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Dallas Winston relationship headcannons

-was legit super confident asking you out
-he’s a confident greaser kid with no fucks given I promise he was cocky as fuck
-loves to leave hickies in really visible spots
-never lets you walk around Tulsa alone (especially at night)
-steals presents for you
-gives you his leather jacket
-will grope you
-Dallas Winston always gets what he wants and he wants to hold your hand, waist, shoulders
-not easily jealous bc he knows he’s awesome, but around someone like Tim; he’ll legit eat your face to prevent you from even looking in his direction.
-sneaking out at night
-your parent/guardian has probably seen him sneaking out of your window
-cuddling in his room at bucks when it rains.
-playing with his hair
-going to the drive in (you snuck in tbh)
-honestly you guys would fight a lot but not about real big stuff unless you pulled some dumbass shit or he did.
-honestly he acts tuff but would hate to see you cry
-he’s a little fucking baby and is clingy as fuck
-wants your attention honestly 24/7
-kisses, hugs, everything
-can’t focus on one thing with you like reading so he’d probably give up and whine or just stare at you for a while
-you are probably like Johnny’s best friend
-he honestly probably had a small crush on you because he looks up to dallas so much but would never cause drama
-you and dally smacking eachothers butts
-he would tease you with his height
-“give me my fucking book dally.”
-“look doll you’re atleast halfway there!”
-always picking you up or throwing you over his shoulder
-defends you with a passion
-“doll” “babe”
-bailing him out of jail
-causing trouble with him
-being the most badass couple
-getting drunk or smoking together
-never cheating on eachother like Sylvia did
-being the first to say I love you
-“love you dal.”
-“I know.”
-knowing he still loves you but won’t say it
-dal being a pretty good boyfriend and trying to clean up even if it’s just a bit bc he wants you to last.


{synopsis} dallas winston asks you for a lighter, igniting more than just his cigarette’s flame

{warnings} sex god dally in all his naked glory, fingering, dirty talk, smoking, drinking, smutty smut smut, get out your bibles kids, oral sex (fr), literally the whole package, sensual dally, dom!dally

{pairing} dallas winston x fem!reader

{word count} 1526

   The night was cold, bitter, and dark. Your eyes shifted from the lit cigarette in your hand to the velvety black sky above, the expanse of it adorned with tiny white lights. The pounding music from inside Buck’s had given you a splitting migraine, and even as you took drags from your cigarette your head was dizzy. You peeked back inside the red-lit room, watching the dancing bodies move together along with the beat. Your eyes widened, though, as the people began to part for a darkly dressed, stumbling figure. He was tall and shaggy looking, chestnut colored hair sticking out at all angles from his head. He had pale skin and a mischievous smirk on his lips, a sign of trouble you didn’t want to deal with.

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Dally Imagine: Teach Me To Fight.

“Why, doll?” Dally asked looking over at you. You two were sitting outside your house talking and you had asked him to teach you to fight.

“Do I need a special reason? I just feel like I should know, alright?” You snapped at him defensively. The truth was that your little brother had been beaten up pretty badly a couple of days ago by a bunch of soc’s. You wouldn’t tell Dally that though. You knew it would make him do something stupid and the last thing you wanted was for him to get thrown in the cooler again, especially since he just got out.

“Alright fine.” Dally muttered lighting up a cigarette. “But I don’t understand why you need to know how to fight when you know I’d take care of anyone who tried to hurt you.”

You sighed a bit. You really wanted to tell him, you just couldn’t. “Well maybe if you’d stop getting yourself into trouble all of the time you’d actually be around long enough to protect me.” You teased him with a small smirk before getting up to walk away. Dally got up to and so you ran away from him laughing and he ran after you, picking you up from behind when he caught up to you. He spun you around and when he out you down you kissed.

“Alright so teach me.” You said to him after you both pulled away and he nodded. It took him a little while to figure out how he would go about teaching you since fighting was something he seemed to just always know how to do. He got the hang of the teaching thing after a while and had you throwing a good punch in no time.

When night started to fall you decided to stop the lesson and continue the next day. You planned on going over to the Curtis’s house for dinner with him but before you two could leave your yard you saw your brother coming up the walkway. Dally was messing with his matches trying to get a stubborn one to light and you hoped your brother would pass before he saw him but you weren’t that lucky. Dally glanced up and saw that your brothers face was covered in cuts and bruises and you saw your boyfriend visibly tense.

