I know the majority us know what the snapchats of our favourite band members (plus their girlfriends) are, but I’ve come to the knowledge that some of us don’t know, so I decided to make a list of what bands (bonus their girlfriends) have snapchat so you can see wonderful, behind-the-scenes, personal snaps! There are the usernames:

- breezyweekes
- charleymarleyuk
- dallonjweekes
- gabrielsaporta
- joshuadun
- meagajane
- patdbrendon
- peteweezy
- sarahuriesays
- tylerrjoseph
- victoriajasher

Some of these haven’t been used in weeks/ months, but it’s still good to add just incase! If you know anymore please feel free to add on to the list

Something That Needs to be Said

I am a proud member of the Panic! fandom. And I’m just as quick as any to freak out over small things like somebody being unfollowed or small shot like that.
But I would NEVER comment hate on any of the members’, past and present, pictures.
Kenny tried to share a picture of his baby boy to us, because it’s something he’s proud of and wanted to share with us. But yet the fandom felt the need to attack him over some some dumb shit that he probably hadn’t even been aware was happenings.
And it’s not just him either. The following isn’t really hate but when people comment on Ryan and Brendon’s pictures talking about one another, it’s probably pretty annoying to them.
Let it go.
They aren’t friends anymore. That doesn’t mean they hate each other, THEY JUST AREN’T FRIENDS.
We will never know if Ryden was real to any extent, and we will never know the full truth about what went down between those two after the split.

This is not directed at the whole fandom, just the ones who take t upon themselves to try and pry into the members’ personal lives and bring things up that they don’t want to talk about, or things that they had no control over.
The glitch happened.
The split happened.
Ryan and Brendon aren’t friends anymore.

Get over it.

Let it be and enjoy the music and the fact that they pick to share their lives with us when they don’t have to.
Nothing pains me more than to see the fandom I’ve been in since I was 7 years old (my older brother brought home AFYCSO and I was hooked) fighting and upsetting the members of a band that mean so much to us.

So I’ve been listening to Golden Days and analyzing the lyric “right now our future’s certain//I won’t let it fade away.” I feel like this is Brendon saying that right now the band is doing so well and the future seems to be, well, certain. I feel like that’s his promise to keep doing everything he can to make sure that he doesn’t let the band fail. He’s promising not to let anything that’s happened in the past happen again, if they’ll stick with him.


i want to bottle brendon’s laughter so badly


[people cheering for dallon]

one girl, yelling at brendon: you’re okay!

dallon, playing a “wamp wamp wamp” sad noise on his bass

brendon: losing his shit