Quentin Tarantino film? Idk who that is sorry

4.favorite junk food? OREOS!!

5.favorite kind of pasta? That one with the olives and swirly colorful noodles

6.thai or chinese food? Both

7.vampires or zombies? Vampire

8.best movie sidekick Idrk

9.favorite country/city or state you visited LA baby!

10.you win 5 million dollars, what is the first thing you do? Buy a house and a trampeline in L.A then fly Dallys-girly-scream out here so we could get a record deal and stalk and scare the absolute shit out of Tommy Howell



1. do you sleep naked? Psh no people just walk into my room randomly and my sister is always barging in so no

2. do you live in america? Yup land of the government controlled 

3. what’s the worst lie you’ve ever told? I lie to people about my age and that all the time. Some kids at the pool think I’m 14 lol

4. have you ever choked (on food not dick)? Are you kidding me I choke on my own saliva

5. favorite lyric from your favorite album of your favorite band/singer? “If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away to some fortune that I should have found by now, I’m waiting for this cough Syrup to come down” - Cough Syrup Young the Giant, “This is how you remind me of what I really am.” How you remind me - Nickelback, “People help the people and if you’re homesick give me your hand and I’ll hold it” People help the People - Birdy, “Even angels have their wicked schemes… ‘cause you feed me fables from your hand with violent words and empty threats” Ariana Grande - Love the way you lie, and last of all “She dreamed of Paradise everytime she closed her eyes” Paradise - Coldplay

6. is your hair your natural color? Kind of. i died my hair red a year ago and it went totally wrong and turned out pink but my hair is very close to the original color because I’ve died it my natural color God knows how many times now.

7. who would you run to if you were in big trouble? My big sister because she is my hero basically.

8. when’s the last time you showered? yesterday I ain’t got time to be dirty. 

9. where do you keep your money? Bitch I’m broke lol

10. why did cry the last time you cried? I was being yelled at and I hate being yelled at.

11. are you a bad bitch? I’m the fucking most bad ass bitch you will ever have the opportunity to meet BIOTCH!! Suck it! *gestures down to where a penis would be if I had one*

dallys-girly-scream beautiful amazing uncomfortable questions ;)

1. why did you join tumblr? Because all my friends had one lol

2. if you woke up in the middle of the night to see me outside your window what the fuck would you do? Open the window let you in and sneak away to Los Angeles

3. have you ever had a paranormal experience? Yup fucking scary ass shit man

4. would you rather be by yourself or with people who dont really care about you but know how to have fun? Be by myself. I hate having people looking over my shoulder


6. do you have any regrets? YESSSS

7. who is your closest online friend? dallys-girly-scream

8.  what decade or time period would you have loved to be a teenager in? The 50’s BITCH! ;)

9. think of your favorite show/movie, then picture yourself in an alternate universe where the characters and their world are real. do you think youd get along well? Maybe but I’m pretty sure they’d secretly hate me and call me a soc. But really I’m poorer than a hobo

10. favorite memory? Going to LA and walking down the celebrity walk of fame, and watching/ reading the outsiders at school

11. will you join my hippie fandom? we love everybody and we dont judge :) Nope I aint no hippie lol

Questions by obsessed50schick

1. Favorite Blog?

2.What’s your favorite song and by who?

3.Do you have an animal?

4. Something that someone does (no names) that really pisses you off?

5.How old are you?

6.If you could go anywhere in the world for as long as you want where would you go?

7. Favorite color?

8.What would you name your child if you had one?

10.Favorite cartoon?

11. Dr.Who, Dean Winchester, Gale Hawthorne. Date, Kiss, Marry?

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My Questions!!

1. What would you buy if you won the lottery and became super rich?

A giant house for me and my family.

2. If you could date a celebrity that you love, would you want to date them right now or wait a few years?

A few years, (2 and half) so I’d be legal too.

3. Where is your favorite place to be and why?

I only go like once a year, but Tennessee (if that counts). It’s so relaxing and peaceful and I just love the mountains.

4. If a fictional character breaks into your house and tells you to come and adventure with them, would you do it? 


5. Who do you look up to most?

Probably my dad.

6. What are some skills that you have? Are there any things you wish you could do or improve on?

I can drive pretty good. I’d improve on like everything if I could tbh. I’m not very talented.

7. If you had to have the life of character in a book/movie, which would it be?

Daniel Larusso from the Karate Kid. He’s got a great mom and a teacher that is always there for him, no matter what. Him or Katniss Everdeen because 1) shes a badass and 2) if you don’t wanna have sex with Peeta Mellark you’re lying.

8. What is your dream car?

1968 black Camaro

9. Do you wanna go anywhere else in the world? If so, where?

England, Paris, Italy or Rome

10. Favorite school subject?

Social studies

11. Would you rather go back in time or into the future?

back in time

My questions:

1. Favorite Decade.

2. Favorite food.

3. Most embarrassing moment

4. Describe the person you’re in love with.

5. Favorite Book and why

6. When was the last time you cried and why?

7. You’re all time favorite teacher. (Real or fictional)

8. Motto to live by

9. Where would you rather be right now?

10. Your opinion on same-sex marriage.

11. Role model.

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Hero (Skyla and Johnny)

It was just cold night  in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It wasn’t safe; no it was never safe to be walking out at this time, but she didn’t care. There was no way she was going to go back to an empty house with the empty promise of her mother’s return. She had other business to attend to rather then come home to her only daughter. Skyla smiled bitterly, pulling her pack of Kools from her hoodie pocket and sticking one between her cracking lips. If her mother would have seen her do this, it would have earned her a slap across the face. It wasn’t like she cared, anyways. It wouldn’t have been the first time and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last. She spun the dial on the zippo and stuck the flame at the end, watching it burn with her turquoise gaze with amusement before taking a couple drags and flipping her zippo closed with a clink sound.

