Just popping at Dallas Pride.
With @dillondeltoro.

Watch @itsshangela clock me.

#DallasPride #pop

SOOOO EXHAUSTED! It was so amazing being able to meet so many of you! Vlog coming up this week on the second channel! #DallasPride you treated us well! Now time to see family and head back home for work in the morning!!


I just got home from Pride.(Texas does it in september,so there is less chance of someone passing out/possibly dying from the heat.


I just came home to my dash being pure hetalia pretty much.

So…Hetalia updated from what I understand?


My sunburn hurts. ;~;

Thanks everyone who came out to support pride! Watching our community come together is truly inspiring. Everyday we get stronger, and I can not wait to see what the future holds for our family. #GLADtobeproud #UNT #DALLASPRIDE