At 7:35 am tomorrow morning, I am boarding a plane to Dallas to start a new adventure. And this past weekend was the last of my little life vacation. Overall, it was pretty darned great. 

I should also mention that I had some of the greatest Gazpacho I’ve ever had at 49 West, a coffeehouse and wine bar in Downtown Annapolis this past Friday evening.

I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to truly reflect where I’ve been and who I am for the past four weeks or so. Granted it’s never 100% rainbow-pooping unicorns who fart glitter when you look into the proverbial mirror. But I am glad I did.

I’m ready for the next chapter, and I think it’s going to be a great one. Though I’m not sure how thrilled I am about learning to embrace early wake-up calls again. Sigh.

I am, however, excited about our upcoming move. I’m grateful for the new opportunities that have been afforded to me.  I’m even excited for once to be outside and enjoy the sunshine the rest of spring and upcoming summer, especially by the pool – though allergies still make me want to claw my face off.

One final note – I made some amazing cookies today, but I would advise against eating during any episode of The Walking Dead ever. So, so gross.