An engine roared behind her, although Skyla gave the wave of passage so she wouldn’t have to move so far. But when she didn’t see a pair of taillights pass by, her breathing nearly stopped. The car doors opened and she could feel a couple of people coming up behind her. With one final drag she threw her cigarette reluctantly to the ground and turned to face whoever disturbed her thinking. It was a couple of Socs; drunk of their rockers and with bittersweet smirks plastered on their faces. As usual, she made no attempt to plead for her safety or even to speak for that matter. She gazed at the levelly and waited for them to come to her. There was no use in running, since they could easily catch up to her no matter where she went.

“Whatta we got ‘ere boys!" one of them called out. Skyla’s hands clenched in her hoodie pockets. "Looks like we got ourselves a greasy whore.” Skyla smirked at the word whore. This insult was coming from a guy who probably stuck his pecker into anyone who spread their legs for them. But she wasn’t in the mood to be snippy and she sure as hell didn’t want to brawl. “Can I help you boneheads with somethin’?” she said finally, her eyes shifting from one drunken face to another. Her eyes were glazed over with hatred.

“I dunno, how much ya chargin’?" another one of them teased. Skyla chuckled. "Same price as your mama, sweetheart. Now beat it, I don’t have time for these games.” She began to turn away before a strong hold grabbed on to her shoulder. “You ain’t goin’ no where, slut” said the third one. Skyla glanced between the faces. It seemed as if there were only three Socs there. Good, jus’ gotta take 'em down and run like hell, she thought to herself. Skyla mentally checked herself for her switchblade but came up with nothing. There was a slight chance she would get lucky and they wouldn’t beat her too bad if she didn’t have one. But then again, it was only a chance. The move was quick, but it connected just the way she wanted. Skyla threw her right fist forward and connected with the guy who had grabbed on to her shoulder, running away as quick as she could. “Get her!” they yelled behind her. Her black hair flew behind her as she booked it down the street, listening to the barking of nearly every dog in the neighborhood. But she wasn’t quick enough. Shit.

One Soc got on top of her while the others held down her arms. Skyla tried to wiggle her way free, earning her a punch to the face. “Hold still, bitch!” The Soc proceeded to try and unbutton her jeans, which gave her the opportunity to get her leg free. She kicked him in the stomach, smirking slightly to herself as he became incoherent for only a few moments. Fists began connecting with her body–mainly her torso–one after another. “Help!” she called out between coughs. Blood trickled down her forehead as her head was slammed against the sidewalk. Her vision became blurry as she silently wished for some kind of miracle to come her way.

That was the most frustrating conversation I have ever had….I mean seriously? You wanna enlighten me on what the fuck gives you the right to call me and then get pissed because you’re acting like a fucking asshole? No. That is my signal to get the fuck off the phone before I wake everyone and their cousin in this damn trailer park.

Ugh, sorry for the vent.

Bent and Broken (Helixia and Tate)

I really need a cigarette.

Those were the first thoughts that popped into the girl’s head as the sunlight hit her lightly freckled face. It was a Saturday, yet it felt like any other day to her. It all felt the same. But eventually the need to move grew large enough to act as some form of motivation. As slowly as she possibly could, she leaned upward and rubbed whatever sleep remained in her turquoise eyes. Her midnight hair was twisted into a braid, acting as some form of natural curler, with small strands flying around her head. Upon glancing at her phone, she realized that it was only a matter of time before her mother would be waking up for her second job at the diner. It was another slow night at the bar, so today, it was a double-shift.

After having a glass of juice, she figured it would just be best if she took a walk around the town, seeing the sights she’d seen millions of times over, give or take a few. Helix slid on her jeans and pulled on plaid button up shirt with black, white, and navy blue with a black tank top underneath. Her makeup only took five minutes; sliding on a generous coat of eyeliner and making sure everything was in order before grabbing back pack and heading out the door.

The air was nice and cool against her porcelain skin, making her half wish she’d brought some form of a jacket with her. But the moment she’d stepped out into the sun, everything was perfectly fine. It seemed that no matter how many deep breaths she took, she couldn’t get enough of the fresh air filling her lungs, only to poison it with a hit of her cigarette. The smoke made her nerves relax, a small sigh escaping her as the familiar relief settled in. Her nose was once again stuck in a book as she put out her cigarette, reading the words and entering a world of her own. Suddenly, her shoulder bumped into another specimens, making the contents she was holding fall to the ground. “Sorry! I shouldn’t be so damn clumbsy” she said quickly out of instinct. Her turquoise gaze looked up to meet a pair of dark brown orbs, which obviously seemed amuse at her fluster.