“What the hell?!” he demanded to your brother. “Who did this to you? Who were they? Did this just happen?”

“N-no..” your brother stammered nervously. Dally had always scared him a bit but now that your boyfriend was shaking with rage even you were scared. “Didn’t.. Didn’t Y/N tell you?”

Dally’s head snapped over to you. “Tell me what?”

“It.. It was some socs. We were walking home from school. I tried to help him but they held me back.” you muttered quietly. You were looking into Dally’s eyes and you saw the realization come over him. He didn’t say anything more he just began storming away from you. You told your brother to call the Curtis’s so they could come help you stop Dally from finding those guys but as you ran after him you were pretty sure nothing could hold him back anymore.

Some Jally Headcannons:

• Dally being so over protective of Johnny
• Johnny being all cautious around Dally, even though they’re dating it’s just in his nature to be a little cautious around everyone. even if he is comfortable with them
• Dally would call Johnny ‘Doll’ in front of the gang with no shame
• when this happens Johnny will nervously look at the gang because each time Dally says it he feels embarrassed
• he secretly likes it though
• Dally not only helps Johnny out if he runs into some socs but Johnny has been known to help Dally out too
• one time 6 or 7 socs all jumped Dally
• you’d think anyone wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump Dallas Winston but to the Socs if you could jump Dally and win then it was an accomplishment
• they probably would have won the fight if Johnny didn’t show up
• they all ran for their life as soon as Johnny brandished the famous knife he used to kill Bob
• Dally would probably say something like: “I could’ve taken them”
• but then he’d look at Johnny and see how scared he looks and Dally would loosen up a little and smile at Johnny
• “thanks, kid”
• Dally would never admit to this series of events occurring to the gang, although they all knew
• Johnny wouldn’t bring it up either because he knows how important Dally’s reputation is to him

“Crush,” Dally Winston One-Shot

Requested by anon. Dally was sorta out of character. Just a little bit though. Anywho, let’s continue.

Prompt: “I can’t kiss you.” “Why not?” “Because I will never stop.”

Also, a few curse words and a little sexual suggestion ,’:-))

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You had liked Dallas Winston for a long time now. Yeah, he was an absolute dick to everyone; but there was something about him that made you attracted to him. Maybe it was his sarcastic remarks, or his cold glare. Maybe it was the way he would stare at something. Whatever it was, it had you falling hard.

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Imagine getting into a fight with Dally

“Hey come on doll. Quit being so mad” “Get out Dallas! I don’t want to see you!” “Ok, have it your way!”

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DallyxReader in the shower…


“Just ten more minutes, Doll” Dally whispered into your ears. “Come on, we hardly ever get time alone these days.” 

“I gotta go to work, Dal” You sighed, hugging him tighter to your body, not wanting to let him go. “I start in half an hour.” 

“Call in sick, stay with me for the whole day.” His lips pressed to your neck as his hands slid down your soapy, wet skin. He caressed your ass, kneading the flesh there, causing a moan to erupt from your lips.

“Stop Dal, if you keep it up I ain’t gonna wanna go anywhere…” You felt him smile against your neck as his fingers found his way to your heated mound.

“That’s the idea.” He chuckled, slipping in two of his fingers and quickly working them in and out of you, his thumb rubbing your clitoris. 

“Mmmm… Dal” You moaned, clinging onto him for all you are worth. “Oh God, just fuck me already.”

He replaced his fingers with his hardened cock, he rammed himself up into you, making you gasp in surprise.

He pushed you up against the wall gently, hitching you leg across his waist as he thrusted his hips up into you, hitting your Gspot every time, making you cry out in pleasure. 

“Ungh, Dally. Fuck me.” 

