Jally Headcannons


Jally Hcs

-Always touching somehow

-Dally liked putting his hand on Johnny’s because his hand is so big compared to Johnny’s

-So much butt touching

-Dally will just unashamed smack Johnny’s ass randomly and Johnny will just be like 0_0

-Only ever fight when Dally gets thrown in jail for something stupid (Dally has actually really cleaned up his act for Johnny)

-Everyone in the gang lowkey shipped it before it was even a thing

-Totally gonna do how they first got together hcs (and first kiss, first date, etc)

-Ponyboy is even more of a third wheel

-One night every once in a blue moon Johnny has a drink with the gang

-But he has the alcohol tolerance of a sloth made of butter

-So just randomly Johnny just fuckn starts professing his undying love for Dallas Winston

-Which leads to a lot of uncomfortable silence while he just keeps going on and on

-Dally is actually a great listener when he cares deeply about someone

-Dally knows about all of Johnny’s problems (like his anxiety)

-Whenever Two Bit scares Johnny Dally is really pissed

-Johnny is really quiet until someone insults Dally then internally he’s ready to fuckn throw down

-Totally go on double dates with Stevepop you cannot convince me otherwise

-Actually can communicate with facial expressions alone

-Cuddling all the damn time

-To the annoyance of everyone

•"You guys are taking up the entire
couch"“Fuck off”

-Johnny got picked on by a few members of the Shepard gang and Dally punted them to the fuckn moon

(Ok I got a bit carried away but I’m gonna do a lot of Jally, Stevepop and maybe Johnnyboy until I get asks for stuff)

psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: You know, some guys my age man… they forget about drinking milk. I don’t know why, maybe they forget how good milk is. Milk’s great. It’s natural, uh… it’s satisfying. I like it when it tastes cold. You just can’t beat it. So don’t you forget it. I’m drinking milk for good.

psychic: what the fuck

  • Sodapop: Don't you just love the holidays? It's a time when everyone can get along and be happy!
  • Ponyboy: Unless you're a dysfunctional family like us.
  • Darry: You may be right.