One version: “I don’t want a stick of jerky but I’d like to jerk my stick.”


How Jensen makes Misha laugh - the look aka flirty faces, winking; dirty talking and shaking his hips, ok.

“Another time Misha was trying to get out a line and I was just off-camera. I switched the lines up completely and made it really obscene and probably not stuff I would repeat in front of strangers, or even friends, but he couldn’t make it through the scene, [he] just busted out laughing.” [x]

Jensen and Misha at cons - Dallascon 2013 [x][x][x][x][x]

“Jensen and I had a scene together, he was saying things that were making me laugh and it wasn’t fair. Jensen kept on saying, um- I can’t tell you what he was saying, it’s funny, but it’s inappropriate.”-Misha

“Oh, I can’t say [what I was saying], my surrogate family is here so I can’t really-” - Jensen