Ponyboy Curtis Imagine

warnings: none
my first imagine and it’s 100% fluff
if you like this feel free to request
hope you like it!❤️

Ponyboy imagine

It was a dull, rainy, fall afternoon.
You had run down to the school library after the bell rang; signaling the end of the day. The librarian Miss Tiffany was an older quiet woman, she needed more help getting around so you volunteered to help. “Miss Tiffany?” You called out in the basically empty library, she replied quickly. Fast walking out of her office behind the desk, “Yes dear, I’m so glad you are here! I have to go to a doctors appointment so you’re in charge today!” You quickly nodded, “oh okay I’ll see you later then.” She handed you the keys, smiled and walked out. You made yourself useful very quickly and started restocking books. Suddenly you saw a group of greaser boys walk in. All 3 of them sat down looking around quietly whispering. You saw a tan boy whisper to your classmate Ponyboy. “So this is where your crush works after school? What her name again?” Ponyboy looked around but didn’t notice you as you were restocking books behind a couple shelves. He got flustered “her names Y/N! and keep your voice down I don’t know where she is!” He whisper yelled to his friend. You stifled a giggle; You thought Ponyboy was cute from day one, he got called on in the middle of class and was always in trouble for daydreaming. He was a regular in the school library reading or studying. You walked out from behind shelves when you finished putting back books in the fantasy section. “Are you guys looking for something?” You asked walking up to them. Ponyboy nearly jumped out of his seat. His face was red, blush blowing up all the way to the tips of his ears. The bad boy in Tulsa, Dally, spoke up. “Yeah doll, he’s actually been looking for something for a quite a while.” Ponyboy’s head whipped around to look at Dally, he looked concerned. “Well, I can help with that! What’s he looking for?” You asked politely.
Dally smirked, averting his gaze from Ponyboy to look at you. “He’s been looking for a day to take you out to the Drive-In” Ponyboy was even redder now. You giggled “I’m free tomorrow? I heard my favorite movie was playing. Would you like to go with me Ponyboy?” The 2 boys who had walked in with him, walked out saying they’d be outside waiting for him. Ponyboy sputtered, standing up, looking overwhelmed, “Golly! I’d really like to if you’d let me!” He exclaimed. You smiled and walked over to him, you kissed his cheek, “well of course!” He smiled real wide “Can I pick you up at 4? Tomorrow?” You quickly nodded, grabbing his hand you led him to the check out desk. Grabbing a piece of paper you wrote down your address. “This is my address, you can definitely pick me up then!” You said handing him the paper. He smiled down at the small paper as if it was a million dollars. He suddenly looked up at you, quickly kissing your cheek; “thank you Y/N. I’ve liked ya for a real long time.” Now it was your turn to blush. You smiled looking down “No thank you Ponyboy. You’re a real catch yourself. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” He smiled and nodded; Waving, he ran out of the library. You smiled like an idiot. ‘Thank god for Miss Tiffany and the cute boy from the library.’ You thought, sitting down waiting for closing time to come so you could run home and plan what to wear for your date.

Jealous: Sodapop imagine

Sodapop has never seen someone so perfect. Everything about her was so captivating. The way her smile made you smile. Her loud laugh that could bring you back to life. The dimples that rose on her cheeks. How her hips seemed to hypnotized him in their swaying nature. Just everything.

He loved her, he knew that for sure. Every time he would see her his heart hurt from her perfection. She was so different from any other girl he had ever met. She read more books than he could ever count and her view on life was just so intoxicating. Sodapop could stay there all day and just listen to whatever she has to say. Whatever it was, from her life, to the vase knowledge she holds or whatever the color of the sky is.

The only problem was her boyfriend. He wanted her to be happy, that’s all he wanted but that Soc was nothing but trouble. Soda feared for him to use and hurt her. He wouldn’t be able to see her sad or even shed a tear over that self absorbed tool.

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Dally Imagine: I win

anonymous asked: could you write an imagine where soda and dallas both like the same girl and she chooses dallas in the end knowing that he may not be the best choice but he’s what she wants thanks!

A/N: Sorry for the somewhat long break! Didn’t mean to stop uploading! School is stressful!


    You walked down the street heading to the Curtis house. You were close with the gang and loved to hang out with them. Ever since about two days ago, Dally and Sodapop have taken a liking in you. As much as you loved both of them, you had to choose someday. That day had arrived. You hated watching them fight, especially over you.

“Hey, Y/N!” Sodapop said as you stepped into the house. Shoot, the whole gang was there.

“Hey Soda, what’s up?” You asked.

“Nothing, I w-,” He was cut off by Dally.

“Hey, Doll. Want to catch a movie later?’

“Hey?!?” Sodapop yelled, “Can’t you see I was just going to ask her?” He looked at Dally.

“Yeah, that’s why I asked her first, dummy,” Dally answered.

“Ya know what I think?” Sodapop said, “Let Y/N decide who she wants to date and we’ll see you gets to take her on a date and be her boyfriend,” Everybody just stopped and stared at you.

“What do you think, doll?” Dally asked looking at you.

“Um, okay. I pick…,” Soda and Dally both looked at you and you knew who to pick,”Dally,”  you finally finished. Dal was a player and you knew he wasn’t the best choice but you didn’t care. You loved how charming he was and how he would care for you, he was different with you than any other broad. Dally leaned and kissed you ever so gently on the lips and hugged you tightly to his chest. 

Then, he whispered in your ear, “You’re different, Y/N. I won’t let you go like any other broad. I promise.” You wrapped your arms around him and snuggled into his chest while he kissed the top of your head and just looked at Soda who was on the couch next to a laughing Steve.

ittybittydally  asked:

59 and 62 with Dally :))

((i’ve never done these b4 so be prepared for some likely terrible writing, ahhh))

“Today’s my birthday and you haven’t said a single thing, Dallas” you state, placing your hand on your hip. 

Dally gives you a crooked smile and takes a drag of his cigarette. 
“Well my, my” he drawls, “Someone is in a mood. Happy birthday, okay?”

You take a step towards him and look up at him. He peers down at you, grinning, the question of ‘what now?’ playing across his face. 

“I could punch you right now” you grit out. 

There’s a look of defiance on his face for a moment, and then he pulls towards him by the waist. 

“Don’t be testy, doll” he whispers into your ear, his hand roaming up the front of your shirt, “You know I ain’t tryna upset you”

Teasingly, you give in for a moment, but then pull away, 

“Let’s just go to bed”.

Dally watches you looking slightly bewildered as you climb into bed, but joins you. He throws his arm around you and you both lie still next to each other in the dark. For awhile, there’s nothing but the sound of breathing. 

“You asleep, doll?”, Dally whispers, leaning in closely. 

You pause. 


“Well if you can’t sleep…Could we have sex?”.

You roll over and hit him with your pillow. 

“Goodnight, Dallas”. 

outsidersorwhatevertbh  asked:

"It was a jet-handled switchblade, ten inches long, that would flash open at a mere breath."


• call you “doll” and nothing but that
• unless he was whining or mad
• not even if he was mad tho
• would be cocky no matter what mood he was in
• def have you his ring or necklace or jacket or something
• even though you hated it, he smoked around you all the time
• he loved you, but he loved pushing your buttons almost as much
• you two were definitely fighting a lot
• but you both knew you loved each other
• Dally probably didn’t tell you until about 3 months-a year of knowing he loved you
• would play with your fingers in public and private
• in private he would actually be really playful
• he really liked cuddling
• like A LOT
• he was still a bootyhole, but he was a snuggly one :)

His Pick Up Line For Sex
  • Ponyboy: "Ya wanna hop a ride on this pony?"
  • Sodapop: "Don't you want a taste of this sodapop?"
  • Darry: (cough cough daddy kink) "You need a spanking don't ya Darlin'?"
  • Johnny: "W-Wanna hop on this g-golden rod and sta-stay for a while?" (Stutters b/c shy)
  • Two-Bit: "C'mon baby. Why don't you come here and get more than Two Bits of this greaser."
  • Steve: "What's a matter momma? Cant handle all this randle? Well.. maybe I need to help ya."
  • Dally: "C'mere doll face. Lemme show you how much a hood I am."
  • [A/N: Holy hell this sucked ass. I came up with a few of these and god just- dies.]

anonymous asked:

"'Cos hey, I've always had a thing for ya." With Dally please?

Originally posted by mrstommyland

“C’mon, doll! Just one date, one if ya hate it fine and i’ll leave ya alone, but give me one shot.” You wrapped your arms around yourself, one eyebrow perching itself higher than the other..why exactly did Dally finally have a change of heart. He flirted with everything you included, but he had never seemed serious or actually interested in you, so why now?

“Why do you have an interest in me all of a sudden, Dallas?” You were sure the wince on his face was at the rather cold use of his full name rather than anything, it was very rare than anyone called him anything but Dally. 

“It’s not all of a sudden…hey, look, I’ve always had a thing for ya, alrigh’? I figured now’s the time if any, y’know? So about that date?” You watched him for a few more beats…testing the water, seeing how sincere he was. Dallas Winston was trouble, but he was at least sincere trouble that didn’t really hide behind anything but his bravado. 

“Fine, I will go on one date with you, but if I don’t like it then you have to promise to leave me alone.” You raised one finger as you talked as if to emphasise that this was only happening once unless you wanted it to happen again. This was going to be on your terms whether he liked that or not.

“Cross my heart, hope to die.” 


There you were. Walking down the sidewalk in your high waisted shorts, your favorite crop top, your old beat up doc martens while smoking a cigarette as a bandanna sits on around your head, tied at the top. You stopped and leaned on the fence to view the scenery.

Darry: Man, sure was a great idea takin a walk on the hottest day of the year now was it?

Two-Bit: Hey, it was just a suggestion! I was bored, okay? Mickey doesn’t come on until an hour from now, so I needed to kill some time!

Steve: You and that goddamn mouse…

Two-Bit: Don’t you dare talk about my Mickey like that!

Ponyboy: Guys, if I were you I’d cut the conversation short…

Two-Bit: And why is that?!

Ponyboy: Because Dally’s found his new lady, I can tell.

And indeed Ponyboy was right. Dally stood behind them all, ignoring the bird brained argument that was happening at the moment. He was staring at you, watching you blow smoke rings into the air. He fooled around with his cigarettes, then took one out of the pack and lit it.

Dally: God is she beautiful…

Sodapop: Welp, we’d better get goin… look who’s coming.

The socs blue mustang was pulling up behind them, but it didn’t stop at the boys, it stopped beside you. Little did you know, the greasers could hear everything.

Socs 1: Hey there pretty thing.

(Y/N): Hey there ugly thing.

Two-Bit: *snorts*

Socs 1: Well that’s not a nice thing to say now, is it?

(Y/N): I wasn’t aiming to be nice in the first place.

Socs 1: What’s wrong? Ya don’t like me?

(Y/N): I don’t even know your name.

Socs 1: Well, it’s R-

(Y/N): Save it! I couldn’t care less than I already do.

Socs 1: So, you’re gonna play the hard way?

(Y/N): I wasn’t plannin on playing the easy way to begin with.

The socs hand smacks you across the cheek and you knew you weren’t gonna let him get away with that. You punch him in the gut which knocks the wind out of him, which makes him double over. You land a sledgehammer blow on him that knocks him back up; you punch him square in the nose, on the mouth, back in the stomach when he falls over. You pull out your blade from your back pocket and kneel down to his level. You flip it open and press it against his neck

(Y/N): Looks like you were the one who was gonna play the hard way, huh?

He scrambles away and runs back to his car, which he speeds away in.

Ponyboy: Now that was something…

Dally: You boys stay here, I’ll be right back…

You sat on you bottom and played with your blade, which made you accidentally cut your finger, causing you to bleed. You took the bandanna out of your hair and wrapped it around you finger.

Dally: Hey there doll.

(Y/N): Can I help ya handsome?

Dally: Yes you can actually…

(Y/N): Oh really? How?

Dally: You can help me by telling me your name before I say anything else.

(Y/N): It’s (Y/N). How about you?

Dally: Dallas, but Dally for friends and cute girls like you.

(Y/N): Now, what can I help you with?

Dally: You can help by sayin yes on a date with me for tomorrow night at the Drive-In.

(Y/N): How bout The Dingo?

Dally: You got it. One more question…

(Y/N): Now what?

Dally: You a greaser?

(Y/N): At heart.

He smiles and helps you up. He noticed your blood stained bandanna wrapped around your finger.

Dally: What happened here?

(Y/N): Foolin around with my blade and cut myself. Couple of socs tried to jump me and I e-

Dally: You ended up beating the tar out of that one guy. Didn’t know you liked playing the hard way.

(Y/N): You saw that?

Dally: Even heard what you said.

(Y/N): Well… I’ll leave you off on this until tomorrow night…

You stand on your tippie toes to reach Dally’s lips, which you kiss passionately, to which he kissed you back. You both pull away, smiling.

(Y/N): See ya tomorrow night, Dally.

He walks back to the gang as you walk away, but you stop and whirl around when you hear him yell your name.

(Y/N): What?

Dally: What if I can’t wait until tomorrow night?

You run over to him and look at him, ignoring the other boys.

(Y/N): If ya wanna know the truth, I can’t wait until tomorrow either.

You begin to kiss again, then you jump and wrap you legs around his waist.

Dally: Sorry boys, but I have a hot girl to attend to.

(Y/N): So if you’ll let us be…

Johnny: I don’t know about you guys but I’d be more than happy to.

And with that, the others left while you and Dally stood on the side of the road, sucking each others faces off.

Dally: (Y/N), last question…

(Y/N): Now what? you giggle

Dally: Will you be my girl?

(Y/N): You bet your ass I will.

Okay, I think this is the longest one I’ve written, but I kinda really got into this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

~Stay Gold~

staygold-fandom (Malory)


Request: Can you do a dally imagine where you have a love hate relationship and your at a party and he comes up to you and starts touching you like rubbing your shoulders and stuff like that.

Your friend dragged you to Buck’s that night, you really weren’t in the mood and you knew Dally would be there. It was kinda difficult with him, he was a real decent guy sometimes but very quickly became an ass. It was a complicated relationship.

You pulled on a short dress and heels and clicked up to your friends car,

“Come on, I wanna hook up tonight” She laughed, as you opened the door. She sped off down the road and zoomed towards the party.

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You get jumped

Dallas Winston
“Buck could you be a dear and get dally for me” you smiled weakly at him, humour shining through the bravado but pain radiating from your eyes.
“Sure thing just hang tight”
Your hands clung to the door as your legs weakened, the blood on your thigh weaving designs on your skin.
“Fuck doll” Dally grunted, wrapping an arm around your waist as he hauled you inside, his jaw tightening with anger.
You hazily felt guilty as he lowered you onto the bed, the covers were a nice hot pink and blood was awful hard to get out.
“What happened?” He called from the bathroom, rummaging through a make-shift first aid kit.
“I rolled off a cliff- what does it look like dal?” He rolled his eyes.
The bed dipped with his weight, the scissors in his hands making their way towards your shorts.
“You think I work 10 hours a day for you to cut up my clothes?” You snapped, pushing the scissors further from your favourite pair of shorts.
“Glory doll whaddya want me to do?” He sighed, leaving the scissors down.
“Do what you do best, pull ‘em off” you ordered, grimacing at the idea of the denim on your cut.
It hurt as bad as your brain had imagined, enough for you to grab a hold of his forearm.
Your thigh was still singing as he pulled your shirt over your head.
“You hurt bad?” He asked, a rage clouding his eyes.
“My legs says yes but my pride says no.”
The amusement washed over his head as his whiskey washed into your wound, emitting a low groan from you.
His kiss sweetened the burning, your mind unable to concentrate on anything else but his lips.
“Ima find whoever did this to you” he snarled, his eyes yielding a treacherous stubbornness.

Sodapop Curtis:
It was same jacket johnnycake was wearing in the same field but the irony was lost on Soda as he picked it up, fresh blood staining the leather.
“Steve!” He screamed, running to you.
You lay face down in the grass, your blood making mighty work of the greenery. Your hair was matted and stuck to the back of your neck, he didn’t even know if you were breathing.
He rolled you over as gently as he could, his arms serving as a makeshift shield, his chest as a bed.
“S-soda?” Your voice broke halfway through, Sobs accompanied his reply, as you shook like a leaf in his arms.
“Yeah darlin’ it’s me, I’m here, you’re safe now” he soothed, pushing some hair out of your face as he evaluated the extent of your injuries. Swollen eye, bruises, cuts, scratches and that was only the surface.
“Glory” Steve mumbled, bending down to Soda as he bit his his lip.
Soda moved one of his arms under your knees and hustled to a stand.
“You’re gonna be fine honey” he cajoled, his eyes darkening as he looked at Steve. Revenge was written on both of their lips in an unspoken agreement.

Dally Fluff!!(:

there should be a Sodapop fluff coming soon too! (idk I might just do one for every greaser. What do you guys think?)

Dallas had been sick the day before so he asked me to stay home with him today to make sure he was okay. I laid in bed with Dal, he was still sleeping. I looked over at the clock, it was 7:38. If i was at work I would be clocking in right now. For some reason I cant go back to sleep so i wrap my arm around Dallas and snuggle into his side. I started thinking about old times with Dal, like before we were dating. Now when I look back I can see how the guys knew he liked me. He always sat besides me, when we were out and I was there he was beside me and he was never trying to hit on any girls, Dal has always looked out for me and he never gives me any lip about me givin him lip. I love this boy. Slowly and gradually I fell back asleep thinking about Dally and I. 

“morning doll.” I felt a warm kiss on my cheek and my eyes fluttered open as I smiled. 
“mornin’ ” I rolled over to look at the clock. 10:26am. Dallas wrapped his arm around my waist and puled me into him. “you aint goin’ no where” his voice was low and graveled by sleep. I turned back over and kissed him. His lips were soft and untouched by anything but mine. 
“You feelin any better?” I asked him knowing how bad he was feeling yesterday. 
“I could use a day in bed” he kissed my cheek three or four times and I blushed
“yeah I think I could too.” I smiled and curled up beside him. 

I've Got You// The Outsiders Imagine

“Can you please do a cute imagine with Steve or Dallas? :3”

Dally is bae af


It was a hot, summer day in Tulsa, and the gang and I were lounging around the Curtis house, bored out of our minds. My boyfriend, Dallas, had taken off his shirt and was wearing a wife-beater. His arm was wrapped around my shoulders as we sat on the couch.
Nobody was talking. It was unnatural- the silence. Usually, Two-Bit is cracking stupid jokes that he thinks are funny, Soda and Steve talk about the strange people who show up at the DX, Dally’s rumbling about how he’s going to cut a Soc, Pony and Johnny are engrossed in their own conversation off to the side, and Darry is complaining about how there’s empty beer cans all over his house. But today was different. It was… boring, I guess you could say. And I sure as hell didn’t like it.
“It’s so boring,” Two-Bit complained. “Let’s do somethin’.”
“Like what?” Pony asked.
“Let’s play football at the park,” Soda chimed in.
Everyone hummed in agreement. Football was our favorite passtime. Well, I just liked to watch Dally play.
Soon enough, the gang and I finally walked all the way to the park. Thankfully, no Socs were around. Johnny and I sat out because Johnny was recovering from one of his parents’ beatings, and I really didn’t want to play.
The teams were Sodapop, Steve, and Two-Bit against Darry, Ponyboy, and Dally. The team first to 24 would win. Right before the game started, Dally turned to me and yelled, “(Y/N)! If we win this, I’m taking you to the Dingo!”
“Well, you better win then, Winston!” I yelled back, smiling.
Soon enough, it was halftime, and Dally’s team was up 18-12. There were no field goals, so they couldn’t make any extra point to add to the 6 points they got for every touchdown. But I was happy none-the-less. If Dally, Darry, and Pony kept it up, Dally and I would go on our date.
Unfortunately, Soda, Steve, and Two-Bit caught up when Soda made a touchdown. They were tied, 18-18. I have never been so into a football game in my life. I want Dally to win. I want him to take me to the Dingo.
Then, Steve threw the ball to Two-Bit, causing Two-Bit to take it all the way down the field, earning his team a touchdown. That was the end of the game.
Many cheers came from Soda’s team, while Dally, Darry, and Pony all grunted in disappointment.
Dally made his way over to me, grumbling curse words under his breath.
“So, I guess we’re not going on our date then?” I asked, a tinge of sadness evident in my voice.
“What d'ya mean, Doll?” Dally looked at me with confusion.
“You said that if you won, you’d take me to the Dingo.”
“(Y/N), baby, I’ve already won. I’ve got you.” Dally smiled at me, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead.
He reached down and grabbed my hand, pulling me into a hug. He pressed a kiss to my lips before pulling away.
“Here, let me take you somewhere nicer,” Dally smirked while taking my hand.

Dally and I were now sitting on the hood of Buck’s car, at the top of a mountain, over-looking a nearby city. It was nighttime, and the stars above us were bright and shining. We were looking at all of the city lights, smiling to ourselves. I had Dally’s leather jacket over my shoulders. His arm was holding me close to him by my waist.
“See? What did I tell ya? This place is way better than the Dingo.” Dally smirked.
I smiled as I leaned my head against his shoulder. He was right. This right here was way better than a date at the Dingo.

Hoped you liked it!